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MOTOR TREND '50's and '60's

  For 1970 to 1999 Issues

with details no longer seen in common magazines

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MOTOR TREND 1952 JUNE, Road Tests, '52 Lincoln, 'Indy Goes International' by Clay Smith, 50th Anniversary Tribute to the AAA. '52 Kaiser Manhattan 3800 mile shakedown, Daimler's $35k 'Goldstar', hopping up the Ford V8 flathead, cvr loose, no back cvr, 58 pgs, vg-, $4.

MOTOR TREND 1954 NOV, Review of '54's cars; Newest concept in Motoring, Nash-Metro, best handling, most roadable Ford, most esthetically styled-Studebaker Starliner, best looking four door -Buick Century, most economical full sized-Stude Champion, most economical irregardless of size-Nash Metropolitan, hottest performer-Cadillac 62, winterizing factors in depth, Japan's latest cars, a gymkhana, road test and analysis of the Isetta, Dodge Firearrow, 175 HP Stude President, cvr loose, no back cover, last few pgs may be missing. last page is numbered 74. vg-, $4
MOTOR TREND 1955 JAN, Full Details: '55 Mercury, Buick, Rambler, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Willys and Kaiser. Research road test; '55 Chevy V8. '55 Canadian cars. Thanon Special. 'With the Lincolns in Mexico' Bill Stroppe's factory team.  Repairing tubeless tires. International Motor Review. The Kurtis sportscar. The Mighty Mite. Farina Cadillac. 74 pgs, vg but fragile, $6.

MOTOR TREND 1955 FEB, Full details: '55's, Packard (cover story), Willys, Kaiser, Mercury Montclair, Buick four-door hardtop. MT Research road test; '55's Plymouth V8, Ford V8. Learn from the (ICX) Truckers. map of toll roads,  Spotlight on Detroit; Hudson Hornet, Wasp, Nash Ambassador, Statesman. '55 Jaguar. 74 pages intact, vg-, $5

1955 MAR, Buyer's Guide to the '55 Cars-table by research staff rating by price, style, fuel economy, soft ride, performance, trade-in, roadability, handling ease and unusual features plus an narratives on engines, chassis, bodies and 'claims to fame', etc pgs 16-37. 3 pg report on purchase of Hudson by Nash-Kelvinator. Road Test Research Report; '55's Pontiac V8, Dodge V8. Driving Around with Walt Woron; Ford Anglia, '55 Torsion bar Packard. Short review of Hillman Husky. cvr detached frayed around edges, pages fragile, back cvr loose, 74 pgs, g+,$4.

MOTOR TREND 1955 OCT, Drivescription-'56 Lincoln. Modernize your engine, Nash, Olds, Buick, Chrysler, Ford, Lincoln, Rambler, Cadillac, Studebaker, Dodge, Plymouth, Mercury, Chevrolet, De Soto and Nash Statesman details on engine changes/improvements without going the 'speedshop' route, mainly fitting later heads, carbs, etc. Detroit's interest turning to crash safety. Previews; VW Karmann Ghia. Walt Woron reports on Arnolt-Bristol, Hillman Husky. Fixing little things on a used car.
front cvr detached and torn, 74 pgs, vg-, $5.

1956 OCT, Features of Detroit's 1957 models. Report on a Latham axial-drive supercharger on a 312 c.i. Ford.  Driving the New Imports: Hillman (having owned five of this mark I can say this is an accurate report), Bristol 405, TR-3, VW bus with Kamper kit, Borgward Combi. Road Test; Citroen DS19. Drivescription; '25 Lincoln. Walt Woron drives 1300cc Alfa Romeo Giuletta. Le Mans-24 long hours. front cvr detached, small coupon cutout of Pg 7 ad, 74 pgs, vg-, $5.

MOTOR TREND 1956 NOV, anecdotes of GM's Ed Cole's bio.  Research Reports on the '57's; Ford, Lincoln, Plymouth,  Brief reports on new BMW & Opel. One off Packard body by Keller Eichelbaum Co Germany.  Walt Woron drives around Type 46, 55 and 57-C Bugattis. Installing power brakes. Motor Sports feature includes photos of Paramount Ranch, Agoura CA road races. Stockers dominate at Elkart Lake's Road America. T/Sgt Boyd Tests his Ford Popular. 74 pgs, vg, $6.
1957 MAR, Road Tests; Mercury, 2 Pontiac Super Chief Catalina Coupes. Drivescriptions; Turnpike Cruiser, Packard Clipper, Chrysler 300-C, custom built Lincoln Continental, Morgan, Maserati 2000, Maserati Gran Tourismo. Bahamas Speed Weeks, 74 pgs, vg, $5.50

MOTOR TREND 1957 APR, Selecting a new car; car class comparisons economy performance prestige test MT research by Otto Zipper.  Detroit's hot rods Plymouth Fury FI Corvette, 300C, Tri-power, Stude Hawk etc.  Drivescription; Rambler Rebel. finances lease or buy. Article; Mercedes 300 SLR. Gilda V4 from Italy.  Driving around in Ford Ranchero and Coventry Climax powered Electron from England by Walt Woron.  The Doings at Daytona and Who Won. Roverdrive-automatic with overdrive. Jaguar XK-SS. 74 pgs, vg, $5.

1957 NOV, Chrysler's electronically controlled fuel injection system. Driving test and reports of the '58's Rambler, Studebaker and Packard Hawks, Jensen 541, MB 220-S. Pictures of 'new' in Europe; Porsche removable hardtop, Jag's 2.4 sedan, BMW 600, Vauxhall Cresta, Taunus M-17, Hillman sedan and convertible offering an automatic, NSU. OKC drags Labor Day weekend-best engineered award to Masters Dragliner, Plymouth's Golden Commando V8. Brit's at Bonneville with the BMC EX 179. Walt Woron drives and flies the Aerocar-sketches, diagrams & photos. The Opel by Gunther Molter.  The Buckle (Ford Zephyr based) in Australia. 74 pgs, vg, $6.

MOTOR TREND 1958 JULY, MT selects best used car buys and tells why and how to select one. 4 pgs pics of trends in custom.  Filming of crash scene in 'Thunder on the Road'. Gordon Wilkins test drives the bug eye sprite. Mel Asbury's three Mobilgas economy run wins. Stirling Moss in Argentine GP as told to Gordon Wilkins. Sunbeam Rapier, Porsche SS, Abarth-Fiat 750 tests by Bob Rolofson. Abarth engine conversions. Driving around Italy with Walt Woron. Motor Sports Pictorial with pics of Reventlow's Scarab, Balchowsky, Shelby and Gurney at Palm Springs, Jean Behra and Willy Mairesse's wrecks at Goodwood. 82 pgs, vg, $15.

1959 APR, MT Selects Pontiac-Car of the Year-1959. Corvette or Porsche detailed comparison. Getting More Go Part 1 by Len Griffing. 'Ole Blue' wins '58 National Championship drags at OKC, August 28, '58 by Ted Cyr as told to George Hill. 'new' VW concepts. Ferrari's '59 Family. Russian cars. customs. Doble Steamer. new products. Future cars-1980. Super shillelagh by Devin of Belfast Ireland. 90 pgs, vg. $5.

MOTOR TREND 1959 DEC, Walt Woron drives around Germany (with road scene photos). Under the hood, inside and underneath the Valiant in comparison with Corvair, Falcon, Lark and Rambler. Mickey Thompson's four engined lakester and others run Bonneville. 8 page road test '60 Dodge Dart. Kellison Gran Tourismo. Landrum's stock carb tweaking yields 11 mpg more. MilesMaster pressure regulator. Hollywood Deep Tone steel-pack muffler. Borgward Isabella TS w optional speed kit tested over 5000 miles with a two way average at Bonneville of 93.56mph. Driving the '38 Mercedes 540-K. Kellison GT ad.  90 pgs, vg, $6.

MOTOR TREND 1960 OCT, '61 Ford's new conveniences, operating economy, Falcon's new engine. Comet with more power. Plymouth's break into new styling.  Previewing the '61 Pontiac Tempest's independent rear suspension. New Dart styling. Dodge offers fewer styles and series for '61. The Ignition system and how it works (highly  detailed graphics). Lark gets new six. DKW 750 3 cylinder 2 stroke. 82 pgs, vg, $4.

MOTOR TREND 1963 APR, Road Test; Valiant Signet 200, 6 pgs Ford Galaxie 500 XL 390 c.i. convertible at Riverside Raceway, Chrysler 300-J, Buick Riviera. Motor Trend's Riverside 500 8 pgs mostly photos. Super Turbocharging the F-85 by Roger Huntington with performance summary with graph for the Jetfire. New "Sounds for Your Car Muntz, ham radio, Elvis limo setup, Autovox portable, etc." Jochim Kolbe's lean into curves developments into his aftermarket KS Curve-Bank system. European Report; Humber, DKW, F1 Porsche, Honda Sports 500. Daytona Trials-NASCAR managed tests of Detroit passenger cars for economy and safety. 1939 Duesenber Phaeton Model J full page sketch-full pg description and specs. 94 pgs, vg+, $20.

MOTOR TREND 1963 MAY, Studebaker R2 Super Lark R2 Super Hawk ad. Road Test; Corvette Sting Ray, Dodge 880, Pontiac Gran Prix, Chevy II Nova 400-SS. Ford sweeps first five Tiny Lund winning the Daytona 500. Chrysler Turboflite Experimental. Transverse T-Bird FWD concept for '65. Historical article-First Car Across the U.S.-Winton, 1903. Winter Nationals-Pomona featured stocks. European Report; Ferrari Superamerica, Lola V-8, Mini-Cooper with 2 piece fibreglas body=Deep Sanderson, Marcos GT, MB 230SL, Opel Rekord, Cortina-Lotus. Canadian Winter Rally-109 out of 154 starters finished, winners-1st Corvair, 2nd Hillman Super Minx, 3rd Saab, Simca 1000 & Volvo. 94 pgs, vg-, $10.

MOTOR TREND 1963 JUNE, Road Test; Studebaker GT Super Hawk,  Corvair Monza Spyder, Simca 1000, Oldsmobile Dynamic 88. Air conditioners. Indianapolis 1963 preparations Mickey Thompson, Gurney Lotus-Ford, A.J. Watson Kaiser Aluminum, Frank Kurtis John Chalik. MT Flight Test; Hughes 269-A Helicopter. Automotive Milestones-Elwood Haynes and the Apperson's first ride. Campers. Atlanta 500 after the deluge Lorenzen wins. Art Mix and his Stanley Steamer. Mobil Economy run winners. Sebring results Surtees/Scarfiotti Ferrari 3.0 the winner. The 1917 Mercury. 94 pgs, vg, $6.

1963 DEC, Road Test; '64 Studebaker Super Lark Commander with High Performance package includes R-2 Jet Thrust Supercharged 289 c.i. engine, '64 Dodge Dart, Buick Skylark, Triumph Spitfire and '64 Rambler American 440-H. Stephen E. Blewett accident investigator. Stockers at the 9th Annual National Drags at Indianapolis. 15th annual Bonneville speedweek. A new V-8 F-85. GM's New Torque Converter. Chadwick First Supercharged Car in America 1903-1916. 3 pg article on the Art Center School of Los Angeles. 94 pgs, vg+, $6.

MOTOR TREND 1964 JULY, detailed comparison of all U.S. station wagons with emphasis on the top 10 sellers; Chevy, Ford, Rambler, Falcon, Chevy II, Fairlane, Plymouth, Pontiac, Dodge 440, American 300. Sebring: Cobra vs Ferrari. The Spark Plug Part II.  Shell 4000 Trans-Canada Rally. Atlanta 500. 98 pgs, vg+, $6.50.

1964 DEC, Road Tests; '65 Chevy, Ford and Plymouth, Fiat 1100D wagon, Buick Riviera Gran Sport. Special Engine Section;  review of all 'domestic' engines. The Story of Gasoline Part II. Bonneville. Darlington. Glenn Pray's 8/10 '37 Cord. The Locomobile (4 pg article with pics).  Index to 1964 articles. 96 pgs, vg. $6 

MOTOR TREND 1965 JAN, Detroit Sports Cars-Will They Replace Imports with pics of some bygone ones; Kaiser Darrin, Dodge Fire Arrow, Nash Healey, Crosley Hotshot, Muntz Jet, Hudson Italia. Fastback Forecast AMC Marlin etc. Road Test; Corvair Corsa, Mustang 2+2, Rally Packed Barracuda, Los Angeles Times Grand Prix Parnelli wins Penske second. Penguin amphibian. 1965 Stock car predictions cars, engines, builders, drivers.The Story of Gasoline Part III. Detroit smog 'solutions'. Weekend Mechanic Do your own Tune-up. Charlotte National 400 Lorentzen wins Petty crashes on last lap.  World Land Speed Records October '64 Bonneville. History of the Cadillac V-16 1930-1940. 96 pgs, vg+ $5.

MOTOR TREND 1965 MAY, Road Test; Comet Caliente and Cyclone, Skylark Gran Sport, Olds F-85 Cutlass 4-4-2, Mustang GT-350.  How Good is FWD?. Daytona-Lorenzen again in rain shortened 500.  Axle Ratios-Key to Performance by Roger Huntington. Winternationals all runs in one day due to weather. Ford Museum holds 'sportscar' display including Mustang III future concept with fibreglass body, shorter with fastback style (article says 'it's for sale').  Weekend Mechanic-Fuel Pump Remedies. some writing in page 35 margin, 90 pgs, vg+. $5.

MOTOR TREND 1965 JUNE, How Old A Car Should You Buy? The Warranty War. Tips on weak spots to look for in used cars. Bidding at Auction. Financing traps. Wholesale sources repos & rentals. Dealing with salesmen. Personalizing your new used car. Tips on servicing gas filters, air cleaners, breathers and PCV valves. Road Test; Caprice 396, Coronet 500 wi '426' c.i., Renault Gordini R-8 100 Special.  Whippet Early Compact. Wrist-twist steering. Building toward Indy. Phoenix race leaves fans guessing about Indy.  90 pgs,  vg, $4.

1965 JULY, Early predictions on the '66 cars (6 pgs, sketches). Road Test; Chevelle Malibu SS '396', Falcon Ranchero, Imperial Le Baron, Rambler 2 dr 5 passenger convertible, Ambassador 2 dr 5 passenger  convertible. Russia's Cars.  Joseph J. Cole Carriage Co. becomes hi end auto maker competitor of early Cadillac. Carburetor Overhaul by Tex Smith. Defensive Driving. Mobil Economy Run. Chevy Showcase; Mako Shark II, Concours 4 passenger convertible. Virginia 500 Lorenzen outwaits Junior Johson and outraces Panch. Norm Nelson '65 Plymouth Hemi-Charger wins Yankee 300, 5-2-65 Indianapolis Raceway Park. Mustang Clubs. 100 pgs, vg+ $5.

MOTOR TREND 1965 SEPT, First Photos of '66 cars P23-27. 1966 Engineering from Chrysler. Road Test; Ford Bronco,Checker Marathon, Wagoneer V-8, new Cord 8/10 Sportsman.  Tempest's new 7 main bearing in line 6 with 3.875 bore 3.250 stroke fibreglas reinforced timing belt overhead cam was destined for a head to head Mustang competitor which never materialized. Panch wins action packed Dixie 400 at Atlanta. HRM Dragfest. Generator and Alternator Maintenance by Tex Smith. Cars of Indiana Part I. New V-12 for Cadillac, 90 pgs, vg+, $4.

MOTOR TREND 1965 DEC, Olds Toronado Car of the Year, details, road test Pg 24-45. FWD Then and Now by Gordon Buehrig. FWD Through the Years by Roger Huntington. Road Test; Austin Cooper S. The Starter-simple checks by Tex Smith.  Boat-tail Speedsters. Old Dominion 500 Jr Johnson over Petty. Hurtubise returns to take USAC Milwaukee 250. Tooling strategies in Detroit. First FIA recognized dragrace Indy Raceway Park.  Bonneville '65. 92 pgs, vg, $6.50

1966 JUNE, Used Car Buyers Guide (15 pgs) 4 WD 'Grand Prix', Santa Ana river bed, Riverside CA. Road Test; Citroen DS-21, Mustang V-8 and 6, Olds 4-4-2. Drive Description; Jeep Wagoneer. Scramble for Indy! (5 pgs detail pics of cars being made). What Police Cars are Made Of by Steven Kelly. Peach Blossom 500 North Carolina Motor Speedway Paul Goldsmith the winner in '65 Plymouth. Atlanta 500 won by Jim Hurtubise. 98 pgs, vg, $6

1966 NOV, Special Buyer's Guide Issue, facts, photos, specs, opinions on all '67 cars plus 'How To Buy' tips.  4 pg foldout Pontiac ad with color pic and specs for 2+2, Sprint and GTO, 150 pgs, nm-, $6.

MOTOR TREND 1966 DEC, Shelby American Inc ad for GT 350 and 500.  3 pg foldout GM ad with color photos one side, other side specs for Camara SS 350, GTO, SS396, GS-400, 4-4-2, Corvette 427. Road Test; '67's Barracuda, Mustang, Camaro. Dieringer wins at Darlington Southern 500. 11 year listing of MT's 'Car of the Year'.  What is a 'stocker' at the Drag Nationals?. Big article on accessories. John Fitch's 'Phoenix'. 96 pgs, nm, $12.

MOTOR TREND 1967 JAN, Porsche 911S by Leo Levine. 1967 Engines: The Year of Options by Le Roi Smith (11 illustrated pages & a chart). Road Test: GTO 3 speed auto and 4 speed gearbox comparison, Cougars 289 and 390 V8s, Eldorado fwd.  Jack Brabham by Leo Levine (4 pgs).  Blatant cheating in NASCAR by Bob E. Myers (3 pgs). 'The Ten Most Influential Cars' by Donald MacDonald (6 pgs very interesting). 'The Fallacy of the Electric Car' by Robert W. Irvin (nothings changed). Cars a la Carte; Shelby's GT-500, Ferrari 365-P Berlinetta Speciale 3 Posti Guida Centrale body by Pininfarina. English Ford Executive, Jaguar 420 and Daimler Sovereign, 92 pgs, vg, $5

MOTOR TREND 1967 AUG The 1968 cars, photos, sketches, writeups, 9 pages. Road Test; Firebird Ram-Air 400 c.i. V-8, Dodge Dart GT.  Foyt wins Indy STP turbine car details. World 600 at Charlotte a bad tire day. Comparison; Eldorado, Grand Prix, Riviera GS, 4 door Thunderbird, Deluxe Tornado. 90 pgs, slight water damage, vg-, $4.

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