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THE REFLECTOR, Official Publication Antique & Classic Car Club of Canada
1988 JULY-AUG. Vol. 32 No. 4. 30 pgs, '28 Auburn on cvr, '34 Packard 1104 Super 8 Sport Coupe, "Body Building - The Budd Company Way" by Rick Howell, "Chemical Valley Region 4th Annual Lambton Mall Show" by Phyllis Pembleton. Region news & photos of meets, Upper Canada, Blue Water Region, Rideau Lakes Region, plus regular features. vg+, $6

ROAD TESTS, Complete 1956 by editors of Rodding and Restyling
Buick Roadmaster, Cadillac 60 Special, Chevy V-8, Chrysler New Yorker, Hudson Hornet Six, De Soto Fireflite, Dodge Custom Royal V-8, Ford V-8, Lincoln Premiere, Mercury Montclair, Olds 98, Rambler Custom, Plymouth Savoy, Pontiac Star Chief, Studebaker Champion, Shape of Cars to Come, 66 pgs, vg pgs yellowed, $8

ROAD & TRACK 1952-1991 various issues

ROADSTER SHOW, 1973, February 16-25, Grand National, Oakland Coliseum Souvenir Program, 23 pgs, lists winners in every category, vg, $3.


All are 5 1/4" x 8"

ROD BUILDER & CUSTOMIZER 1957 MAR, Eugene A. Lukawiecki wins $16k on Hal March's $64 question. MAC (modified auto club) of Grand Rapids MI build a Merc engined rail job. the 10 basic customizing setps. '57 Fords versus Chevies in draggin'. Putting  duals on a '56 Ford V8. How Hot are the '57  engines? Marvin O. Keisler Columbia S. C.  builds a  pickup  from a rolled  '54 Star Chief Pontiac. Flathead vs OHV. '37 Terraplane restoration and 'rodding' by Al Franceschetti of Woodside L.I., NY. Gear Grinders, North Kansas City MO built 'Pogo', a '31 Model A coupe with a '55 Chevy V8 courtesy of Allen Chevrolet's shop. 66 pgs, cover is vg, rest is vg+,  $6.00

ROD BUILDER & CUSTOMIZER 1957 APR, Jim Laughead has Vince Kane's Body Shop in Chicago do a simple custon on his '51 Chevy hardtop. James Dean outlaw rodder? Would his driving habits have barred him from safety minded rod clubs? by Bill Walsh. lowdown on carburetors by Jerry Titus, Rodder's Dictionary. Recovering your door panels. Installing 'Moon Disc' wheel covers. folding fabric sun roofs by G.O. Goller Co, Grosse Pointe MI. Emery Chonody's '56 Chevy hard-top by O'Chap Body Shop South Bend IN. Rollyn Blankenbeker's '51 Chevy Sedan Delivery does 90.09 mph at World Series of Drag Racing.  Howard Stamp's showpiece dragster frame used  Navy PBY wing struts.  President Eisenhower's '56 Cadillac 7 passenger parade limousine. 66 pgs, some folds in front cvr, otherwise vg overall,  $5.50

ROD BUILDER & CUSTOMIZER 1957 JUNE, Natalie Wood and Nick Adams build a stripped studie with a fibreglas body. Stock Detroit performance threatens rodding? Milton E. Lamb's show stoppin' 32 Chevy coach. Comparison of Doc Cowley's custom '51 XK120 Jag of Baltimore and Bill Scott's fibreglas kit car based special of Newton Sqare PA. Should you use nitro?  Larry Vita Smithtown NY builds a 'flying saucer' appearing road car out of VW, Ford and Crosley parts. 50's era jet powered racers. Red Ram Deuce of Phil Mendola, Gents Auto Club Rochester NY '54 Dodge Ram powered. Customizing the '53-'54 Dodge. Lions Associated Drag Strip Long Beach CA managed by Mickey Thompson. products for the speed shopper. 80 pgs, vg+ , $6.00 SOLD DEC. 2013

DOC Cowley's Custom '51 Jag as it looks now in the UK. Owner seeks information prior to 1988. Possibly on US west coast since it was shipped from San Francisco to the UK. Info appreciated. I'll send it along to the current owner who sent me the photo.  
ROD BUILDER & CUSTOMIZER 1957 JULY, Eddie Eaton half owner of Forean Kustom Huntington L.I. NY tells first person how one builds a $500 rod from scratch.  Hop Up with a Blower by Jerry Titus. Space Ship looking custom of Frank Maratta Hartford CT from a '40 Mercury. Know Your Nitro by Carl Ericson - safe and sane rules. lowdown on cooling by Jerry Titus.  Install a rear seat speaker for $8. Top East Coast Customs at Hartford CT Autorama. Customizing the '50-'54 Buick. How to choose the tools you need by Jerry Titus.  Best of the '57 grille swaps.  Daytona Speed Week with Curtis Turner, Joe Weatherly, Banjo Matthews, Wally Parks, Art Chrisman, Buck Baker, Lee Petty, etc.  82 pgs,  vg,  $5.50

ROD BUILDER & CUSTOMIZER 1957 AUG,   low cost 'bolt on' hop ups for forties Ford V8's, Ford & Chevy sixes, Studebakers, etc. Clair Mullen, Campbell CA's '30 Chevy roadster with hot GMC 6 mill, How to Put a V8 into Your Plymouth, Restyling the '53-'54 Chevy & Pontiac, boosting compression with a thin head gasket , Don Granger's thrice customized '49 Ford Convertible of Baltimore MD. Do's and Don'ts of Engine Swapping by Jerry Titus. Spotlight on Tail Lights. 82 pgs, 2 copies, both vg-, $4.00 each


All '50's issues are 5 1/4 x 8"

'54 through'58 have 66 pgs.

history of Rod and Custom

ROD & CUSTOM 1955, June; Understand the Dyno, chopped and channeled Ford deuce sedan. Long Ford ex convertible with Vicky top, radiusing rear wheel cutouts, upholstering your own car at home, various '32 Ford mods and uses, Seven Years with the Rocket 88, Building the Roadster for a $1 a lb Part II, The Pardue's Apache custom built 'race car' for show, Redwood City CA. Johnny Conner puts a V8 in an A coupe, a first in Corning Arkansas. Ray Van Elta builds an A based open tourer from 4-5 cars. Stuart Randall Springfield MA builds a 32 rod. 5/8 scale '32 with no Ford parts built by David Wood Jr. Cincinnati OH, vg+ $8.00

ROD & CUSTOM 1956, Jan. Building A Dual Purpose Sedan Part I by Henning & Rich called a 'Mercedeuce',  More Fire for the pre '54 DeSoto Firedome V8,  chopped '49 Plymouth 4-door by Leroy French of San Francisco. Improving performance by reducing drag by Roger Huntington,  various engine swaps described with photos at John Geraghty shop Eagle Rock CA. First NHRA Annual National Championship Drags, Great Bend KS, Malcom Whitt  Visalia CA and friends build Model A shortened pickup to pull a 2500lb (empty) trailer to Bonneville.  38 Ford Tudor custom by Gary Dubach Yuma AZ with modified '50 Olds engine, Valley Custom does a '53 Stude hardtop,  northern Michigan dune buggy riders, Donald Campbell speed run on Lake Mead.  vg-, $6.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1956, Apr.  JERD Roto-Faze dual coil ignition by Kong Jackson installed in a '56 T-bird, Merritt A. Zimmerman's  15 cubic inch rotary valve engine with hydraulic valves. 1893 NY Central locomotive #999 does a 112.5 measure mile,  Ray Duckworth Coalinga CA cuts his  '49 Ford club coupe almost to '56 T-bird size (18 photos), sketches and description of Henning & Rich customed VW Beetle with pics and text on Karosserie Rometsch special bodied VW convertible and coupe, i.e Porsche-like,  No-tenna auto radio, lowered custom '40 LaSalle coupe of Fred Pape San Rafael CA., Chuck Lamb's draggin' heavily vustom Mercury 'sled',  15 photos Part II of story George Barris does a '32 street rod for Jean Fowler and Billie Hayes of Ft. Worth TX., An Introduction to the Gas Turbine by John Geraghty. vg $7.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1956 June;  Clues for increasing performance of the 265 c.i. Chevy V8, California Hot Rod Showcase;  classic street rod of Dave Patton Pasadena , competition roadster of Waters and Murray, a lowered closed coupe V8 powered, sports car styled 36 Ford 3-window with a Ferrari like lowered front end, chopped top fenders and lights #310 on door, two lakesters one with a Ford in rear Chevy 6 in front, the other an ex belly tank Reed Bros by 'Lord's Speed Shop', Winfield's shop on open and closed wheels with 24 photos,  Roger Huntington calculates  future speeds in drag racing,  Part 1 'Give Your Brakes a Break', wheel cylinder and brake shoe assemblies,  building a dragster by Henning and Ritch,  Part 4 of Restyling with Resin - How to Make and Install Air Scoops,  Rods and Customs at Daytona, vg+, $8.50

after 1957 Feb all issues had improved printing paper and clearer photos.

ROD & CUSTOM 1957 July; 'Artic Sand', prize winning '48 coupe custom of Ken Peterson Lake Orion MI by Clarkaiser auto body, Model A Yesterday Today and Tomorrow. "Red" Grow Burbank CA - perfect '30 Model A coupe restoration. Putting the 59A V-8 Ford  into a Model A.  Gary Chafe's '31 Model A Tudor phaeton. Bill Hall's '29 Model A station wagon. 1941 built Special wooden side convertible A for Henry Ford II"s estate use. Details to distinguish A's of '28-'29, '30 and '31. Al and Leroy Stanton build a record making 'A' roadster.  '28 Phaeton of the Stocktons of Urbana Ohio. G.H. 'Tiny' Snell's Model A shop in Burbank CA.  Customizing bumpers. '36 Ford 4-door sedan custom by Johnny North, Rockville CT, vg+, $8.00

ROD & CUSTOM 1957 Sept., Bob Hurst Ogden UT's '52 Ford Vickie custom with Buick, Packard etc parts.  Model T;  Ed Cardoza's '27 T roadster pickup. T coupe with '41 GMC engine & '48 Buick dash of the Lambs of San Jose CA.  e.t. of 11.21 seconds by  '27 T roadster with'55 DeSoto engine of Milt Alley Madera CA.  Miller & Lewis Goleta CA build a T truck from pieces. Santa Barbara Valley Vipers member Bruce Eggleton's '41 Mercury engined T coupe. Freeman Reed Alameda CA rebuilds a '15 T from junk. Howard Caccia San Luis Obispo CA restores a Model T Speedster. Nick and Jim De Frange build a T six engine out of two T engines. vg, $7.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1957, Dec.  12 pg Custom '40's Section. Complete channeling plans. Bonneville National Speed Trials. Norm Logue's customizes a '46 Lincoln coupe. NHRA 3rd annual drag championship Oklahoma City Labor Day.  Italmechania blown Studebaker V8 of Don Ellis Portland Oregon. vg+, $7.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1958 Mar. Speed Tips for the '58 engines Chevy, Edsel, Plymouth, Mercury and Ford.  Five inc sectioned '51 Ford show winner custom of Ron Courtney McMinnville Oregon with Chevie V-8 and Corvette Power Glide. Some sketch ideas  for custom '51 Fords. '32 super sano Ford Coupe of George and Dick Collins Whittier CA. Twin engine Go-Kart Part II. Rail racing electric drag strip.  Ferrari like nose crafted on R&C's testbed T-bird. Fire destroys Barris Kustom Lynwood shop.  vg+, $7.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1958 June. Speed Tuning by Roger Huntington SAE. Taillight Tips-simple swaps, bolt ons, accessories, shaping your own plastic lenses.  Building a Rail Racing Chassis Rods & Customs in Miniature Part III. Missouri custom '55 Ford of Frank Gianformaggio shows typical midwest custom. vg+. $7.50, SOLD 3/13

ROD & CUSTOM 1958 Dec. Dick Flint's Valley Custom built '29 A street roadster with an Indy type nose.  20 records set at Bonneville. OKC drags. Jack Simon Dallas displays three sedans cut to make pickups. Eastern States Roundup; '53 Olds 98 lowered etc. convertible of  Jesse A. Giobe Wilmington Delaware. Choosing the Right Car by Roger Huntington. Last of two parts - door paneling. The Basics of Customizing Part II. Model car rail drag racing - last of two parts by W. H. Sippel. Directory of issues '55-'58.  vg $6.00

Starting with '59 all issues have 82 pgs.

ROD & CUSTOM 1959 Feb.  241 lb dragster of Pat Frantzen Grant's Pass Oregon does 102 mph with a highly modified 40 incher '51 Triumph rear engined. 16 pg pictorial on Restyling the pre '49 models; '41 Buick convertible, '46 Chevie Fleetline, '40 Chevie coupe, '46 Ford convertible, '47 Studebaker, '42 Ford, '46 Dodge, '41 Ford coupe, '47 Chevie, '47 Ford, '48 Studebaker, '46 Ford 4-door, '47 Cadillac, '41 Ford Coupe w 6-7" chop, '48 Ford convertible.    Custom Ideas for 100's of taillights. Conversion to floor shift detailed pictorial. Don Hudson of Don's Trim Shop Norwalk CA builds a fast T coupe. rods & customs in miniature. '57 T-bird headlight custom. Gearing for Go by Roger Huntington, ASAE. 82 pgs, vg+, $7.00

ROD & CUSTOM 1959 Apr.Midwest's Top Rod & Custom award winners; Bob Holcomb's '32 Ford, Bob Beaudoin '50 Chevie. San Rafael CA's Larry Azevedo had a very stock looking '29 A Roadster with a serious Chevy V-8. Simple low buck restyling changes. Unique quad headlight custom '52 Chevie coupe of Joey Engle Santa Clara CA.  Flathead deuce roadster of Don Brown Culver City CA. Basic theory of electroplating by Simmons and Millar. Progressive Go-Karts.  Chassis Hop Up by Roger Huntington ASAE.  The Basics of Customizing Part IV photos by George Barris. 82 pgs, vg+, $7.00

ROD & CUSTOM 1959 May; Custom Tail treatments. Low cost Karting-do it yourself. Suspension Secrets-Theory and Practice Part II shock absorbers and brakes by Roger Huntington ASAE.  The Unusual in Upholstery. 1/2 ton '40 Ford pickup chopped channeled and shortened of Carlstadt NJ.  How to Install the Halibrand magnesium wheel kits with knock-off hubs by Roger Huntington.  Leroy Hunter's '53 Olds custom 2 door Seattle WA. Iowa's Pink Lady Olds powered dragster of Don Sillerud. Basics of Customizing Part V w photos by George Barris. 82 pgs, nm- $7.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1959 June; How to Work in Aluminum. Lloyd Osmundsen's '51 Ford custom. Part I on Supercharging- How and How Much by Roger Huntington.  Richard 'Doc' Irwin's drags and Bonneville racer.  7 pages on cleaning and dressing up under the hood. Making an aluminum hood for R&C's T-bird.  NHRA Tennessee State Championship at Halls.  Basics of Customizing Part VI - necessary prep for lead.  2 copies, 82 pgs, vg+, $6.50 each

ROD & CUSTOM 1959 July, Buyer's Guide for Parts & Karts. Bonneville's Best; 12 pgs pics of racers 4 of concept racer sketches.  Toby Halicki Custom Shop Gardena CA builds a unique '56 Buick Century. Supercharging -How and How Much Part II by Roger Huntington.  Basics of Customizing Part VII leading. 82 pgs, vg+, $6.00

the following are regular magazine size

ROD & CUSTOM 1966, Jan, 8.5 x 11", Why Funny Cars by Leroi 'Tex' Smith, Karting-here come the FKE's, Ardun Merc lives again, transverse to elliptic-how to, 100 mile dirt champ car race Andretti et al, LA Times GP Sportscars, What makes it go by Don Garlits, Russkit's Lola 70, Handy Dandy rewinding gizz, Ready to Run slotcars, Gene Husting slot drag chassis custom, Scale Model Drag Racing by Gene Husting, Undercarriage detailing, Model Differential by Tom Malone,  84 pgs, full size,  vg+, $8.50

ROD & CUSTOM 1973, Feb, Gatlinburg '72 400 cars rod run, North East Rod Run, Catskills NY, '32 highboy project (6 pgs photo details), Counts of the Cobblestone Rapid City SD,  Boston Area Roadsters at Holden's Pond Milton MA, Tin Bending First in a Series, Hershey Fall Meet,  75 pgs, 8.5 x 11", vg+ upper right corner some pages were folded in, back cover is vg, $6.50


RODDING AND RESTYLING 1956 MAY; Bob Hoheb College Point NY builds his rod to his design from 10-20 seamless steel tubing & a stock Studebaker V-8. Engine balancing with illustrations at Darrell Timmerman's shop,'Tim's Precision Engines' in Pasadena CA.  Good driving, what to do in emergencies, inspect your vehicle, etc by Warren Field. Anthony Spin of Houston PA gets low cost custom job on his '50 Olds with DeSoto trim by Joseph Haba and John Sanders of Burgettstown PA. Installing the Olds Rocket in the '40 to '48 Chevrolets. Building a modified Hudson Super Six to 220 hp. Disk Brakes for Any Car by Lewis Pitman showing the Ausco Disc Brake. How Good is Fuel Injection? by Lester Feldman. 81 pgs, cvr shows wear, binding is tight, vg, $6.00

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1956 AUG; Undercoat Your Car by Lewis Pitman. '53 customized Buick convertible of Frank Maratta of New England Auto Body Shop Hartford CT. 6 pg illustrated story on finding electric system shorts. 6 pg illustrated article on bearings. 7 pgs detail on chopping 3 inches from an A coupe top. George S. Clark  and  son Milford CT build spaceframe Special displayed at 6th Annual Motorama, Hartford CT. Jerry Walters builds a low cost channeled rod from a '40 Ford coupe. '32 Ford Roadster rod of Dave Kernaghan Ontario Canada channeled 9", chopped 1.5", 3" dropped front axle with Ford and Merc running gear.  Use of vacuum gauge in tuneups.  '50 Ford Crestline of Howie Lucas Northport NY president of Northport Roadrunners. 81 pgs, vg+, $8.00

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1956 SEPT; Two customized '53 Studebaker coupes. Installing double and triple carburetor setups. Bob Drake & Gourly Garnes from a '38 Plymouth frame build a 'purpose built' dragster no frills.  More About Fuel Injection by Lester Feldman. Sid McDonald Portland Oregon has a '51 Chrysler Imperial made into a pickup by Chick LaLonde's Auto Rebuilding. Safety Pad Your Dash for $10. Boost Power with Tubular Pushrods by Lewis Pitman. (begins center section slick pgs). Gary Dupree Huntington Long Island NY  super neat highly customed rod. How to make new fenders for old rods by L.I. Hunt. De-chroming your car. (end of center section). How About an Automotive Career? 81 pgs, vg+, $7.50

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1956 OCT; cover car; Don Antonelli Hillside NJ has his '54 Mercury Monterey hardtop 'Lincolnized' by Les Cove's shop. Illustrations with text of V8 engine adapters or rodding. Unusual custom; George & Betty Goodhead's '51-'52 Henry J's made into a Little Red Wagon at Tom's Body Shop in Tulsa. How to make your own Continental Spare. How to Bull Nose your custom.  Inexpensive souping up gadgets. Putting a McCulloch supercharger on the T-bird. Flex-A-Wall white sidewalls.  The smooth fiberglas customizing of Ron Whitehead's '40 Ford Coupe Oakland CA.  The hot '53 Olds of Art Paul Minneapolis MN. Art & Walt Arfons in their early days. 65 pgs, vg, $6.50

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1956 DECcover car; Ed Eaton's '27 T bucket Ford roadster pickup always being updated in Ed's shop Forean Kustom Northport Long Island. Details of Forean Kustom's installation of a Cadillac engine in their '53 Ford Pickup. You Can Do Your Own Welding by Al Weiss. Rodorama of Long Island Hot Rod Association and Long Island Timing Association Levittown NY. Overhaul Your Carburetor for Under $2. Rodding Road Map (new feature) with notes on NHRA drags Woodbine NJ, Martin Mercen's custom '51 Ford convertible Milwaukee WI, Mike Gerston of Gents Roadster Association winning a Top Eliminator trophy.  Crosley bodied Slingshot Special dragster of Charles Booth Oakland CA. The Souper's Market, interesting and useful speed equipment, customizing gimmicks and tools and accessories. 66 pgs, vg, $6.50
RODDING AND RESTYLING 1957 MAR.  Julian Mazzuca, East Rutherford  designed his show winning customized '56 Merc hardtop which he put when new into the shops of Monego's Auto Body, Clifton and Roedel's Auto Body of Carlstadt, all in  NJ.
What You Should Know about Engine Balancing by Harvey B. Jones.  World's Best Muffler's are Home Made by Joseph Rebholz. Push button trunk lid step by step instructions.  Super Silicones and your car by Warren Field.  Regulate your Fuel Pressure.
'37 Terraplane 4-door sedan restoration and 'souping up'  by Al Franceschetti of Woodside L.I., NY. Gear Grinders. '23 T-bone of Bob Vivian, Motorcity Modified Auto Club. Dual purpose exhaust system with straight pipes. Art, Walter and Dale Arfons and their 'Green Monsters'. 66 pgs, vg+, $7.00

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1957 MAY. how to make a dual exhaust setup for your inline.  Sharrigans of No-Mads, Alston MA  with pics of several dragsters and 'how to build a drag coupe'.  Install a Magneto in 30 minutes by Jerry Della Torre. Cover cars: Louvered Lowered and Loved '56 Ford Victoria and 'Yowler in Yellow' a T bucket of Andy Southard, Oceanside L.I. formerly of Salinas CA. How machinery makes hood louvers. Car 444, T bucket dragster of Fred C. Williams, Vallejo CA. To Chrome or Not by Donald S. Bruce. Bill Sadler (builder of racing specials) of St. Catherines Ontario puts a Ford 60 V8 into a 51 Hillman Convertible with many mods for daily driving and racing. Dictionary of terms used by hotrodders by Sam Joosten. 66 pgs, vg-, $6.00

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1957 JUNE. How to install lowering blocks. Ralph Berardi's neat '55 Ford Customline custom in Dayton OH.  "Multi-Power" kits to build your own double or triple carb setups for 6 or 8 cylinders. Lancaster PA Cam Jammers get 5000 at their show. Officers were; William Holz, Harold Metzger, Ross Tout, Norman Bitterman, Donald Fissel & Michael Bloomberg. Precision milling machine explained with pics & a Milling Chart showing  how much metal you can remove to get maximum compression for nearly all domestic makes 1939-1955. Cover car; '49 Plymouth 2 door by Herbert Gary of Gary's Auto Body, Sea Cliff NJ.  Installing a McCulloch blower on the OHV Ford.  Plain and simple facts with illustrations of understeer, oversteer, four wheel drift, etc by Ralph P. Morgan. 66 pgs, vg, $5.50

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1957 JULY, 8 pgs of various methods of 'raking' your rod by Gene Miller. Installing Ford's inexpensive hydraulic clutch setup. '26 T coupe and sedan  looking stock but are far from it, owned by Buzz Sylva and Frank Santos, Jousters Car Club, San Jose CA.  The 'Saf-O-Matic' single pedal enables you to accelerate with your heel and brake with your toe.  Fast '30 Ford roadster of Stuart Randall, West Springfield MA.  How to on pinstriping. Kissimee FL Southern Speed Conference drags with Don Garlits, Allen Smith of Orlando, George Breen, Joe Jocono of  Chester PA, etc.
Cover Car; '33 Ford coupe of Chuck Sanford, Scarsdale NY, full race full house, looks and luxury.  Teen Age Road-E-O, precision driving nationwide competition via Jr. Chambers of Commerce. Continuing the Magneto Story by Ian Malcolm. 66 pgs, vg, $5.50

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1957 AUG,  Black widow '23 T bucket super neat rod of Bill Scott, Winton CA member of Arab Auto Club of Merced.  Liquid Cooled Brakes by Sam Joosten. Beautiful '51 Ford hardtop coupe of Bob Liebhart, Windsor PA inexpensive custom using T.A.P. glass cloth.  How to Install Front-Lowering Blocks by Chris Johson. Preparing your own car for paint by Dale Morton. Photo Feature; Building a '40 Ford Stormer by Kenneth Scott. '32 American Austin custom of Frank A. Volta, San Rafael CA. Cover Car; chopped '32 Ford woodie of John A Good, Exeter PA.  The Hi-Tork differential and how to install one by Sam Joosten. 50 Questions & Answers about Hot Fuel (alky & nitro) by Chris Johnson. 66 pgs, vg-, $5.00

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1957 OCT. Sanford Maine drags on an airstrip with pics of rods of Gene Lade, Holbrook MA, Ray Potter, Dave Jackson, Maynard MA, Don Christensen, Newton MA, Rick Biggs '40 Ford Coupe, the Nelsons of Portland ME.  Trends in Tail-Lights by Chris Johnson, Pontiac's the most popular. Cutting to change tail lights. 7 Pgs of pics of rods of Bob Zupke, Herb Farmer, Stuart Randall, Russ Meachem, Ron Lussier, Pete Guerra, George McGee, Fred Steele, Jerry Lanie, James Kenney and Don White at Hubbardston MA Auto Show sponsored by the Hubbardston Camsters. Downshifters of Westport CT. Cover Car 1; Jim La Fond Pleasant Hills CA '50 Ford convertible. Cover Car2; green '40 Ford coupe of George Stavrou, Maspeth L.I.  How to on installing V8 'kit' duals.  Kits to add switches to lock in overdrive creating a 'two speed' rear end effect. 66 pgs, vg, $6.00                              SOLD Nov. "09

RODDING AND RESTYLING 1958 MAY. Installing pre-cut headliners. Chester SC First International Drag Meet w Sero Postoian fastest man of the event which included Don Garlets & the Arfons brothers. Epoxy body repairs by Fred Mack. Transistorized rev counters.  11 day British Columbia Hot Rod Association show, Vancouver B.C. draws nearly 300,000 people. Cover Car; Walt Schrader's '52 Ford Vic with T-bird engine. Ram-Cote upholstery repair. 'Hoosier Hot Shot' of Ray Dembowski, Munster IN, 66 pgs, got slightly wet at one point, vg-, $4.50

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