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Edition of Feb. 2017

My list of current Southern California Ice rinks.

Some recent online research into modern methods for ice rinks tells me the old method of having coolant pipes buried in sand or concrete has been replaced by coolant matting of poly tubing, bought in rolls, rolled out on a proposed ice floor with pipes around the perimeter for the coolant loop from a chiller and pump. The mat floor only needs to be covered with plastic for the ice to have a level surface. There are also major advances in energy use, via solar panels, etc. in maintaining the proper environment within an enclosed rink.

Non-profit information and assistance sources

Rink Magazine I've received copies for years.
"Serving The American Rinks STAR is a non-profit membership association for facilities, individuals and vendors in the ice rink industry. STAR provides education and resources to help increase operational efficiencies, safety procedures and the sustainability of ice facilities in the United States."

 NARCE sponsors training sessions all over the US on rink issues, operations, etc., including dealing with local jurisdictions.

Partial list of Ski Resorts with Ice Skating:

Northstar Resort 100 Northstar Drive, Truckee, CA outdoor, roller in summer
Sun Valley Idaho indoor and outdoor.

Beaver Creek Colorado outdoor winter and summer seasons
Crested Butte Colorado outdoor, seasonal

Park City Utah indoor
Park City Utah outdoor


  The cooler climate here is a big plus.  Here's a list of Outdoor Ice Rinks in California

  Two rinks are listed with photos on my history of BYGONE RINKS of Southern California.

BIG BEAR LAKE, 40679 Lakeview, corner of Badger, Ice Chalet.

Open from 1963-1978.  Via friends on forums who were residents in Big Bear at the time I have gathered the following.   The roof "collapse would have been in early February of 1969, the same time that Holiday Market (now Lakeview Market on top of Red Ant Hill) collapsed from the snow/rain weight."  The roof was repaired but in the 70's the refrigeration failed so it was used as a roller rink.  It was the site of Lakeview Trading until Apri 2010 when they relocated to Stocker and Pennsylvania, just east of "The Village".  The interior as an ice rink is largely intact per my observation.  That includes the cement ice floor, the rear door for a Zomboni, dasher wall along the interior, exits, entrances, etc. 
I can't even guess what $$ it would require to re-establish as an ice rink. It would require someone with up to date knowledge to  examine the facility.

Ice Gardens Big Bear Lake, corner of  Pine Knot Ave and Village Drive.

Opened December 2009, closed February 2010.
An  outdoor  refrigerated rink. 110 by 48 ft, uncovered. Operator was Gary Stevens with equipment from his La Quinta rink which closed August 2009. Mechanical problems caused it to close before the area received 7-10 ft of snow in January 2010. It was dismantled and removed by early May 2010.   Despite having worsening mechanical problems the rink was very popular and enjoyed by hundreds even when Gary had to rope off about half the ice surface due to leakage in the cooling lines under the surface.

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