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ROAD & TRACK 1951-1988

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ROAD & TRACK 1952 MAY-JUNE, Road test; Simca Aronde, Willys Aero Wing. Sportscar Design, Part III by John Bond. (early) Mercedes Benz 300-SL. 1952 Monte Carlo Rally. Modified Maserati of Henry Plate. Second Annual Florida Handicap at Vero Beach.  New Horizons in Engine Development, an SAE paper presented by  by James C. Zeder VP & Director of Engineering and Research Chrysler. Palm Springs Road Race. Philip Wright's design sketches in R&T influence the Willys Aero.  Sunbeam Talbot 90 full page ad. Sebring Grand Prix of Endurance. Picture page for Italian Design - Fiat 1600 by Castagna, Frua Fiat Dinghy, Nash-Healey by Pinin Farina, 1400 Fiat by Boneschi, Lancia Aurelia Coupe by Boneschi. Fred Wacker 2 pg bio with 6 pics.  Cunningham latest photos. Aspen CO Road Race on dirt roads no helmets nor seat belts and carrying passengers.  500cc history report.  Full pg Peter Satori color ad 'Hillman-Minx Mark V'. back cover loose and taped.  50 pgs, vg+  $25

ROAD & TRACK 1965 MAR., Road tests; Porsche 911(pgs cut up), Fiat-Abarth OT 1600.  Sunbean Tiger ad 'Art Arfons, fastest man on earth, owns the Sunbeam Tiger'. Fiat 230/S by Ghia review w 6 pics.  Operazione Fotostrada 1964 by Griff Borgeson with 7 of the 2865 pics from those taken all over Italy by photographers of flagrant road code violations. Salon; Ferrari 195 Sport w 2 half pg color photos. Italian Design 10 yrs post WW2, half page color photos Cisitalia convertible and '52 Ferrari 4.1 for the Mexican Road Race plus 24 black & white small photos tracing the evolution of Italian design.
The Alfetta by Griff Borgeson Part 1 (one picture cut out on pg 50).half page pic Pg 52, cutaway drawaing, model plans by John Thompson. Profile: Jim Clark. The Wonderful Carburetors of Edoardo Weber by Griff Borgeson, history, production, quality control, exploded diagram of a 40 DCOE 2 Weber, etc. Ferrari's Plans for '65 by Henry Manney. Nassau Trophy Race. South African Grand Prix (small cut out in article P 85). Fundamentals of the Modern Automobile Part 10 Final Drive Assembly by Tony Hogg. pg 51 loose, no covers, 102 pgs, vg-,   $6

ROAD & TRACK 1965 MAY, Road tests; Triumph TR-4A, Mustang GT-350 with 24 photos of details.  Full pg ads for Olds 442, Triumph TR-4A and Triumph Spitfire Mk 2. Drawing of the 14 gears on the Ford Indy engine. Ultimate in timing gear complexity 1927 Delage 1500cc cutaway Max Miller drawing from the 'Autocar' showing at least 19 gears. A Look at the Daytona Winner Ford GT-40 by Tony Hogg. Coventry Climax Flat 16 F1 Engine by Henry Manney and Coventry Climax with photo and cutaway drawing from 'The Motor'. Fundamentals of the Modern Automobile Part 12; Disc Brakes by Tony Hogg. The Colorful World of Rallying by Henry Manney, Sam Actman illustrated by Russel Brockbank. Biography of Lorenzo Bandini.  Story of Bob Boomer and Scott Smith's 2 VW bus round trips daily for North American Aviation Downey California employees who live in San Diego.  A New and Special Saab protytpe by Stig Bjorklund.  A Tiger (Sunbeam) for Rallying by Henry Manney.  Henry Manney reports on progress on British Indy cars by BRP and Brabham. Daytona Continental 2000 km race by Dennis Cipnic Ford taking the first five places. 116 pgs, nm-,  $15

ROAD & TRACK 1965 JULY,  Road tests; Lamborghini 350 GT, Mercedes 600.  Felday Ferguson 4 Wheel Drive Sports Car.  New York Auto Show. Historical photos of 1919-1932 Hotel Commodore NY Salons. 5 pg comparison review of Buick Skylark G Sport, Dodge Coronet 426-S, Chevelle Malibu SS, Olds Cutlass 442, Plymouth Belvedere 426-S, Pontiac Tempest GTO. Porsche 912 by Gunther Molter with cutaway drawings by James Allington.  Riviera Gran Sport centerfold ad. Lola 70 designed by Eric Broadley with cutaway drawing from  'The Motor', model plans by Jonathan Thompson, Eric Broadley profile by Henry Manney. Bruce McLaren biography. The second Sword family car auction. Another Saab GT Prototype.  Ferrari 250 MM. McKee Transaxle detailed.  Sebring Sprite Prototytpe. Le Mans practice report.  Fundamentals of the Modern Automobile; Front Suspension by Tony Hogg. 100 pgs, vg+,   $15

ROAD & TRACK 1966 NOV.  Road tests; Mercedes Benz 250 S, Glas 1700 GT. Color Feature; Pikes Peak Hill Climb. German Grand Prix - 4th straight for Jack Brabham. Editorial; A Kind Word for Pontiac's quality control programs. Cutaway drawing of Napier Sabre 24 cylinder 36.7 liter aircraft H configuration aircraft engine.  U.S. Cars 1967 - improved brakes, safety features, longer warranties, some peculiar styling 9 pages.  Neri and Bonacini of Modena Italy custom special body builders. Full foldout page Camaro SS 350 ad.  Revolutionary Enginess by Ron Wakefield; variable valve timing re James Toensing, Variable Compression Ratio re Continental Aviation & Engineering Corp., Stratified Charge Schlamann s-c engine, Tschudi valveless 4-cycle rotary puts conventional piston concept into a curved cylinder, Thiokol's Dyna-Star 2 cycle with U shaped cylinders, Harry Leath's reciprocating piston rotary, Horst  Dillenburg's double acting piston sliding in diametrical bore of  rotating block, Lloyd Miller's flathead spherical engine. The Fitch Toronado Phantom and Corvair Sprint.  Driving Impressions of Porsche 911 S.  Manney drives the Porsche Carrera 6. Interview with Ferry Porsche III at age 30. Mati Palk Cutaway Drawing of Chaparral 2D the Phil Hill/Joakim Bonnier Nurburgring 1000 km winner. Triumph GT Six.  Jerry Grant profile & bio by Cameron Warren. Ferrari 330 GT California. ZF Gearboxes cutaway drawing and schematic side view of ZF 4DS-10 transaxle. Volvo 144, 122S, 123 GT & 1800S. Saab V-4.  Honda's  3 -Litre  V-12.  Ken Miles 'an appreciation' upon his death. Thermodynamics of the automobile engine extensive detail.  132 pgs,  nm,  $16.00

ROAD & TRACK  July 1978, centerfold only, red Porsche 904 with pages 83 and 86 of article "Der Meister Porsche"  on the 904, center wrinkled with some tears along bottom edge, good for sketching, $1

ROAD & TRACK 1981 MAR. Cover story; TVR Tasmin by Doug Nye. Road tests; Toyota Starlet, Ferrari 308GTSi.  Profile of Norman D. Lean, So California hot rodder who became Toyota's National Service Manager in America.  Austin Mini-Metro. AMC Eagle at 12k miles. Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. R&T Specs 1981 Imported Cars, Compact & Small Sedans, Sports & GT Cars.  Fabulous race photographer from the '30's - George Monkhouse. Salon; 1893 Benz Victoria driven London to Brighton 57 miles in five hours by Phil Hill.  Rob Walker's Annual Grand Prix Driver Ratings. Ford EXP/Mercury LN7 review. Used Car Classic; BMW 1600 & 2002 1967-1976. 160 pgs, cover missing,  vg,  $3

ROAD & TRACK1981 MAY, Cover Story; Pontiac P-car (became the Fiero). Road tests; Fiat Brava, Honda Civic 4-door, Datsun 280ZX Turbo, Jaguar XJ-S. Rudolf Diesel's Big Idea -a romantic history of the compression ignition engine by James T. Crow (1 pg). R&T report on the controversy over police radar.  Salon: The Birkin Bentley single seater made from the first Blower Bentley. GM's J Car. Fangio's '57 German Grand Prix (1 pg). Profile; Bruce Meyers of Meyers Manx and Meyers Sr. 1 pg review of the Meyers SR. Chevrolet Citation XII at 24k miles. 24 hours of Daytone by Joe Rusz. Unlimited Hydroplane Racing by Tony Hogg. Ferrari Bardahl Experimental at Indy 1956. Movies and Videotape guide to equipment & technique by Joe Rusz.  196 pgs, cvr loose,   $4

ROAD & TRACK1981 JUNE,  Cover Story; The DeLorean. Profile; John Z. DeLorean. Rob Walker's cars Part III. Road tests;  Mazda GLC 4-door, Saab 900 Turbo 4-door, Peugeot 505S Turbodiesel, Lancia Beta Montecarlo Group 5 Turbo. VW Rabbit Diesel at 100k miles. Dodge Colt Hatchback at 30k miles. Salon; 1903 Napier. Henry Manney Tries out in Europe a new Alfa Romeo GTV 6/2.5. Mike Hawthorn, age 24 wins over Fangio at Reims for Ferrari. South African Grand Prix. US Grand Prix West at Long Beach. cover missing, 188 pgs,   $3

ROAD & TRACK1982 JAN.  Cover Story;  1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans  Am & Chevrolet Camaro.  Road tests;  '82 Honda Accord  4 door, Mercedes Benz 380SL. Profile; Edsel Ford II.  Salon; Cisitalia 202 coupe Gran Sport. Cumberford Martinique. 2-Liter Cavalier.  Frankfurt Auto Show.  Ferrari Grand Prix cars - 20 years later by Phil Hill. Guanci SJJ-1 of Woodstock IL. VW Trio; Dasher turns into the Quantum, Sirocco becomes sleeker & Vanagon gets a diesel.  Badges; Alfa Romeo's Laurel Wreath. Italian and Canadian Grands Prix.  centerfold Cisitalia picture loose, 130 pgs, vg  $3.50

ROAD & TRACK1982 FEB. Road tests;  Ferrari 512 Boxer vs Lamborghini Countach, Toyota Celica Supra, BMW 528e.  Datsun Maxima diesel station wagon.  Salon;  1931 Tipo 8A Isotta Fraschini. 13 High Performance Tires  17 pg Bonus Feature.  4 pg Trans Am ad centerfold.  General Motors A-Cars. Avanti South Bend manufacturing report.  1981 Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic - Road Atlanta. First Las Vegas Grand Prix by Rob Walker. 160 pgs, vg+, $5

           ROAD & TRACK1982 APR.  Road tests;  Petty Grand National Pontiac track test by Sam Posey and Dennis Simanaitis, Mercedes Benz 380 SEC, R&T uses highway road testing equipment on Route 66. Profile; Jan Zuijdijk of Koni.  Phil Hill drives the Renault RE30 GP car at Paul Ricard test circuit. John Lamm and Phil Hill run Hooper Starship Karts at Riverside.  Mazda RX-7 extended use report at 24k miles. Rob Walker goes to Talladega 500. Rob Walker's Annual Driver Ratings (F1). Honda City steals theTokyo International Motor Show. Salon; Bugatti Type 55 by  Tony Hogg.  Special Supplement pgs A  -  V  Long Beach Grand Prix;  Race-Goer's Guide to Long Beach, Rob Walker Remembers Long Beach.  Circuit differences for 1982 by Phil Hill.  Innes Ireland on FISA changes for 1982.  Capsule summaries of the First Six Long Beach Grands Prix by Otis Meyer.  Where to stay, eat, drink and be merry in Long Beach by native Joe Rusz. ipd Saab Turbo report by John Dinkel.  Dubai Grand Prix. Maserati 2000 Biturbo report.  1981 Rally Wrapup by Cameron A. Warren. center pg loose, 174 pgs, vg, $3.50

ROAD & TRACK1982 MAY, Cover Story; Honda City . Road tests;  Trihawk 204, Volvo  GLT Turbo, Porsche 944.  Profile; Judy Stropus race timer.  24 hour enduro test of Rondeau prototype at Daytona by Sam Posey. 36th Annual Chimey Rock Hillclimb. 3-Wheel Cars by Randolph Beckman.  History of 3-wheelers by Cyril Posthumus.  Salon: 1911 Stanley Steamer by Tony Hogg.  1981 Lombard England rally via Weston, Trentham, Comb, Southwaite, Lambton, Guisborough, etc., by John Lamm. Le Cars in Renault Cup. 19th South African Grand Prix. some underlining, cvr loose. 170 pgs, vg- , $2.50

ROAD & TRACK1982 AUG. Road tests; Aston Martin Lagonda, Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce, Nissan Sentra. Profile: Harold Sperlich. Special Section on Aerodynamics including a list of aerodynamics of 44 cars,  wind tunnel history by Alex Tremulis, Guideline examples and text explanation by Del Coates on how to estimate any  cars coefficient of aerodynamic drag.  Williams F1 team developing downforce via wind tunnel tests by Doug Nye. Dennis Simanaitis tests 5 mfgs air dams, wings and spoilers on a Scirocco in VW's wind tunnel. Salon: The Saga of the Kamm effect  development by Jerry Sloniger. Alfa Supersytem in car sounds. San Marino Grand Prix. Belgian Grand Prix Gilles Villeneuve's accident. 136 pgs,  vg+, $4.00

ROAD & TRACK1982 SEPT. Cover story; Ford SVO Mustang Turbo at Nelson Ledges Longest Day '82 by Innes Ireland. Road Tests; Renault Alliance, Peugeot 505 STI, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. Driving Impressions; Toyota Camry/Vista, Bentley Mulsanne Turbo. Nutworks Stars II showroom stock R&T sponsored race Lime Rock CT. R&T Owner's Survey Mazda RX-7. Salon; Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato.  12 Hours of Sebring by Bob Akin. 66th Indianapolis 500. APS Rabbit by Automotive Performance Systems Burbank CA. Mitsubishi Starion, Cordia and Tredia driving impressions. 40th Grand Prix de Monaco. 1st Detroit Grand Prix. 170 pgs, vg, $3.00

ROAD & TRACK1982 DEC. Cover Story; Chrysler G24 Turbo Sports Coupe. Road Tests; Datsun 280 ZX Turbo 5-speed, Jaguar XJ-S, Mitsubishi Cordia LS.  Juan Fangio profile and interview. Anti-55 Legislation Spreads by Ron Wakefield.  Audi 100 by John Lamm. European Ford Sierra by Paul Frere.  Technical Analyis and Driving Impressions; Mazda 626 by Peter Egan. High-Tech Buick Turbos. Toyota Spearco-Supra. Extended Use Report; Mazda RX-7 at 48k miles. Salon; 1962 Porsche Formula One Type 804 by Thos L. Bryant and Dan Gurney.  Bob Akin Driving the Porsche 924 Turbo Carrera. Variable Geometry Turbocharging by Dennis Simanaitis. Part II The Electronics Revolution by Ron Wakefield.  Dutch Grand Prix and Austrian Grand Prix by Innes Ireland. Swiss Grand Prix by Rob Walker. 192 pgs, cvr missing, vg, $2.00

ROAD & TRACK1983 MARCH,  color centersection foldout only, Corvette Family Tree 1953-1983 14.5" by  29" on backside  21"by 29" illustrations by Hector Luis Bergandi of all forms of Corvettes 1953-1984. 14.5" by 10.5"  cutaways of '53 and '83/'84 In Celebration of the All-New Corvette, also R.I.P for  Colin Chapman by Innes Ireland and 'The Corvette Racer' by Peter Egan. vg+ $3.00

ROAD & TRACK1987 JAN. Road tests;  Toyota FX16 GT-S, Mercedes-Benz 300TD, Nissan Pulsar NX SE. Top speed contest Hendrick Motorsports Chevie Monte Carlo vs Holbert Racing Porsche 962 at Transportation Research Center 7.5 mile oval near Marysville OH.  Ted Louckes Oldsmobile Chief Engineer developing  a Formula One spec 16 valve Quad 4 engined Aerotech Project car. Bentley Turbo R report by Innes Ireland.  The Rotus Seven by Rotus Ltd Frederick MD Japanese engine choices w modified Lotus Seven measurements by Peter Egan. Salon; 1926 Rickenbacker Super Sport. Porsche 928S 4. Volvo 780 Coupe. Europe Extended-Use Report; For Sierra 4x4  at 34k miles by Innes Ireland. BMW Roundup '87 by Ted West.  73rd Salon de l'Auto Paris. 57th Italian Grand Prix.  42nd Grande Premio de Portugal. Jaguar XJ6 by Peter Egan. 160 pgs, vg+, $4.00

ROAD & TRACK1987 MAR.  Road tests; Mercury Tracer, Porsche 928S 4. Cover Story; Benetton-BMW B186 F1 test.  Autokraft's (of England) ACE U.S. Spec. Rene Dreyfus 82 years old drives a 1926 1500-cc Bugatti Type 37 in the Mt. Equinox hillclimb. Fleur de Lys Automobiles Newark, England builds vintage delivery vans with new mechanicals.  Range Rover proposed for US. Used Car Classic; Triumph TR6. 8 pg BMW ad.  Staffer races in Fitzger Cup International Ice Racing Association 3 hour event Duluth MN. 6 pgs of 1987 car specifications. Salon; 1955 Osca MT4. 1986 Formula 1 Driver's ratings. '86 Grand Prix Season. 174 pgs, nm-, $5  SOLD 6/09

ROAD & TRACK1987 APR,  Road tests; Chevrolet Beretta GT, Camaro IROC-Z and Pontiac FirebirdTrans Am GTA vs Toyota Supra and Nissan 300ZX 2 + 2, tongue in cheek comparison 'road' test of six bumper cars by Soli Giancarlo of Reggio Emilia, Italy.  Ferrari 408. Salon; 1947 Lusse Auto Skooter (aka 'bumper car) by Lusse of Montgomery PA used at Balboa Fun Zone CA. Salon; 1939 Tatra 87 and the Tatra auto history.  2 Strokes Revisited - the Orbital Process Combustion (OCP) engine by Orbital Engine Company Perth Australia and other 2 strokes post WW2. A Quick Tour in 6 of IMSA's top endurance racers; Ford Mustang GTP Probe,  Chevrolet Corvette GTP, Group 44 Jaguar XJR-7, Nissan GTP-ZX, Akin Racing Porsche 962, BMW GTP. Report; Porsche 911 Carrera Cabrio (1 pg). IMSA RS racing.  Update long term tests;  30k miles on Chevy Corvette, Saab 9000 26k miles, Ford Taurus 11k miles. Extended Use Report; Mitsubishi Tredia Turbo at 50k miles.  Tire testing for R&T's Corvette - best tires for road racing, skidpanning, braking and slaloming - 13 different treads.  Blackhawk Farms Midwest Council end of year enduro by Peter Egan. 196 pgs,  vg+, $5.00  SOLD June '09

ROAD & TRACK1987 JULY,  Road tests; Chrysler LeBaron Coupe, Ford Festiva L, BMW 735i. Salon; 1937 Bugatti 57G. Honda CRX Survey. Brazilian Grand Prix.  Feature; World's Fastest Cars Run at VW's Ehra-Lessien test track, Ferrari GTO, Isdera Imperator 108i, Lamborghini Countach 5000S Quattrovalvole, AMG Hammer, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 959, Koenig/RS, Ruf Twin-Turbo. brief reviews; Shelby Charger GLH-S, Saab 9000S, Japanese cars with 4 wheel steering. 1987 Grand Prix Spotting Guide. 26th Grande Premio Do Brasil. 176 pgs,  nm  except  cvr  partially loose, $4.50.
ROAD & TRACK1987 OCT. Road tests: also track tested, Pontiac Fiero Formula vs Toyota MR2, Ford Thunderbird V-8.  Cover Story; Ferrari F-40. R&T staff owned cars, '88 Subaru XT, Corvette at 35k miles. Salon; '51 Ferrari 340 America Vignale by Phil Hill. Mille Miglia 1987 photo essay. BMW 325i Cabrio.  Driving Impressions; Mazda 626. Letter from Japan; Nissan Cedric/Gloria, Subaru  VX Coupe. Longest Day of Nelson Ledges '87.  6th Detroit Grand Prix.  73rd Grand Prix of France. 160 pgs, vg+, $4.00

ROAD & TRACK1988 JAN  Cover Story; Lamborghini Super Countach, 'a rolling laboratory for variable torque-split 4-wheel drive and electronically controlled damping and ride height'  by Paul Frere. Road Tests; Toyota Celica Turbo All-Trac, Mazda RX-7 Convertible. Features; '73 Alfa Romeo GTV and '68 MGB R&T long term, over 5000 miles ownership report.  Salon; Jaguar XK120C -early fifties.  Driving Impressions: Shelby CSX, '88 Lotus Esprit Turbo, Olds Cutlass Calais Quad4. Centerfold Ad; 10 pg Porsche racing features with 4 page foldout of their Indy Car.  Ford's RS200 Evolution with 610 bhp at Pike's Peak, World Rally Champions at Pike's Peak by Ted West.  50th Anniversay of California Route 1. 184 pgs, nm, $6.00  SOLD June '09

ROAD & TRACK1988 FEB. Road tests; Comparison - '88 Chevy Corvette Z51, Bakeracing SCCA Escort Corvette, Morrison/Baker Nelson Ledges Corvette.  BMW 325is & M3, Chevrolet Nova. Features; Audi 5000 Runaways, Update Long term tests - GMC Van, Porsche 944, Acura Legend. Nissan MID4, Toyota FXV-II, Alfa Romeo 164, Opel Omega, Salon; '55 Mercedes Benz 300 SLR coupe. 172 pgs, nm+, $6.50

ROAD & TRACK1988 MAR. Road tests; Ford Probe vs Ford Mustang, Buick Reatta vs Cadillac Allante.  Features; Mitsubishi Galant, Isuzu Impulse Turbo, Salon; '56 Bugatti Type 251.  Model A Odyssey Part I  Pete Egan drives a '30 Model A Wisconsin to California, The Olds Aerotech Project by Sam Posey. 180 pgs, vg, $3.00

ROAD & TRACK1988 MAY,  Road tests;  Porsche 911 Club Sport, BMW 750iL, Ice Testing of 7 All-Wheel Drive Cars; Audi 90 Quattro, BMW 325IX, Pontiac 6000STE  AWD, Subaru Justy 4WD GL, Subaru XT6 4WD, Toyota Celica All-Trac Turbo, VW Quantum GL5 Syncro Wagon. Features; BMW 535i, Volvo 480 Turbo, Maserati 430, 1960 Porsche RS60 (w centerfold), BMW750iL, 174 pgs, vg+, $4.00

ROAD & TRACK1988 AUG. Road tests;  Eagle Premier ES, Mazda 929, Pontiac Bonneville SE,  RX-7s The First Decade: '79 Mazda RX-7, '88 Mazda RX-7 GTU, '88 Mazda RX-7 Turbo.  GM Sunraycer racecar. Features; Maserati Karif, Ferrari F40, ' 48 Tucker Torpedo, Long- Term Tests Update; Chevrolet Cavalier Z24, Acura Legend Couple L, Pontiac Fiero GT, 144 pgs, nm-, $3.50   SOLD Dec '09

ROAD & TRACK1988 SEPT. Road tests; Nissan 240SX, Isuzu I-Mark RS Turbo, Mazda 323 GTX, Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo, VW GTI 16V.  Features:  Jaguar XJ-S Convertible, VW Corrado G-60, 1989 Ford Thunderbird & Mercury Cougar, 1946-1953 Novi Special. Competition; Peter Egan with Innes Ireland at Monaco GP, Indy 1988 by Ted West. 164 pgs, nm-. $3.50
ROAD & TRACK1988 OCT. Road Tests; 1970 Lamborghini Miura S, Mazda MPV, Ford Taurus SHO. Cover Story - Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition - driving impression in Europe by Paul Frere. summary of R&T road tests '85-'88.  25 year history of Lamborghini including the 11 seat FWD LMA (early super fast Humvee). Used Car Classic - Fiat X1/9 1974-1982. Salon - 1950 Von Neumann MG Special. Driving Impressions in England - A New Morgan?. Preview; BMW 850. Short Look at 1989 GM performance cars. Rob Walker on the Mexican and Canadian Grands Prix. Bill Elliott drives five Ford NASCAR stockers a'34 Flathead, '56 Sunliner, '65 Galaxie, '73 Torino and '87 T Bird.  192 pgs, nm-, $4.50

ROAD & TRACK1989 JAN. Road Tests: Jaguar XJ-S V-12 Convertible, Pontiac Turbo Trans Am, BMW 535i, summary page of all road tests from 1985 thru 1988.  Features; Aston Martin Virage, Nissan's Infiniti, 1988 Paris Auto Show. Driving Impressions; VW Fox GL Sport. Salon;  1949 Maserati A6GCS.  Grand Prix;  Italy and Portugal. 154 pgs, nm, $4.50

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