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    Western U .S. SENIOR & OPEN ICE HOCKEY, 1971-present

    Edition of December 2014


    Antiques 2011"

    2011 Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament. California Antiques

    Standing L to R, Rob Watt, John Nasuti, Jim Henwood, Bill Kalinyak, Mike Grocki, Pete Lane, Don Webster, Ben Finco
    Seated L to R, Bob Sharkey, Steve Nigro, Rob Deleau, Zeke Guspan, Steve McCaw, Paul Driscoll, Rick Toninato


    2010 Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament. California Antiques

    Standing L to R, Terry Bjellajac, Jim Brolsma, Don Webster, Mike Grocki, Alex McNicol, David Wheeler, David Lyons, Al Checco
    Seated L to R, John Nasuti, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Guspan, Pete Lane, Bill Kalinyak

    2009 ANTIQUES

    2009 Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament. California Antiques

     STANDING – B. Obama, John Nasuti, Jim Henwood, Jim Brolsma, Dan Cooper, Mike Grocki, Bill Kalinyak, Rick Toninato, Don Webster, Terry Bjellajac, Frank Quinlan
    SEATED – Pete Ferracone, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Guspan, Steve Nigro, Ben Finco, Paul Driscoll

    Antiques entered the 55 division but teams dropped out at the last minute causing the Antiques to be moved to the 50A division
      where they still managed to finish 2nd to the United Nations 50's.

    Bill Kalyinak's Antiques site , more photos including off ice snapshots.

    2009 Antiques BC

    September 2009 Antiques won the 55 division in Parksville BC, Vancouver Island

    STANDING: Don Webster, Don Dancey, Bill Kalinyak, Jim Brolsma, Dan Cooper, Scott Svejcar, Mike Thomas, John Nasuti

    SEATED; Steve McCaw, Kim MacDonald, Rob Deleau, Zeke Guspan, Jeff Cousineau, Rob Watt, Rick Toninato, Ben Finco

    2008 Snoopy Senior World Hockey Tournament. California Antiques finished 2nd in the 55A Division.

    STANDING; Paul Martell, Jim Brolsma, Ben Finco, Mike Grocki, Dan Cooper,
    Scott Svecar, Don Webster, Terry Bjelljac, Bill Kalinyak

     SEATED, John Nasuti, Serge Decoste, Steve Nigro, Zeke Guspan, Rick   Toninato, Paul Driscoll, Jim Henwood

    Photo supplied by Bill Kalinyak who was there but could not play
    being in recovery from rotator cuff surgery.  He provided 
    moral support and helped in Labatt consumption.

    Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament 2007 was July 15th - July 21nd.

    John Nasuti - Frank Quinlan - Bill Kalinyak - Mike Grocki - Jim Henwood - Terry Bjellajac - Don Webster
    Jim Brolsma - Steve Nigro - Zeke Guspan - Pete Ferracone - Dan Cooper - Rick Torinato

    Snoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament 2006


    '04 ANTIQUES 50 & Over GOLD medal winners; Harry Williams, Paul Martell, Jim Henwood, Bill Kalinyak, Mike Grocki, Pete Lane, Don Webster, Terry Bjelajac, SEATED: John Nasuti, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Guspan, Pete Ferracone, Rick Torinato

    '04 ANTIQUES: Harry Williams, Paul Martell, Jim Henwood, Bill Kalinyak, Mike Grocki, Pete Lane, Don Webster, Terry Bjelajac SEATED: John Nasuti, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Gusgan, Pete Ferracone, Rick Torinato

    '03 ANTIQUES; Joey Grocki, Mike Grocki, Bill Kalinyak, Bill Sharkey, Paul Martell, Jim Henwood, Don Webster, Harry Williams, SEATED: Dave Corbett, Pete Myers, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Guspan, Pete Ferracone, Paul Driscoll, Dave Sneddon. Finished 2nd, 50 & over

    '02 ANTIQUES; Dianna Corbett, Olaf ?, Bill Sharkey, Jim Henwood, Paul Martell, Mike Grocki, Bill Kalinyak, Don Webster, Terry Bjelajac, Brian McCool. SEATED: Bob Sharkey, John Nasuti, Pete Ferracone, Zeke Guspan, Dave Corbett, Paul Driscoll.
    Finished 2nd 50 and over to Vancouver Flames

    '01 ANTIQUES; no Snoopy tournament in 2001. Finished 2nd in 50 and over replacement tournament in Las Vegas. Antiques could not get into 2000 Tournament due to high number of applications. Charles Shulz passed away Feb.11, 2000.

    Snoopy 25th Anniversary in 1999 all teams picture.Charles Schultz seated front row, right side, next to Cecilia Short, longtime tournament director. Antiques are back row right of center.

    '99 ANTIQUES John Munier, Terry Bjelajac, David Forte, Mike Grocki, Bill Kalinyak, Jim Henwood, Don Webster, John Nasuti SEATED: Pete Ferracone, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Guspan, Tom Underwood, Paul Driscoll
    Finished with First Place tie in 45 & over division

    ''97 ANTIQUES George Tuxford, Don Webster, Dave Humphreys, Bill Sharkey, Wick Goodspeed, Paul Bannock, Dave Corbett, Mike Grocki, Bill Kalinyak, Mitch Gillis, Mike Thomas, Jim Henwood, John Munier, Janice Corbett SEATED:Ernie Hicke , Don McRitchie, Bob Sharkey, Zeke Guspan, Jack Fox, Mark ?, Jack Skonsby

    60 & Over division  2004

    WESTCOASTERS (from 2004 tournament program)
    Rick Graham goal, defense; Don Harvey, Ken Hershfield, Clay Campbell, Dick Seward. forwards; Al Checco, Joe Thelland, Leo Sauve, Ron Kennedy, Gerry Budge, Len Hacket, Murray Jackson, Ralph Kosowan, Stu Wright. Coach; Lynne Degnan, Mngr. Carol Kennedy.

    BOSTON MOBY DICKS (from 2004 program plus Terry Dancey phone call)

    George Bernard G, coach & mngr, D; Dick Cleary, Bob Giombetti, Joe Jangro, F/D; Jerry & Jim Heggie, Fred Macchi, Mike Cassidy, Bob MacInnemy, F; Ed Curran, Dick Blazedale, Ed Carroll, Jack Klevit or Klevet, Peter Tiernan, Dave Marr, Ed Reynolds, Bill Seabury, Terry Dancey. Silvio Richard Assistant Coach.

    70 & Over division

    BURBANK SKATES (from 2004 tournament program)
    John Dobbs and Steve Igoe goal. Defense; Guy Fournier, Billy Wells, Paul LaGloire, Ben Cardas. Forwards; Gordie King, Eric McNeil, Ernie Rucks, Ben Baker, Len Haley, Bob Tochterman. Coach John Dobbs, Ass't. Bob Tochterman, Manager Paul LaGloire.


    L.A. Old Bruins 1984 including Ron Kennedy, Larry Twigg, Vinny MacLean,  Al Checco, Brian Chwan, Davey Lane

    End of Snoopy section. Below going back in years, Southern California teams.

    Nighthawks 2001
    back: Dave Elliott, Don Webster, Barry Meachem, Mike Grocki, Jim Henwood, Scott Roecklein, Pete Ferracone, Bill Kalinyak (photo)
    front; George Gudinov, Paul Driscoll, Rob Udell, Zeke Guspan, Jeff Conklin, Jerry Hierro

    1998 Gray Team SHOC
    from left; Barry Meacham, Les Dobson, Mike Grocki, Bob Sharkey, George Gudnikov,
    Scott Roecklein, Jim Henwood, Zeke Guspan, Bill Sharkey, Don Webster, Bill Kalinyak, Dave Elliot, Paul Driscoll, Pete Ferracone

    back from lef; Dave Elliott, Mark Stier, Bill ?,  Jerry Hierro, Bob Udell, Jim Henwood, Bob Christianson,  George Gudnikov,  Steve ?, Terry Dancey
    front; Pete Ferracone, Bob Sharkey,  Zeke Guspan, Paul Driscoll,  Dave Sowerby

    1994 BLUES of the SENIOR HOCKEY OF ORANGE COUNTY league, Glacial Gardens Anaheim
    back from left, Bob Sharkey, Serge Decoste, Paul Driscoll, Jim Henwood, Dave Corbett, Don Webster.
    front; Dave Kennedy, Bill Kalinyak (photo), Mike Grocke, Dave Sowerby, Jeff Barth, Tony Mesec.

    CHEAPSKATES 1987 Lake Arrowhead Tournament
    back;Harley Atkinson,Bill Kalinyak (photo),Don Dancey, Bob Sharkey,John Mork, ? Dave Statton,Dave Sowerby
    front;Rick Hasse,Pete Ferracone,Gordon Barrett,Terry Jordan,Don Webster, ?

    1987 L.A.C.H.A. Memorial Day Weekend Hockey Tournament, Burbank.
    back from left: Gordon Barrett, Les Dobson, John Barth, Ron Kennedy, Dennis Greyshock, Al Checco, John Mork, Don Webster, Harley Atkinson
    front: Pete Ferracone, Dave Sowerby, Rick Hasse, Terry Jordan, Bill Kalinyak(photo), Guy Piquet, Ted Dobson

    Norwalk Koolies, Emil Careau Manager in uniform holding trophy. Sometime in the '80's
    Art Duneer,Emil Careau yellow helmet,then Brian Chwan,Santa Barbara late 70's

    March 10-14, 1986 Miller High Life International Tournament at Brea California, 3 pg schedule.

    Anaheim Division Group 1; Vernon Moonshiners B.C., Hollywood Fallen Stars California, Saskatoon Star Phoenix Saskatchewan.
    Disneyland Division Group II; Brea Calif Cheapskates #1, St. Philips Rangers Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Southern California Greyhounds.
    Miller High Life Division; California Black Hawks, Sarnia Olde County Steak House Sarnia Ontario, Winnipeg South East Bows Manitoba, West Covina Calif. Wolf Pack.
    Miller Lite Division; Brea Calif. Cheapskates #2, San Fernando Valley California, Winnipeg Challengers Manitoba

    February, 1983, Brea, California, Miller SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA OLDTIMERS TOURNAMENT 

    From California; Silver Eagles, Hollywood Fallen Stars (Ken Watson), Night Hawks, Santa Monica, S. California Old Bruins, Brea Cheapskates, West Coasters, Eagles.
    From Canada; Melrose Whispering Doves from Winnipeg, Spiritwood Elbowbenders of Saskatchewan, Fenelon Falls Flyers of Ontario, Chauncey Shamrocks (?Ontario?), Canadian Tire of Toronto, Vernon, B.C. Moonshiners, Olds Alberta, Cote Wagon Burners, Port Elgin Ontario, Calgary Renegades.

    Brea Cheapskates from left back; ?, Dennis Greyshock, ?, Joe Nix, Jack Fisher, ?,?,?.
    Front; ?, Ted Acker, George Plesa, Paul Robitaille, Steve Gardiner, John McBryan.

    I played right wing can only recall holding the Cote Wagon Burner's highest scorer to one goal and the fun parties afterwards.

    Nighthawks 1982 Senior Olympics, Brea
    back from left: John Campbell, Chris Riegle, Don Webster, Lou Dorsey, Bill Kalinyak, Larry Nivens, Dominic Fewer, Brian Chwan front: Dave Sowerby, Pete Ferracone, Mike Dodson, Noel Begin, Emile Careau, John Sowerby

    Night Hawks 1982 Santa Barbara Tournament
    back; Lou Dorsey,Don Webster,Bill Kalinyak,Larry Nivens,Dave Sowerby,Dominic Fewer
    front;Larry Twigg,John Sowerby,Noel Begin,Mike Dodson,Emile Careau,Brian Chwan

    Night Hawks 1981 Santa Barbara Tournament
    back; Bill Kalyinak, Larry Nivens, Don Webster, Dave Sowerby, John Sowerby, Larry Twigg
    front; Emile Careau, Brian Chwan, Mike Dodson, Noel Begin, Dave Cornell

    Bill Kalinyak 1975
    Terry's Tavern Sharks 1975 Costa Mesa
    back; Chris Riegle, Bill Kalinyak, ?, Bob O'Day, Kerry McClusky,Bob Caser.
    front; Terry Bergland, Alex Patterson, Leo Loret, Bob Sharkey, John Renney

    Brea Maulers 1978
    back; ?, ?, ?, Gordon Epling, Grant Garrison, Bill Kalinyak, ?
    front: Pete Rayfield, Leo Loret, Terry Bergland, Willie Kall, Emile Careau

    Willie and Bill

    All photos above this line supplied by Bill Kalyinak.

    This section provided by Brian Chwan

    L.A.Bruins celebrating as Champs at Vegas
    Back row from left; Bud McKinnon, ?, Dick Sieminski, ?, Brian Chwan, Scotty Logan in suit, Bob Howland behind him ?, ?, ?, Jeff Parsons.
    Front Row; ?, Doug Chiaverini, Vinny MacLean?, Ron Kennedy, a Sowerby?, Janos Weber

    L.A.Bruins celebrating as Champs at Vegas
    Back row from left; Doug Chiaverini, Dick Sieminski, Bud McKinnon, ?,  Ron Kennedy, Brian Chwan, Bob Howland, ?, ? Front Row; ?, Scotty Logan in suit, Vin MacLean, Janos Weber, ?,  Jeff Parsons.

    L.A. Bruins Roster 1971

    L.A. Bruins at Fresno

    L.A.Bruins at Fresno program

    Brian Chwan brings it out, heads up.

    Brian Chwan as PeeWee coach in 1976

    Brian Chwan at Vegas

    Cercle de Patineurs Liegois (CPL Lieg) and Brussels (RBIHSC) was a website in Belgium that had lots of information on the 1975/1976 season when a group of LA area players, many noted elsewhere in my pages joined the CPL Liege team. Danny Corns brought this to my attention in Septemer 2001. There was a photo of them arriving in Belgium on the website.

    1970-71 Rules and By-laws for SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HOCKEY LEAGUE, Inc. November 20, 1970. Minimum age 22, forbidden to play in any other league, no checking towards boards or nets if player within 3 feet of same, 17 player rosters plus an alternate goalie, governing body by a voting member from each team.

    SUMMER HOCKEY BY THE SEA, June 13 through August 1971, Sundays 8 pm. A 9:30 pm game was for 'Top Los Angeles High School All-Stars'.

     July 21, 1971 one sheet of standings, rosters, points, won loss record of the two teams in Art Guiney's "Hockey by the Sea'.  I believe this sheet was printed prior to the game which I attended at the Culver City rink.  Admission was $1, juniors .50 and under 12 free. Jiggs McDonald was at the opening night game along with 300 'cash' customers. 

    RED TEAM-Hawks

  • John McGarry goal, Boston College, Cranston, R.I.
  • Bob McKinney, D. Flin Flon Bombers, San Diego, CA
  • Mick Nahan, d. Boston State, Woodland Hills, CA
  • Rick Cunha, rw, Notre Dame, Scituate, MA
  • Denny Gilbert, c, Boston State, Van Nuys, CA
  • Brian Bird, c, Yale, Santa Monica, CA
  • Dennis Rea, lw, Boston State, Sepulveda, CA
  • Harv Bennett, d, Boston College, Cranston, R.I.
  • Tom Fletcher, lw, U of Connecticut, Huntington Beach,CA
  • Dal White, d, Arleta,CA
  • Peter McNab rw, Denver U, San Diego,CA
  • Bob Fraillis, lw, Medford Prep, Culver City, CA
  • Coach, Les Patrick
  • BLUE TEAM - Kings
  • Kevin Duggan goal, Boston State, Newton, MA
  • Craig Barr, d, W. Covina, CA
  • Ray Lawrence, d, Boston College, Newton, MA
  • Jim Lampman, rw, Lakewood, CA
  • Guy Hildebrand, Colorado College, Buena Park, CA
  • Dale Pennock, d, El Cajon, CA
  • John Donovan, lw, Boston U., Burbank, CA
  • Dan Lebere, d, Johnstown Jets, Downey, CA
  • Keith McVicar, c, Providence College, Glendora, CA
  • Jon Weber, lw, Boston State, Long Beach, CA
  • Mike Lampman, lw, Denver U. Lakewood, CA
  • Mike Galvin, d, Brown U., Huntington Beach, CA
  • Craig Cullen, c, Boston State, N, Hollywood, CA
  • Coach, John Bealey

  • name in italics indicates deceased. Memorials and Obituary links are on my HockeyIndex

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