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ASMARA 1952 street race photos
Edition of  March 2009

First section by  Bob Wassum. Identity of the cars welcome. I copied the following from a scan Bob emailed me of the program, "V (fifth) Automobile Club Eritreo, Circuito Automobilistico - Asmara, Sunday 25 Maggio (May) 1952 1400 ore (2 p.m), Programma Ufficiale." A map in the program indicates the race was almost entirely on Viale Roma except at the north end, where;  "After coming down Viale Roma the course veered slightly to the right on Strada 300.A and 301.A before making the "U" turn to go back onto Viale Milano and then Viale Roma.'


Presidente: Sig. Simoncini Giuseppe
Componenti - Sigg: Calanchi Gaetano
                                 Cambiano Silvio
                                 Moroli Waldo


Commissari Sportivi - Sigg: Arzarello Giovanni
                                     Ongaro Carlo

                                     Verdacchi dott. Geremia
Direttore di corsa: Sig. Guindani Giuseppe
Segretario della Manifestazaione: Sig. Morol Waldo
Giudice d'arrivo: Sig. Lasagni Guerrino
Giudice aggiunti - Sigg: Bruno Eugenio, Calanchi Gaetano
Commissari Tecnici - Sigg: Bacchin Giuseppe
                                              Cambiano Silvio
                                              dott. ing. Chiellini Adelindo
Cronometristi - Sigg: De Nava Enrico (Capo servizio) - Baggio Alberto - Bertini Gino - Boccali Carlo -
Ferri geom. Giovani - Gaule Roberto - Gigli Socrate - Lancia Domenico - Magherini Vezio - Pastore Piero - Rizzi Giuseppe.
Commissari di percoso Sigg: Amisano Giuseppe - Bonvicini Dante - Castellano Vittorio - Cifala Francesco - Dalmaso Livio - Daolio Antonio - Daolio Mario - Guerini Antonio - Graziani Edoardo - Gregori Luigi - Laera Tomaso - Masia Domenico - Moretti Fosco - Luigi Moro - Porati Umberto -
Provenza Eletto - Regoli Carlo - Sabo Francesco - Soragna Sergio - Silvestri Ettore - Urani Gaudenzio.
Commissario ai boxes Sig: Vertua Giulio

captions are from the scanned program for first and second race.

#58 Carnevali
 & Salvatori  Alfa Romeo 2600
#8 Bigi, Fiat 508,
#14 Gangi, Fiat 508C


Steve Noble photo of his mechanic Dante Bonvicini, by Steve's jeep.
- - -

Following by Dick Lillienthal show the southern end where the cars made a large U turn. 
#46 Aina, Alfa Romeo 1750
#24 Gangi, Fiat 508C - -

Viale Roma is Sematat Avenue on the map. Corsa Italia is Harnet.
The Palace grounds are the green area.

I had a now bad link to for the 1931 Alfa Romeo 8d 2300 Monza ,
Chassis # 2111043, Engine # 2111043
reputed to have been in Eritrea, circa 1938 to 1960's.

DATA ON '30's era FIATS

George Rose and I via emails in August '01 and searching on the net identified the Fiat he owned. He recalls  his car as having a six cylinder overhead valve engine which Fiat introduced in 1935. From several sources on the net:

"After a series of improvements and advances in Fiat models, in 1934 the Balilla 508 was announced as the Italian Volkswagen of which 113,000 units were built.  A sport version designated 'Fiat 508 S Balilla Coppa d'Oro' was profusely entered in many races and won several. 71,000 of this racing sportscar were built."

1934 508 Spyder

"The FIAT Balilla of 1935 was Italy's bargain sports car and formed the basis for a number of specials. It was an adaptation of an 1100 cc light car, yet dominated its class in racing. As neat and nimble in its day as the little Xl/9 is today."

Museum 508 C S picture

Specs for the NSU German version of Italian FIAT-508 Balilla.
 24hp/3600rpm, straight 4-cyl, 4-stroke SV (36hp OHV for 508S) 998cc
Bore/Stroke: 65/75 mm
Compression ratio: 6.3 : 1
Length: 3145mm, width: 1400mm, height: 1530mm
Wheelbase: 2300mm
Front wheel track/rear track: 1187/1200mm
Road clearance: 160mm
Front and rear wheel track: 1400mm
Carburettor: Solex
Battery: 12V 50Ah
Alternator: 70W
Gearbox: 4-speed, synchronized III and IV
Frame: U-profile
Hydraulic all-wheel drum brakes, drum diameter: 250mm
Weight (body/whole): 415/1060 kg
Maximal speed: 85 km/h
Tyres: 4.50 - 17 inches
Fuel tank capacity and place: 27 L, in engine compartment
Petrol consumption: 7.0 - 8.5 L/100km

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