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DESERT CLASSIC CAR ASSOCIATION, 19th Annual Concours d' Elegance, Rancho Mirage, CA, Summer 1988, 45 pgs of pics of cars and attendees. $5.

DIRTWHEELS Magazine 1987 DEC. Tests; '88 Honda Fourtrax 250R, '88 Honda 300 4x4 and 4x2. Winter ATV guide, 2 and 4 stroke maintenance, Powroll Mojave vs Phase Five 250X vs PEP Quadsport, Races at Riverside, Boyd TX and NJ. 100 pgs, vg+, $5

du Pont REGISTRY, 1988
APRIL, 143 pgs, high quality photos on nearly every page of cars for sale, notable ones, Isdera, centerfold-foldout Porsche Indy car, some full and half page pics of high value cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, etc. mint $8.
JULY, 80 pgs, high quality photos on nearly every page of cars for sale, notable ones, Isadera 108i and Spyder, '71 Maserati Ghibli, mint $6
AUG, 88 pgs, high quality photos on nearly every page of cars for sale, notable ones, Beatles psychedlic painted '56 Bentley S-1, '87 RR Silver Spirit, '35 Auburn Phaeton, '88 Porsche 959, Ford Group B RS200/Evolution, '58 Ferrari 250 Pininfarina Cabriolet, mint $6

EXCALIBUR,  Magazine about Porsche Cars, 1988, August, details on 944S, nice story of the 1960 Zagato Porsche, known then as the 'Abarth Carrera', "The Sculpture of Lawrence A. Braun", "356 Investment Quality" by Gene Babow, "Hands On Restoration, 356 Steering Wheel & Dash Knobs", List of 356 toys, "External Projects from Weissach" by Jerry Sloniger, 96 pgs, vg+, $8

FINISH LINE, 1981 March, Official Publication of the California Sports Car Club of America, 30 pgs, Long Beach Atlantics and 'marshals' for the LBGP, Fittipaldi Automotive, vg+, $3

FEDERAL MOGUL - ENGINE BEARING SERVICE MANUAL, 1981,  Ninth Edition,  illustrations on nearly every pg. Chapters;  Introduction to Engine Bearings, Bearings and Lubrication, Bearing Materials, Bearing Design, Engine Performance and Life, Bearing Replacement, Bearing Distress. Glossary of terms and Indexed. 63 pgs,  nm- $5
FEDERAL MOGUL, STERLING PISTONS, Piston Condition Analysis  explains engine failure, 6 pgs of drawings and photos  with description of  15 different conditions of failed pistons. 9007/STR/82  nm-, $1

1985 DEC/ 1986 JAN, Formula One - Adelaide, 17th Ivory Coast Rally, RAC Rally results, Powerboats pictorial, Nigel Mansell profile, F1 Photographers, 1985 World Endurance Championship and Formula One World Championship results. Many color photos.94 pgs, vg+ $6.50


LIGHTSPEED'S 14 pg illustrated First Edition catalog, 1988 for HONDA & ACURA  High Performance Parts,Custom Accessories, CRX, Civic, Accord, Prelude, Integra, Legend. By Shankle Automotive Engineering, Chatsworth, California.  Includes "In Search of One G, Busting the Barrier with a Streetable Car" by Don Fuller, reprint from Sportscar Magazine, June '87. 'The Right Stuff', Lightspeed News; Sept 19, 1988 on SCCA Solo II & May/June '89 on Bob Endicott.  Retail price list & order form. near mint, $5.
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 $60 for  all the Karting magazines listed below, plus  current rate for Medium flat rate priority mail box
plus if want insurance for value of magazines

JIM HALL II Racing folder given to drivers at Jim's Kart "Introduction to Competition Driving" school at the Oxnard Karter Recreation Center. Not dated but I was there June 24, 1984. Glassine folder contents, JRH II decal on the front, a one day IKF driver's pass, 1 page introduction text, sketch of the track layout and 1 pg description of how to drive the track listing competitive lap times for the 8 racing classes  based on engine & , weight.  Unused Jim Hall II Racing & Horstman decals. 2 copies of four pg b&w brochure for Jim's school with reprint of ATV News article of June '82 by Chris Pook. copies of Yamaha slick brochure on their RC100SE, 2 copies four pg Simpson brochure, March 1984 Karter News, features; 4-cycle clutch tech, Formula Russell Hayashi/Mazda driving impressions, Race Reports; Santa Maria, Region 5 IKF, IKF Gold Cup, Port Coquitlam BC, Mestizo Production Associates Promote Karting. Jim Hall Racing Bulletins March and April 1983.  58 pgs.  near mint,  $10.

INTERNATIONAL KART FEDERATION Competition Regulations booklets for 1981 and 1982, 14 pgs each, vg+ $1 for both

KARTECH, The Authoritative Karting Magazine 8 1/2 by 11', b&w,with some color, slick paper

KARTECH,September 1983, 46 pgs. Eddie Cheever interview, Buyers Guide with pics and description of  40 or more chassis models . New Hampshire Bryar Race Repor. Trois-Riviers July 8-10 Race report. PKA Mesa Marin Raceway July 30, 1983 report, featuring Ray Nesmith and Scott Kuntze. Bob Cat ad full pg shows kart 7 components.  46 pgs, nm, $5 SOLD JULY 2012

KARTECH,October 1983, Terry Traeder cover story of PKA Pro Sprint Series, Quincy IL Aug 7,8, 1983 4 pgs 11 pics of Troy Cozard, Terry Traeder, Gary and Linda Emmick, Scott Pruet, Sellergren, Lynn Haddock, Brett Bell, Zartarian, Jim and Bill Arbuckle, Doug Cressi, list of results. Lynn Haddock with Bill Peacock article on crankshaft rebuilding, 4 cycle tech, do your  own tech inspection. Mesa Marin Championship Series article with equipment profiles (inluding Pruet and Emmick),results, points 2 pgs 3 pics. IKF Sprint Grandnationals Quincy IL Aug 8-14, '83 Pruett and Emmick listed per class. Ricardo Patrese, Nelson Piquet, BBC's Barry Gill interviews, nm, 46 pgs, $6 SOLD 6/12

KARTECH, Nov/Dec 1983. Big Christmas Catalog Issue, Devices, Techniques How-To's: Honing the Cylinder, The Hartman Axle Clutch. Miller Lite/PKA Pro Sprint Round 3 Quincy in The Park, Qincy IL Oct 1-2 '83 5 pgs, 6 pics lists Ron Emmick in Equipment Profile and Results, Pruett a dnf.  George Ito Interview. 50 pgs, nm- $5  SOLD JUNE 2012

KARTECH, January 1984, Ron Emmick interview 4 pgs, 6 pics. Vince Puleo interview. Burris/PKA 200 GPX, Phoenix Oct. 29, '83 Pruett streaks to victory 5 pgs, 32 pics some in color , Gaasoline what is it?,  4 cycle tech, Briggs timing. 39 pgs.nm-, $5 SOLD JUNE 2012

  KARTECH,February 1984, Phoenix AZ tracks feature. Tires; What's available Burris Tech Talk column. Teo Fabi interview. Tips from Haddock. PKA Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel article and full results 3 pgs, 8 pics, Pruet wins Pro Super Stock, Emmick 2nd. 43 pgs, nm-, $5

Official Magazine of the International Kart Federation

KARTER NEWS 1982 March, South Central Road Race Winternationals 10/31-11/1 San Angelo TX 2 pgs 10 pics. Albuquerque October Race Report 1 pg 8 pics. Winners per track Oct.'81 -Jan '82 for Waco TX, Phoenix AZ, Jamul CA, Tulsa OK, Kerman CA, Rosemond CA, Henderson TX, Riverside CA, Monterey CA, Memphis TN, San Angelo TX. 41 pgs, 1/4 pg 9 ad cutout, vg $4


  KARTER NEWS 1982 November, Sprint Grand Nationals, Quincy IL. Aug 9-15, '82. 15 pgs EIGHTY SEVEN pics, Class Champions photo with race report, Superstock Light Shannon Rogers, Expert 1 Ron Emmick, 100cc Stock Heavy Guy Schneider, Junior Rookie Tim King, Junior 1 Mike Salvatori, Novice Light Doug Foxworth, Expert III and Expert II Mark Dismore, Super Stock Heavy Craig Meintzer, Junior II Matt Reed, 100cc Stock Lights Mike Hickey, Novice Heavy Gerry Gleen, Expert IV Scott Pruet, 49 pgs, minor pen marks pg 17, vg+, $5   SOLD JUNE 2012


  KARTER NEWS 1982 December,Doug Stokes Exec Director of Karter News report on attending Jim Russell Motor Racing School 3 pgs 5 pics. Double Points Race, Hallett OK Oct 9-10, 1 pg, 7 pics, top five class winners listed. R&T's Joe Rusz kart debut, Ascot 1 pg 4 pics. Speedway Grandnationals Quincy Raceways Aug 17-21 12 pgs 51 pics features per race w photo of class winners, Mike Berg, Mark Dismore, Jeff Nelson, Darren Law, Gary Jellison, Mike Manning, George Ito, Mike Hood, Roadracing, DHP Dyno Mod II road test 2 pgs 4 pics, 2 data lists. 57 pgs, some minor pen marked pgs, vg $4 SOLD JULY 2012

  KARTER NEWS 1983 January, Stokes at Russell School, Riverside Lapping Session and a race report 3 pgs, 3 pics. Pasco Kartway Tampa FL 1 pg 6 pics. Final Standings 1983 Sprint Championship 30 listed per class 3 pgs. Phoenix Pro GP, Pruet Pulls off a Good One PKA 200cc Pro Race 26 finishers listed 1 pg 3 pics. Old Mill Center Indy Kart Track, Eau Claire WI 1 pg, 4 pics. 3rd report of Stokes attending Jim Russell Riverside school 2 pgs 4 pics and chart of track. Oakhill Race Report ,  57 pgs, vg, $5

  KARTER NEWS 1983 February. Special technical issue, 1983 IKF Competition Regulations, Karting Classes and extensively detailed North American Tech Manual with charts, illustrations, hmologation details, writeups etc on McCulloch 80, 100,200 and 125cc. 100cc Stock rotary & reed valve. 100cc  stock piston valve. 100cc stock appearing gas and fuel only.  4 Cycle Tech Manual, Kawasaki FA 210D. Rookie Restrictor Plate,  105 pgs, 2 copies,  vg+ $6 


   KARTER NEWS 1983 March, Champion's Story w pic of Terry Allen Watson Junior II, Jon Wood Expert IV, Sandra Blackmer Novice Light, Michael Lang 100cc Stock Light. 10th Annual Sprint Winternationals Memphis TN 1 pg results 5 pics. Mid America Racing Series 1982 Final Standings 1 pg. 1982 IKF Region 5 Point Championships Final Standings Sprint Division 2 pgs, IKF Regional Champions Regions 4 and 2. 1st U.S. Kart Prix Tropicana Hotel Dec 16-19, 1982 2 pgs4 pics w results.Electro Kart of Larry Goddard, Santa Monica CA. South Central Winternationals Oakhill Raceway results 1 pg 4 pics, 49 pgs, 2 copies, vg w sticker on cvr vg, $5.00, vg+, $6 


  KARTER NEWS 1983 April, Champion's Story; Douglas Cressi, David Stead, Bryant Margison, Charlie Holguin with final standings of each of their classes. IKF Board of Directors Meeting notes Dec 1982. Gulf Coast Karting Awards. SEA TAC Championship Awards Banquet Jan 1983 Federal Way WA. Championship of the Americas Topp Five per class of "Whatcharuns". Pg 38 margin writing, Pg 40 some 4 ads circled. Laguna Seca Layout and track location. 46 pgs,   vg+, $5

KARTER NEWS , Special Long Beach Grand Prix Supplement, Articles: Introduction to Karting Doug Stokes, Sprint Racing, Road Racing, Speed Way, lots of b/w photos, 7 pgs, one page loose vg+, $2

KARTER NEWS 1983 June. Cover story Long Beach Bridgestone Pro Invitational 4 pgs 7 pics won by Scott Pruet (I was there) William M. Harman 1942-1983 obituary story. I.K.F. Gold Cup Championship Sprint Kart Races Canby OR April 1983 1 pg, results 3 pics. Karter News aptitude test on Karting 1 pg (I took the test in pen). Champion Drivers who started in Karting featuring Nelson Piquet and Roberto Moreno 1 pg 3 pics.  Mestizo Productions TV version of Karter News, 1 pg 2 pics. Doug Stokes bio of Scott Pruet 1 pg.  46 pgs, 2 copies, vg+, $6

  KARTER NEWS 1983 July. Results IKF Winnebago Roadracing Grandnational, Laguna Seca June 30-July 1 1983 (I was there). Story of the first kart 1955 reprinted from a 1970 issue, 2 pgs 5 pics. Topeka Grandnationals Woodgate Speedway 9 pgs 38 pics with features for class winners Nicole Merando, Rick Rumsey,  Troy Gardener, Junior and Stanley Tripp, Marlin Voss and Richard Hartmann. Tech advances in tires and mufflers. (1/3 of ad cutout on pg 33). Bakersfield Kart Klub 1/2 of 1 pg 3 pics class winners. 1/2 pg report on Larry Warren 3 pics. IKF Las Vegas  Championship of the Americas 1pg 3 pics. 46 pgs, back cover one corner torn, vg+. $4 SOLD JULY 2012

KARTER NEWS 1991 May. Cover photo and 1 pg 4 pics Adams Kart Track.  Road Race Championships - Willow Springs CA 7 pgs 28 pics Ron Emmick won Super Stock Sit-Up but is not in photos. 2nd Annual I.K.F. Mid-America Road Race Series 1990 Season Awards Banquet 5 pgs.  Ogden Utah track story by Marilyn and Scott Roberts 2 pgs 5 pics.1991 Region 11 Point Totals 2 pgs. I.K.F. Board Meeting Minutes April 1991 w proposals 5 pgs. Tech Update Yamaha KT-100S Series. listing of locations, lodgings, etc for upcoming events. I.K.F officers 2pgs. Bobby Chavez 1969-1991 obit.  79 pgs, heavier stock than issues above, vg+. $6  SOLD JUNE 2012

"Karting Comes of Age" by the ,
Southern California Karters, a karting sport and buyer's guide  8 1/2 by 11", b&w, 6 pages of photos and text explaining tracks, classes, etc, 9 pages of ads, Adkins, Proline, Burris, Colver, Van K, Inglewood Kart Supply, Pitts, K&P (Azusa), Hooper, Burco, Hartman. nm, $2

Kart Track Directory, Karting Industry Council, Norco CA. all U.S. states, Canada and Puerto Rico. 13 pgs, nm, $2

MISCELLANEOUS KARTING: 1983 IKF Grand National Instruction Sheet, 6 pg, mimograph, list of officials, schedule, track layout.
IKF, Kartin Industry Council  and World Karting Promotional brochures.
Top Line Karting Products adhesive backed sticker. $4 for all.,

WORLD KARTING ASSOCIATION  brochure, 7.5 by  8 " full color,  6 pgs, long description of Karting, track scenes Long Beach GP, Sprints  on paved ovals and dirt. vg+, $2
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