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SCIENCE & MECHANICS MAY 1964, Bill Carrol GMC pickup test,  10 Hottest Hot Rods w Specs chart 5 pgs w photos.: George Snick's Tasmanian Devil, Don Garlit's Swamp Rat., Mike Soskin's  J&J Muffler Special, Pete Robinson's Sneaky Pete, Gary Cagle driving Newhouse Spcl, Doug Cook driving Swindler "A" of Stone-Woods, Ramchargers Club of Michigan, Big George Montgomery, Jack Merkel Spcl, D-M-V, of Dunn, Merritt, and Velasgo owners a Fiat Topolino shell. Plans for a Graefin 10' Sailing Pram. Redwood Pool House plans. 116 pgs, cvr vg, pages vg+

SCIENCE & MECHANICS JUNE 1964. Comparison of '64 Comet and Dart by Paul Weissler 5 pgs. 6 pg review of nine new lightweight motorcycles. "A Realistic Space Program for America" article by Sen. Barry Goldwater, parts, Moon Race, Military Role in Space, Anti-ICBM program, Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Plans to build back country scooter w McCulloch Gokart engine. 122 pgs, vg-

SCIENCE & MECHANICS JULY 1964. '64 Ford Mustang vs Pontiac GTO by Alex Walordy 5 pgs w specs. 2 pgs on Dean Frederick's Concourse sports car. Beautifying a basement photo essay. Plans for a A-Frame playhouse. 104 pgs, vg+

SCIENCE & MECHANICS AUGUST 1964. 1964 Corvette Stingray vs Jaguar XKE Coupe by Angus Laidlaw, SAE, 6 pgs. Dragmaster's  version of Dodge's drag package, '64 Dodge 330 2 dr sedan w 426 cu. in engine, aluminum front fenders and hood then their additions. 104 pgs, nm-
SCIENCE & MECHANICS SEPTEMBER 1964. Preview Ratings for '65 Cars; Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Mercury,  Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Rambler, Studebaker.  Sunbeam  Imp vs Opel Kadett by Paul Weissler 4 pgs w specs.  Repair and Care of Tents. All about Drills and Drilling. 116 pgs nm

SCIENCE & MECHANICS OCTOBER 1964.  Bill Carroll tests '64 Olds Vista-cruiser w specs, a stretched raised version of the F-85 wagon.
2 pgs photos of Italian w US components; Pinin Farina's  Rondine Corvette concept car, Dual-Ghia on Chrysler chassis,  Ghia  Turin show station wagon on  Falcon  Sprint  chassis,  Apollo w  Buick engine,  Testudo by Bertone  w Corvette components,  A3/L GRIFO w  hot Corvette 405 hp  mill. Plans for a classic workbench. 122 pgs, cvrs vg, interior nm

SCIENCE & MECHANICS. NOVEMBER 1964 Sexiest Cars for '65; Dodge Monaco, Corvair Monza, Ambassador convertible, Galaxie 500 XL, Pontiac 2 plus 2, Mercury Park Lane, Mustang Fastack, Oldsmobile Delta, Plymouth Fury.   Test  of Corvair  by  Paul  Weissler. Facts on Hand Planes. Plans for a midget electric motor for toy power. 126 pgs, vg+

SCIENCE & MECHANICS JANUARY 1965 Tests '65 Mercury Park Lane by Paul Weissler. The 670 lb King Midget by Midget Motors of  Athens OH. Invented by Claud Dry and Dale Orcutt who remained as active machinists in the company. 4 pgs w photos and sketches. Plans to build your own ice skating rink. Build a 21' cabin cruiser Part 1 w Glen L. Marine Vera Cruise frame kit. 98 pgs vg+

SCIENCE & MECHANICS MARCH 1965. Tests New Formula "S" Barracuda on the road and with specs.  GM's Amazing 2 Piston Stirling Engine 5 pgs w diagrams by Paul Wessler. Small wheel truck by Walker Manufacturing, Fowler KS.  Build model airplane per plans for the "Skyrocket"  '1963 altitude record setter. 116 pgs, nm-

SCIENCE & MECHANICS APRIL 1965.  Ford Galaxie vs Chevy Impala.  6 pgs  on  slot car racing. Plans for a basement bar.  Antique truck plans build it to 1/2  scale w 2 hp, 4 cycle Briggs and Stratton. 110 pgs, vg

SCIENCE & MECHANICS MAY 1965. Pros and Cons of front wheel drive by Paul Weissler. Long distance driving tips from a pro. Car customizing w wood. 10 tips on soldering. Repairing concrete steps. 104 pgs. cvr torn, vg

SCIENCE & MECHANICS JUNE 1965. Ross R. Olney article picks winner of Indy 500. Using the auto analyzer.  Several ideas for building your greenhouse. Installing "Lok-On" Siding. 100 pgs nm-

SIDE MOUNT MIRROR, 1988 Nov.-Dec. S. Calif Region Classic Car Club of America, Santa Barbara and Newport Beach Concours d'Elegance (8 pgs of photos), Packard Grand Salon d'Elegance Pasadena, General Lyons collection, Edited by Bobbie'dine Rodda, 42 pgs, b&w, nm-. $4

SKINNED KNUCKLES, A Journal of Car Restoration,are very good condition unless noted otherwise, all have my address label on back cover, $4 each, no volume discounts.
Feature columns, On Restoration by Matt Joseph, a skilled shopmeister, Foreign Affairs, by John Kuerzi, and The Postwar Motorcar, by Orest Lazarowich. Joseph's column is a discussion of tool technology, shop methods and a little bit of politics. Kuerzi focuses mainly on history and collectability of European iron. Lazarowich has had a continuing series on theory and repair of transmissions and other components, a Reader's Forum, reprints of service bulletins from the 20's and 30's, a What Went Wrong column and contributions from readers, primarily in a special annual issue of Reader's Shop Ideas.

'76 Oct.,  Nov.
'77; Aug, Oct.
'78; Apr, May, July, Dec.
'79;  Mar, May
'80; Jan, Feb, Mar, Aug,
'81; Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept.
'82; Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June


OCT. Vol. 1 #3,  Lubrication of Classic and Antique Vehicles by George Liddell 4 pgs of  advice per vehicle componets while promoting  CLASSIC-TIQUE products of his company. Pressure Lube Systems, 2 sketch illustrated page article by George Liddell  on the various systems used from 1920 on with 3 pg reproduction of  tables "Pressure Lubrication Systems on U.S. Automobiles, 1920 through  1929 as appeared in the May-June 1976 issue of "Antique Automobile". Elements of Carburetion, Part 3 with details on the Stromberg "O". One page on the Antique Studebaker  Club which was based in Southern California.  22 pgs.
NOV. Vol. 1 #4, Hard Chroming, Who Remembers the Enger?, Spark Plug Recommendations; all cars 1920-1960, The Metropolitan Club, 22 pgs.

AUG. Vol. 2  #1, Devcon Products, Some Judging Guidelines, Headlight Lens Data, Airflow Club of America, 38 pgs.
OCT. Vol. 2 #3, Postwar Collectibles, Tools You Can Make, Ulphostering Vinyl Dashboards, Early Ford V8 Club, 30 pgs.

APR.  Vol. 2 #9, ABC's of Chrome Plating, Chemical Stripping, Saturday Morning Mechanic, Pacific Bantam Austin Club 38 pgs.
MAY  Vol. 2, #10,  Triumph TR-2/3, Fan Belt Data, Hinge Pin Tool, Flex Drive Tools, Control Linkages, 38 pgs, vg-
JULY  Vol. 2 #12, , Rebuilding Model A Distributor, South Wind Heater, Gabriel Snubbers, Index to Vol. 2.
DEC.  Vol. 3 #5, Ford Flathead Part 5-the Oiling System, Care & Feeding of the Storage Battery, Window Glass Replacement, Graham Owners Club, 46 pgs, vg-.

MAR. Vol. 3 #8,  Ford Flathead-Ignition, Strength & Hardness of Carbon Steels, Woodgraining, How Round are Your Cylinders, Nash Car Club of America, 46 pgs.
MAY,  Vol. 3 #10, Ford Flathead-Tolerances, How to Diagnose Engine Noises, How to use Plastigauge, Ignition Coils, Oldsmobile Club of America, Inc.first issue with slick cover, 50 pgs.

JAN.  Vol. 4 #6,.Rebuilding a Packard Roadster Body, Fuel Pump Repair, SK Covers Restoration Class, Contemporary Historical Vehicle Assoc. 49 pgs.
FEB.  Vol. 3 #7, Packard Roadster Body-Part 2, Model A Ford Rebuilding Front Spindles, Buying in Britain, Allard Owners Club, 49 pgs. vg+.
MAR.  Vol. 4, #8, Auto Refinishing, Stelliting Worn Valves, Lamp Bulb Data, The Carter Car, Remote Starter Switch, 49 pgs, vg+.
AUG.  Vol. 5, #1, McPerson College-Auto Restoration, King-Seeley Gas Gauge, How To Repair Ammeters, '46'-48 Chevrolet Six Front Suspension Service, 40 pgs, vg+.

JAN. Vol. 5 #6, Model A Ford Starter, '46-'48 Chevy Carburetor Minor Tune-Up, 1000 Engine Troubles, 1927 Essex, 49 pgs, vg+.
FEB. Vol 5 #7, Austin Taxi Cabs, Homemade Gear Puller, 600 Chassis Troubles, Review of 1946 Cars, 57 pgs, vg+.
MAR. Vo. 5, #8, Keyway Cutting Attachment for Lathe, Cleaning Congested Cylinder Blocks, Making your own gaskets, the Oakland Six, '46-'48 Chevy Brake System, 49 pgs, vg+.
APR.  Vol. 5, #9, Tire Changing Made Easy, Ford "A" Generator Cut-out, Making Gaskets - Part 2, illustrating engine performance, 57 pgs, vg-.
MAY, Vol. 5 #10, '46-'48 Chevy Master Cylinder Rebuilding, 8 pgs of shop ideas, Edsel Owners Club, 49 pgs, vg+
JUNE, Vol. 5 #11, Compression Testing, Pate Museum Swap Meet, Making your own cork gaskets, 41 pgs
JULY, Vol. 5 # 12, Materials Science: Iron & Steel, Pneumatics for the Hobbyist, The MG, Viewpoint on '36-'37 Packards, 49 pgs.
AUG. Vol. 6, #1, Hardness and Strength of Carbon Steels, Repairing Cracked Blocks, Model A & B Ford Carb Float Adjustment, cvr loose, back cvr missing, some pages stained, one or two marked with notes, g+, 40 pgs.
SEPT. Vol. 6 #2, Heat Treatment of Carbon Steel, Shop Ideas, Chevy Rear Axle Assembly, Viewpoint on Model A Ford, 57 pgs, second article on early MG's.
DEC. Vol. 6 #5, Aluminum and Its Alloys, More Shop Ideas, De Soto Pistons in a Mercedes-Benz?  Viewpoint on the Whippet, 57 pgs, vg+

JAN.  Vol. 6 #6, Aluminum and Its Alloys Forming, Machining, Joining, Model A Ford Steering Part 1 Two-Tooth System, Viewpoint on Auctions, the MG, 49 pgs, vg+
MAR. Vol. 6, #8, Materials Science: Miscellaneous Alloys, Cleaning Cylinder Heads, Balancing Driveshafts, Model A Steering Part 3, 49 pgs.
APR. Vol. 6 #9, Model A Steering - Reasembly, Classic Motorcyles, Replacing Fuel Pump Diaphragms, Looking at the Postwar Car, 49 pgs
MAY Vol. 6 #10 More on the Classic Motorcycle, Special Shop Idea Issue, Model A Steering: 7-Tooth System, Viewpoint on Stovebolt Six, 65 pgs.
JUNE Vol. 6 #11, Automatic Transmissions, Lubrication of Postwar Cars, Experiments in Case Hardening, CHVA West Coast Meet, Improved Starting Reliability, 49 pgs, nm-


1979 FEB,  driver reports, '64 Ford Galazie 500XL convertible (cvr photo), '64 Pontiac GTO, 1948 Holden, '54 Studebaker Commander, prewar commercial bodies on passenger car chassis,  66 pgs, bound on mailing cover,  vg+, $6

1979 APR. '63-'67 Corvette Spotter's Guide, '57 Olds 98 J-2, Ben Ellerbeck, Salt Lake City  fliptops of the 1920's, Bell System's varied truck fleet, Jack Charipar: Chrysler's Imagineering Prophet. Cars photo'd on campuses in the 40's. Cheap Wheels; Cars Worth Collecting, A-H Sprite, Hillman, Sunbeam, Metropolitan, Morris Minor, Peugeot 403 & 404, Renault Caravelle, Triumph Herald & Spitfire. Steering Wheel Art.  66 pgs, bound on mailing cover, vg+, $6.

1979 OCT. Drive Report '58 Buick Ltd Convertible Model 756, 1926 Ajax, '69 Camaro Z/28, "A Half-Hour History of Turbochargers" by Jan Norbye, Living with a '57 Dodge Custom Royal D-500 2 door hardtop, Pre WW2 cabs, Open Busses, Cars Worth Collecting; '55 Chevy Bel Air Nomad, '61-'62 Corvair Lakewood/Monza, '55 DeSoto Firedome, '62-'67 Humber Super Snipe, '49'50 Kaiser Vagabond, '63-'64 Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire, '72-'72 Volvo 1800ES.  Loui Mattar's '47 Caddy 'with everything'. 74 pgs,  bound on mailing cover, vg+, $6

1980 JUNE, drive reports, '26 Ahrens-Fox, '33 Plymouth Six, '63 Supercharged Studebaker R2 Lark, '50 Jeep, Fabulous Firebird-Developing the 2nd Generation, Chrysler's Turbine, "Three Years in the Life of a Rickenbaker".  Photo essay Watkins Glen 1952. 66 pgs, bound on mailing cover,vg+, $6

1981 JUNE, "Drive Reports; 1939 Ford Woody" by Ken Gross, "Splintered Wagons Shattering Experiences in Woodies" by Walter Gosden. "half-hour history, Hubcaps and Wheel Covers Part II" by Ray Scroggins. "1948 Jaguar Drophead Elegant Expensive and Antiquated" by Fred K. Fox, "Sidecars to Sports Cars A Brief Review of Jaguars Inimitable Styling" by Andrew Whyte. "Son of A Gun! The Hotchkiss might have been an American Car" by Jan P. Norbye. 1965 Rambler 327 V-8, "Fuel Economy For the Car Collector Part II" (includes emissions tests, hours worked per gallon of gas 1920-1980) by  Bill Siuru, Jr.64 pgs, vg+, $6

1981 AUG. "1957 Ford Fairlaine 500 Trying To Beat GM At Its Own Game" by Tim Howley, "Ford's 50's Forays Into The Future" by Tim Howley. Drive Report; 1929 Windsor White Prince. "Drive Report 1950 Packard Deluxe Eight The Last of Packard's Postwar Pachyderms". "Cadillac's Colossal Postwar Multi-Cylinders V-12s and V-16s for the Sixties? Well Maybe..." by Richard M. Langworth, "Special Deliveries  50 yrs of Pontiac Commercial Cars" by Thomas E. Bonsail. "Radio Drama On The Road- Returne with us Now To Those Thrilling Days..." by Fred K. Fox. "Gas-Saving Gadgets and Gimmicks Just Take Two Tablets and Add Water, Part I" by Roy Ames. 72 pgs, vg+, $6.

1982 FEB, "1937 Packard Six - A Packard for $795" by Arch Brown. '63 Falcon Sprint V-8, "(Peter) Arno's Enigmatic Albatross" (of '39) by Keith Marvin. 1967 Cadillac Eldorado, "Rolling Greenhouses 1959 and 1960 GM Four-Door Hardtops" by William D. Siuru, Jr. Drive Report; 1956 Austin-Healey 100-M,  8 pgs of photos of interesting cars on street of Boston & Cambridge in 1941, SIA Interview of Donald Healey, some minor underlining on Pgs 2 & 72, vg, $5
1989 FEB. "1970 Olds 4-4-2 Muscle Under a Velvet Glove" by Arch Brown, Driving Impressions; '55 MG Magnette, '33 Auburn Salon Twelve Drive Report, '33 Ford V-8 comparison with Terraplane Eight, Kleiber Car Co of San Francisco's 1925 Kleiber '80' Two-door coach, "The Street's of San Diego A Journey to a City's Automotive Past" by Tim Howley. "Pontiac Banshee Stillborn Competition for the Corvette" by Bob Havorka. Rivers Fletcher World's Oldest Active Racing Driver?" by Rob. L. Wagner. 1954 Chrysler.  72 pgs, vg+, $6

SPECIALTY CARS, 1989 The Complete Guide, Annual Buyer' Guide, replicas, kits, Mfg's directory listing about 90 with address, brand names. Also directories of assemblers, parts suppliers, clubs 120 b&w and 12 color ad pages, vg+, $10.

1956 MARCH, Bill Holland reports on Studebaker Golden Hawk 98 pgs, 2 cntr pgs and front cvr loose, back cvr missing. Articles, Millionaires are dooming sports car racing by a devoted anonymous fan. 'Stop Slandering Hot Rodders', Bill France's predictions for '56. 2 pg article on a 66 yr old in Maine building his 34 Ford 'rod', 37 yrs after building his Stanley Steamer racer. Profiles of 10 of the greatest post war AAA racing stars. Daytona, NASCAR at Hickory, Charlotte NC. MG's at Marlboro, Three Quarter Techniques, sportscars at Willow Springs, Targa Florio. $18.

1973, FEB. Trouble Shoot Wiring The Easy Way, 1972 All Forties Roundup at Lake Lopez near Pismo California. Pinto Disc Brakes, photo scrapbook of pre-war machines meet at Bonneville '72, color centerfold of two 'flames' forties, Choosing a Street Cam, Shock Mount Styles (on fenderless rods), 66 pgs, vg, $8.
SUNBEAM SPECIALTIES, Alpine - Tiger Parts Specialists April 1980, Rick McLeod's publication. San Jose CA  17 pgs, detailed, illustrated, vg+, $1.
SUNBEAM SPARES Winter Specials 8 pg slick bw brochure Price list & illustrations thru Feb. 18, 1981, free with purchase of other Sunbeam items on this page.

SUNBEAM SPARES Alpine & Tiger Parts Catalogue,  SUN. 4,  Sunbeam Spares, Lenexa KS, 38 pgs, detailed, illustrated, vg+, $1

SUNBEAM SPARES Alpine & Tiger Parts Catalogue,  SUN. 5  expires  10-15-85 Sunbeam Spares, Lenexa KS, 38 pgs, detailed, illustrated, vg+, $1.

SUNBEAM SPARES Alpine & Tiger Parts Catalogue, Fall '85/Winter '86, Sunbeam Spares, Lenexa KS, 41 pgs, detailed, illustrated, vg+, $1.

SUNBEAM SPARES Alpine & Tiger Parts Accessories  & Parts  1988 Edition SUN.9 Sunbeam Spares, Lenexa KS, 59 pgs, detailed, illustrated, vg+, $1.

THOROUGHBRED & CLASSIC CARS, February, 1975 vg+, b&w photos, Start line, Sept 1928 Brooklands meeting Surbiton MC. 1925 Straker-Squire and a 1937 Squire in 1950. Road Test. Ford Capri II Ghia 3000 Morgans 1938 Le Mans backup car, 1956/62 Plus 4 became basis of Super Sports 2 litre class in 1962, photos and story. road test, Delage II,6 color photos. AC ACE detailed article with color and b&W photos. history of marque. introduced 1953 London Motor Show; Specifications: Tojiero Bristal and Ace Prototype TPL 792. Mini Manual article for Sunbeam Alpine 111, five pages, schematics, blow up diagrams of components, chassis, running gear, everything. history of the postwar touring car, Aston Martin DB2 chassis cutaway drawing-W.O. BENTLEY'S LAGONDA twin OHC engine, allied toClaude HILL'S mult-tube chassis. Swedish Pegaso, BMW 501, Jensen's 541, 1952 Bentley Continental, Special Bodied Lancia by Touring similar to ZA Magnette, Armstrong-Siddeley Sapphire. Lancia Aurelia GT, lengthened by Pinan Farina, Bristol's 403 and 404 in 1953. Lady Docker's 1952 show car, a Hooper Bodied coupe Daimler Straight Eight, MG ZA Magnette Wolseley-based, sports saloon. Feature: MGM Type replica. Dave Cooksy's 1930 M Type MG Double Twelve (Race) replicas. Color and b&w photos. Inside back cover artist rendition of re bodied 1937 Delahaye 12 cylinder GP race car VG+

VICTORY LANE, 1988, August, The Vintage and Historical Racing News Magazine. Vol. 3, #7. VSCC of A Mt. Equinox Hill Climb w results. Rocky Mountain VR  LTD racing at Mountain View Motor Sports Park by Bill Siuru  w results. VARA at  Willow Springs 3 pgs w pics and  complete results. Stan Bucklein at Willow  in his Nichols Panhard I. 17th Annual Classic Sports Racing Group Sears Point w pics of a Deutsh Bonnet, 250 Testa Rosa, John Buddenbaum's  DKW May special, Jim Smith's 1957 REA A,  Bruce Weldmann's Nichols, Bruce Trenery's Lancia Aurelia B24S full results list. Birdcage Maserati article 4 pgs, pics include one of Cunningham Maserati Type 60 arriving in NY.
Special Report on  Mille Miglia '88 by Sybil Byrnes 5 pgs w 5 pics.  History of Hill Climbs 4 pgs w pics.  Maserati A6GCS 3 pgs w pics of Sid Colberg in his 1948 A6GCS at '87 Pebble Beach.  Vintage Gasoline fo vintage cars by Bill Siuru,  non slick pgs with some color photos, 90 pgs, nm, $7.

VICTORY LANE, 1988, November. The Vintage and Historical Racing News Magazine. Vol. 3, #10. John DeHaan's guest editorial w pic of his '59 Austin Healey racing. Shannoville VARA Canada racing 2 pgs full results.  Steamboat Springs Vintage Auto Race and Concours d'Elegance 3 pgs w pics of Mark Simpson's '71 Lola T-212, Steven Knee's '65 Abarth Simca, Bruce Moritz '54 Lotus MK IX and Todd Gerstenberger's and L. Hart's Lotus Elans. Lynn Mills report on the "Ladies Race" pic of Barbara McPherson driving her '65 Shelby GT-350, full race results.  Monterey Historics Laguna Seca 4 pgs, full results, pics of Stirling Moss driving Robert Sutherland's '54 Maserati 250F and Peter Lvianos' '59 Maserati T-61, Tom Armstrong driving his '59 Devin-Corvette Spcl.  Grand Prix & Formula One 1950-1962 cars as seen by Lynn Mills at Monterey Historics.  Rick Cole Monterey '88 Auction results. Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association Vintage Grand Prix at Gratton Raceway, Grand Rapids MI, 3 pgs, 3 pics including Michael Rahal's '63 Lotus 23, Craig Bielat's '62 Lotus Elite. Lotus The First 20yrs Part Two 4 pgs with pics of the '59 Lotus Elite of  David Whiteside at Road Atlanta, Dick Carlson's '63 Super Seven at Watkins Glen, Doug Fisher's Lotus 20 and Phil Lamont's Lotus 18 at Shannoville. Lotus 18, 21, 24 and 25 Formulas for Winning by Lynn Mills showing Tony Podell's Lotus 18 Formula One, Monty Shallett's Lotus 24 Formula One and Cedric Selzer's Lotus 25 Formula One.  Lotus Owner's Group meet Annapolis MD.  Special Reports; Pebble Beach Memories 4 pgs with photos of Kelly Buchanan, Richard Mann, Harry Fair, circa '53 Concours d'Elegance with such as a VW Beetle and 3 wheeled American Davis, Phil Hill, Bill Pollack 4 pgs.  The James Dean Lotus with pic  w John Timanus a Mark X with a n Offy engine. Engine Rebuild Part 2 Disassembly and Inspection by Steve Patience, 2 pgs.  non slick pgs with some color photos, 82 pgs, nm-, $6.50.

VINTAGE-AUTO ALMANAC, 1979, Hemmings Motor News, 3rd edition, Section One; Specialists by Marque 56 pgs, Alfa-Romeo to Willys. Tourguide by state of the Specialists by Marque. Section Two: Generalists by specialty, castings, ignition parts, etc. P. 59  to 116 Tourguide of Generalists by state. Section Three: Clubs, multi marque, marque, specialty, legislative, statewide or local clubs. Section Four: information sources and publications.  Section Five, Salvage Yards, Section Six, Museums, Index P 181-197.
197 pages, nm,  writing on one page,  $5

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