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In 1978, four Kane's were listed in County Sligo, including a C.H. Kane in Ballymote, groceries and hardware.  From my brother July 2007, "Info from gossip in 1978 with Brigid, Maggie and Larry Ballantine in their kitchen at Keash (postoffice), Ballymote, County Sligo, "The Kanes own a hardware store (in Ballymote or Sligo?) and have become Protestants."
Larry Ballantyne told my brother, "I think ye be related to the middle-aged couple (childless) who live in the town of Sligo, are intellectuals and speak only the Gaelic."

 Via a telecon with my brother Robert on Oct 9, 2004 he reported, I believe via our sister's genalogy efforts, that a Kane couple, apparently with info post 1978, have a hardware store in Ballymote and had converted to being protestant. 

Family Tree Maker has published statistics about the number of land owners in the Griffith’s property owner's listing by County for 1848-1864. Here is my extraction for the surnames Kane and Cain in County Sligo, Province of Connaught.

  • The following was written 8 Jan 2000 by Patrick Traynor on the list.
  • KANE and O'Kane are the most common anglicised versions of the Irish O Cathain, from at diminutive of cath, meaning 'battle'. Kane and O'Kane are most frequent in Ulster, where O Cathain arose as a surname in the Laggan district of east Donegal, as part of the Cineal Eoghain, the large group of families descended form Eoghan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the fifth-century monarch who founded the Ui Neill dynasty and was supposedly responsible for the kidnapping of St Patrick to Ireland. In the twelfth century these Ulster O Cathain conquered a large territory to the east of their original homeland around Coleraine and Keenaght in what is now Co. Derry, and remained powerful and important in that area down to the wars of the seventeenth century. Their last chief died in the Tower of London in 1628. Two other common surnames, McCloskey and McAcinney, are offshoots of O Cathain, stemming respectively from the twelfth-century Bloskey O' Cathain, and Aibhne O Cathain. Kane remains particularly common in the Coleraine district of Co. Derry, and the adjoining county of Antrim.
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