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Edition of September 2008


November 8, 1970, Sunday, program for fund raiser games, Culver City rink,
inside front cover "The proceeds from this affair will to toward defraying the cost of sending the Bantams and Midgets picked from the Northern and Southern Hockey teams of (southern) California. These boys will be surveyed by scouts and coaches from eastern prep schools and colleges. Scholarships will be awarded to those boys illustrating exceptional abilities."

Schedule: National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance.
Introduction: Operation East Coordinator, Art Guiney.
Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Stu Nahan
Drawings for Door Prizes, Mr. Jiggs McDonald

8 pm Northern vs Southern Squirts
9:30 pm Northern vs Southern Bantams
10:45 pm  Northern vs Southern Midgets

Northern Squirts                                                                     Southern Squirts
Jamie Better, Topanga                                                          Bruce Barros, Southeastern
Steve Better, Topanga                                                           Marc Fournier, Van Nuys
Greg Fontaine, Coast Cities                                                 Jason Irvine, Bay Harbor
Steve Gate, Topanga                                                             Steve Justine, Pasadena
Wendy Hinesan, Santa Monica                                             Mark Kessinger, N. Hollywood
Mike Inster, Coast Cities                                                        Jim Luis, Pasadena
Stan Medlinsky, West Valley                                                  Randy Minoletti, Bay Harbor
Dwight Popson, West Valley                                                  David Moorhead, Southeastern
Danny Sockwell, Coast Cities                                                Frank Roach, Southeastern
Mike Squair, Coast Cities                                                       Kevin Sloan, Southeastern
Lance Stodmilller, West Valley                                               Terry Smith, Pasadena
Paul Sweeney, Coast Cities                                                    Coach, Dave Barros
David Weilzman, West Valley
Coach, Bill Squair
                                                        Squirts Coordinator, Cliff Better
Northern Bantams
R. Cadek, S. Gianni (G), J. Heron, I. Hughes, B. McGilroy,  Burbank Club
G. Bessette (G), L. Brook, D. Craig, J. Filiatroult, A. Cragi, J. White, West Covina Club
F. Fulgenzi, L. Galvin, S. Kovac, G. Lawes (G), J. Trombley, J. Van Siclen, K. Winther, L.A.Club
Coaches: Ken Watson, Phil Gianni, Jim Craig.

Southern Bantams
T. Coon, K. Gibson, S. Hamilton, J. Rosen (G), B. Waldenberg, West Valley Club
J. Bjelejac, K. Bjelejac, R; Carmichael, D. Sizemore, S. Wellman, Culver City Club
C. Bryant, B. Hildebrand, J. Salloway (G), M. Small, T. Smith, Pasadena Club
K. Berry, R. Knippelberg, B. Simpson, Southeastern Club
Coaches; Russ Trombley, Pat Lawry, B. Davidson

Bantams Coordinator: Fred Fulgenzi

Northern Midgets
Pasadena: Brent Bauer, Vince Cain, Doug D'Ewart, Mike Gaspar, Bob Gregg, Frank Greinke, Jim Nitz, Kerry Smith, Rick Stensrud (G)
Topanga: Randy Christophe, Bill Mabe, Chuck Nine, Scott Pierce, Allen Shaw.
North Hollywood: Dan Bird, Cameron Dunner, Jeff Gardiner, Tom Ross
Coaches: Joe McGovern Pasadena
Bill Eaton, Topanga

Southern Midgets
Southeastern: Ralph Corliss, Hy Faulkner (G), Mike Munce, Like Trombley, Brad Wiley, Eric Woods.
Coast Cities; David Bjelejac, Greg Harrington, Terry Wyrenbeck.
L.A. Club; Mike Anderson, Bay Harbor, John Ford (G) Bay Harbor, Dave Hiltz West Valley,Ted Lewellyn Coast Cities, Mike Munden Topanga, Jim Puckey Van Nuys, Terry Seeman Topanga, Dennis Sloan Southeastern
Coaches: Red Carson, Southeastern, Chris Camp,  Coast Cities

Midgets Coordinator: Bill Van Siclen
We wish to thank the following for their generous donations for the concession and drawings;
Bill McMahon, Bill Puckey, Bill Sugarman, Golden Bear Athletic Supply, Hostess Inc., Ice Capades Chalet, Jet-age Travel Svc, Jo Seeman, JoAnn Castle, Luer Meat Packing, M&S Import Co. National Drinks, Oak Mfg Co. Pacific Palisades Athletic Equipment, Santa Monica Ice Rink, 7-Up Bottling Co. W.A. Goodman & Sons

Operation East extends its thanks to the following for their time and encouragment that helped make this event a success;
Heidi Better, Sandra Better, Fred and Peggy Fulgenzi, Sherri Fulgenzi, Phil and JoAnn Giani, Gordon and Audrey Lawes, Eleanor Seeman, Shelly Seeman,  Orval and Laura Sloan, Bill Squair, Betsy Trombley, Lorrain Weitzman.
An extra SPECIAL THANK YOU to Mr. Aubrey Heloffs, Manager of the Culver Ice Rink.
  • November 18, 1970 Fund raising letter from Sandra and Cliff Better and Eleanor Seeman with a cocktail party and raffle proposed for December 3rd, '70.

  • Operation East #4 (1971) Summary Schedule, one sheet, Dec 15th-Dec. 23, practice with scrimmage at Hotchkiss, Springfield MA; Bantams vs 16 Acres, Midgets vs Commerce H.S., at Deerfield Academy (MA)vs Amherst teams, at U of Mass rink, Bantams vs Van Horn, Midgets vs Springfield Classical H.S. JV's. At Nashoba Valley rink; Bantams vs local Bantams, Midgets vs Arlington H.S. JV's. Exeter N.H. rink; Bantams versus local Bantams, Midgets vs Exeter H.S. JV's. At Arlington MA; Bantams vs local Bantams, Midgets vs Arlington JV's. At Brown University, Bantams vs Providence Bantams, Midgets vs Cranston East JV's.

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