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MY TREES on my 5 acres, ZONE 6, Southwest Missouri

I sold this property in September 2009 and moved to Big Bear Lake, California

Lat/Lon: 37.01N -93.88W    Elevation: 1345 ft

Updating neglected  due to longhours  engaged in cleanup from the January 2007 Ice Storm
 I'm now using 'fertil - lome', Tree and Shrub Food, nitrogen 19 available phosphate 8 and soluble potash 10

July 6, 2007, I've  trimmed many evergreens branches that were too close to the ground. and have more to do. I noticed the Green Giants that 'looked sad' had fresh green growth close to the ground. Sprayed for bagworms and seem to have caught most of them early enough.

August 2008, I did a major pruning of lower branches on my white pines.  Many had been weakened by ice storms and were laying on  top of others.

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Updated 16 November 2007





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