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In 1976 a Junior United Soccer Association league was forming in East Anaheim. I was not available to go to the first meeting so my wife went and volunteered me to manage or coach. I think one motivation was that the practice field was about 250 feet from our back door. I had watched many adult soccer games on the adjacent 300 acres of fields, parks and school playgrounds although I had never played the game.


Roster from a copy of a letter of August 20, 1976.

The Coyotes of 1977, Division 5.
I had extraordinary assistance from Skip Farnsworth, Mitch Caldwell and Brad Harker with some other parents doing very well in helping, Louise Pudvah, Team Mother and Bill King, Game Co-ordinator.

My employment was 18 miles away so Brad Harker would start the practice with drills, then Mitch Caldwell would have them running so that when I arrived we could organize tactics, shooting and game drills.

The roster

All the boys were born in 1968-69. I don't recall their won lost record nor much care. I do know the team was well organized and competitive.

I have a roster for a team which based on Jeff Johnson's email I'd say it's Coyotes 1978.  I know my son Andy played four years.

1978 I co-coached with Jaime Andrade, his son was the goal keeper.

Via some of the coaches in the league I learned of an adult soccer league in I think it's second year, sponsored by the Yorba Linda YMCA so I joined a team. I had studied the game intensively in order to coach and of course it has some similarity to hockey, ice, street and field. The football only experience guys had a lot of unlearning to do.

I have a 1979-80 roster for my team, the SKYHAWKS of the Central League.

1978 Renegades of the Coast League, a team of which I recall a great deal more than the Skyhawks. We won the league championship at least one year. Coaches were Jaime Andrade with whom I also coached our sons JUSA soccer team and James Reeves. Managers were Elene Andrade and Nancy Reeves.

The roster:

And another undated roster for the Renegades, same as above with the following changes: We practised two nights a week and all games were on Sunday afternoons in Yorba Linda. Jaime Andrade had played top level in Ecuador and led the team well in learning skills and developing tactics. We had a ball. Luis Andrade and Fernando Teran were related to Jaime and also had high level US soccer experience. I played forward with them causing the other team to assume I was on the field just to get in my playing time, wheras we had spent hours working pass off drills, corner kicks, slide tackles, etc. Since the other three had excellent shots or 'kicks' and I knew which distance and angle was best for each of them, my job was to get the ball and pretend I was going to shoot and I would hear a whisper coming up from behind me, 'Joe', one of my team  coming up to take the shot. Since I was older than most I also would feign over exertion so the man I was covering would assume I was slacking off going after the ball. On one memorable occasion I slid ahead of a much younger guy into a corner and from the ground lofted the ball in front for a goal by my team mates. I always had my substitute ready to come on the field with a signal from me. We had free substitution in this league.

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