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Thompson Connecticut raceway, SCCA circa 1957-1962

Edition of March 2010

More Thompson pics on John Coelho's site

1959 THOMPSON SPEEDWAY SCCA Nationals - Sept 7, 1959
Dave Nicholas' site who has helped with ID's below. 

Track history

#26-Alfa, '58 Vette to right Porsche Cabriolet, AC-Bristol, mysterious black convertible, 61-Maserati 'Tipo Birdcage' ? black convertible?
mystery convertible white Porsche, #24-Alfa, #180 ?, #25 ? '58 Vette, #24-Alfa
blown engine? #96-Vette spun out, Allard #96-'58 Vette
Arnolt-Bristol Aston-Martin George Constantine, Allard, ?, Allard  TR-2,white Oscar?
red Allard Plaisted ran a 'Cad-Allard' AC Bristols of Harry Carter followed by Jordan King XK-120,Aston-Martin last
AC Bristol, #246 Jordan King MGA, Alfa, MG-TD blue Porsche, white MG-TD, red Porsche, silver Porsche
white Porsche, red Allard beside white Oscar? followed by white topped Porsche and TR?  '59 Vette, Morgan, Morgan, Arnolt-Bristol -

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