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  HOT ROD MAGAZINE from 1952 thru 1959

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All stored in poly sleeves by date in storage boxes from Bags Unlimited

HOT ROD June 1952, " Newest Hot Rods Aim at 300 mph!" by Wally Parks. Auto Show and Reliability Run participants from Falcons Gripers  of Pasadena, Long Beach Ramblers, Fullerton Idlers, Associated Car Clubs of Long Beach, Long Beach Renegades winners photo'd were Morie Nero, Ann Longdon, Dave Mitchell, Clint Nottingham, Don Kral, Gene McDowell. "Story of the 270 Offie" by Don Francisco 9 pgs detailed photos of maching and assembly.  Rodbenders of Fresno found a way to use an active airfield for drags.  Los Angeles' Hot Rod of the Month Lou Banta and Jack Perre's '42 Mercury Powered Model T Roadster photos by Felix w cutaway drawing by Burnett.  Portland Pictorial of Oregon Motor Show 3 pgs of photos. SCTA Season Opener Paradise Mesa since lake beds were wet.  Stroker McGurk cartoon; Jimmy Pflueger, Charles Hughes and Ed Sorenson's supercharged '32 Touring Kolea Racing Team Honolulu. 66 pgs, copy one; covers loose vg  $10.
Copy 2  front cover loose and disintegrating. rear cover missing all pages intact, somewhat fragile vg- $4

HOT ROD May 1953,
How To Double Your Chevy's Horsepower by Don Francisco. CRA's first 1953 roadster half-mile event Carrell Speedway CA. Kelly GMC modified 270 GMC by Don Francisco.  Big Bore Ford-O-Matic HRM checks performance of semi-souped sedan. by Don Francisco. How to Make Custom Continental Kit for the Lincoln Capri by W.G. Brown.  Chrisman-Neumayer's famous West Coast dragster includes Burrnett cutaway drawing 0 to 140 mph in 9 seconds. Northern California Customs show variety of grilles. Dick William's "Most Beautiful Roadster" at Oakland 4th Annual National Roadster Show.  Frank Buytkus' 1959 Champion Club Coupe of L.A. Regents club.
Ron DeLong's modified Model A Ford roadster of Pacers Club Portland OR. Customized '49 Merc of Bill Chatham Alameda CA.  Tom Barney's '34 Ford Roadster w blower for Denver's thinner air. Jerry and Lorraine Eisert Montebello CA take 1000 mile honeymoon in '34 Roadster. Cotton Owens takes Modified Stock Car 100 mile Marathon Daytona.  Coverage of 1953  4th-Annual Roadster Show Oakland CA. Stroker McGurk cartoon. Brief preview of '53 Bonneville preparations.  81 pgs, Pages  1-4 and 81 loose. Front Cover loose rear cover missing. vg- $5.

HOT ROD September 1953, Home Made Fuel Injector Helps Set a World Speed Mark by Ray Brock photos by Eric Rickman of the Clark and TeBow Ardun equipped 284 c.i. Mercury.  Northwest Rods set Sizzling Pace at Arlington Airfield near Marysville WA. Stocks and modifieds including dragsters, roadsters and sports cars run Onondaga NY Hillclimb. How Safe is Your Car w photos of critical fasteners. The Real  Background of Indianapolis in '53 by Ray Brock photos by Tom Medley.  Four Seebees in Korea, Dewey Bagley, Ralph Beckman, Don Brocamp and John Goodman build a drag roadster from scrap, some jeep, GMC engine, etc. What You Can Do To Your Olds by W. G Brown whether it has a Cad engine, pleated and rolled interior or not. Ray Duckworth's extensively modified '49  Olds convertible. Hot Rod of the Month, Lee Chapel's "C" streamliner for the salts w cutaway by Rex Burnett. Jack Stewart Canton OH's sectioned '50 Olds '88' Holiday, aka "The Polynesian". Bob Allen's Ceramic Green '32 roadster restoration w Caddy engine Indianapolis IN.  Bertone bodied '52 Fiat 1400. Danny Ramm Wayne MI builds 2 seater sports special for road racing w Ford employees Sports Car Club had Ranger six engine. '50 Ford sedan of Robert Meyer Chicago Pg 49/50 cutout. HRM Club of the Month Hamilton OH Shafters.  Dave Cavell of Australia builds 2 seat sports car of Lancia and Ford Motor Co components.  Variety shown running at Santa Ana CA's 3rd Anniversary Drags.  Bottom half of pg 59/60 cutout. Stroker McGurk cartoon. 82 pgs, binding still stiff,  front cover small amount loose,  2 cutout pages noted above
,  vg  $10

HOT ROD Nov. 1953, Bonneville Nationals week by W. G. Brown 9pgs.  Tune-up Tips from the pros Bob Meeks, Vic Edelbrock and Dan Towle. Ak Miller prepares for 2nd Carrera Panamericana. Hot Rod streamliners smash records in three Bonneville classes  by Wally Parks. Versatile Fuel Injector system by Al "Red: Barnes.  Bernie Clavere's Conservative '49 Merc Custom San Francisco CA.  Bob Joehnck's Red Hot '36 coupe from Santa Barbara CA.  Frank Mack's immaculate '27 T Roadster Farmington MI.  George Varden's '32 Chevy coupe South Gate CA.  Bill Pickford's drag racing Jaguar Coronado CA.  Modern Classic of Stanley Moore's '47 Lincoln Convertible with hot Chrysler with four '53 Ford carbs Hinton W. VA. How to stage your own High School Hot Rod Show by Jack O. Baldwin.  Stroker McGurk cartoon. 74 pgs, binding still stiff, still has subscription card,  front and back covers loose, no cutouts vg $10

HOT ROD Jan 1954, Mailbox: w photo '49 Studebaker coupe of Jack Owen, San Jose CA, '48 Dodge 4 dr of Dick McDowell, Maywood CA member of the "Pokes" club of Bell CA. '37 Lincoln Zephr 3 window coupe of John D. Stahl, Bronx NY. The muffler law chaos article by Rollin Mack, Douglass Mfg Co. Jim Lindsley and A.J. Michelle build a 2 Chrysler engined lakester, 4 pgs 14 pics. Gordon Jack, Corydon Iowa reworks a "32 Ford into a 15.2 secs '46 Merc mill powered custom 1 pg 5 pics,  Joe  Mabee runs the Victress bodied sportscar class Guy Mabeee Drilling Co. Spcl  for a 203.105 mph 2-way average  at 1953 Bonneville  Nationals 2 pgs 6 pics, "All American Yo-Yo"story and illustrations by Carl Kahler of mis-application of the term "hot rodder" to reckless road drivers. A call for standardization of drag strips by Wally Parks. 6 pgs with classifications, layout, safety requirements, etc.  Los Angeles Motorama, names cited; Jim St. Claire, Chrisman, Earl Baird, Don and Jack Thompson, Jack Backer, "Cal-Lou", Nick Macaluso, Don Hudson, Dick Powell, McDermott, Bean Bandit, Dick Kraft, Bert Mouron, Chuck Pollard, Bill Burke, Roy Rogers, A.J. Michelli, Billie Ramsay, Sandy Byers, Stan Weisbard, Swanx Custom Car Club. Alamo Timing Association San Antonio TX 5 large pics 2 pgs, Rod Benders Club Dallas TX plans for new timing strips, names cited: Billy Don Powell, Bob Huddleston, Charles Coffey, Police Sgt. C.A.Jones, Bill Balee. Lincoln Factory Conversion made available after 1952 Pan American Road Races strong showing 3 pgs, 4 pics. Kingdon Airstrip drags near Stockton Northern California Drags 21 pics, 5pgs names cited: Red Jones, LeBlanc, Holder, Henry Agostini Jr, Dick Hubbards' Crosley bodied Merc, Robert Schaenaman, Red Lund of Vallejo, Bill Scalf, Jack Spencer, Norman's Auto Supply, Bertolucci, Hank Vincent, Langdon Evans, George Sawyer, Bo Cress, Eugen Robeck, Selway & Cagle, Carlos Ramirez. Compression, what's the limit, five pgs, 4 illustrations 6 pics including one of Carl Offenhauser, includes compression specs for '40's-'53 US makes.75 pgs. vg_frt cvr loose. $15

HOT ROD Feb. 1954, Mailbag: '34 Ford reworked to resemble a British sportscar by Henry B. Micks Crewe VA,  Pike's Peak Broadmoor "Yellow Devil" brought to life by Robert Stolze Sioux City Iowa, Ford Lincoln and Mercury  new  V8's 5 pgs 2 pics and 8 tech comparison illustrations. Art and Lloyd Chrisman's lakester coupe 12 pics 4pgs.  Carrera Panamericana of Nov. 19, 1953 4 pgs 21 pics including cars; Osca, Porsche, Lancia V6, '53 Lincoln, French Talbot, Siata V8, '50 Hudson Pacemaker, Studebaker Champion,Gordini, Kurtis-Cadillac. Ken Rawlings Birmingham UK homebuilt trials car "Buttercup" on an Austin 7 Chassis with an English For 10hp straight four 6 pics 3 pgs.  Speedliner of L.W. and Denny Ainsworth, Henderson TX a '33 Ford Coupe. about half an article on lowering has been cutout pg 31-34. Bob Miller and Jim Wenstrup fancy hi-boy in Philadephia. Fram Fundamentals by W.G. Brown 6 pgs 9 pics.  Technical article on  1953 Dodge V8 Gyro Torque  transmission and  dyno tests of  George Koepsell's 1953 Dodge Convertible and Red Wilson's 1953 Dodge Coronet two-door. 8pgs 18 pics of 1953 Carrera Panamericana sports car division featuring  success of Ak Miller & Doug Harrison's hot rod w final standings. Roger Huntington article on shift points versus rpm 4 pgs 5 charts 3 pics. Don Francisco article on doing a better valve job 6pgs 13 pics. Chautauqua Lake Auto Club "MystePokaBillity" run. Stroker McGurk and Tupper cartoons. 75 pgs, cvrs  nearly loose due to weak binding in all these early issues, vg+ $6

HOT ROD Aug. 1954; 1934 Morris 'hot rod' in Amman Jordan. Walt Murray's Blown Buick V6 5pgs 8 pics 2 diagrams of cylinder. Roadster for street and short circuits Gordon Vann Berkeley CA runs w sportscars including Pebble Beach  2 pgs 9 pics. Economy Run; 6pgs 8 pics including  Dr. Peter  Kyropoulos, J.C. Agajanian, Clay  Smith,  Vern Houle, Bill Stroppe,  Dick Griffith driver of Studebaker V8 Land Cruiser, L.E. Von Shulthies, C.S. Beesemeyer, Wilbur Shaw and Oscar Allfie.
Novice Nicholas Schlauch's '39 Ford Coupe of  PA  5 pics.  Roger Huntington's real story behind  1954 Indy 500 5 pgs 11 pics including 5 technical 6 of cars showing Jack McGrath, Bob Scott, Jimmy Bryan, Vukovich, Ralph DePalma.  Jack Main fishing boat owner's  nautical themed  1940 Ford Pickup 2 pgs 7 pics. Novi engine details by Don Francisco 5 pgs 15 pics. NHRA Drag Strip Competition Rules 3 pgs 11 pics (on pgs 34-36 centerfold loose at binding easier to copy). How to fill the cowl of a '32 Ford; by George Barris 16 pics. Ray Van Alta Columbus OH shows removing Model A rod engine alone with no hoist nor garage. Dragster of Don  and Bjorn Hrutford, Kenny Dahl, Dr. P.C. Hansen of Washington's Whatcom County Timing Association. Preview to the Bonneville Nationals 2 pgs  12 small pics. Roddin' at Random 3pgs 19 pics including cars by Jerry McKenzie Indianapolis, Lawrence Fischer and Marvin Belote of Memphis TN and Cotswold UK time trals, Tom Chatfield and Bill Stroppe at Willow Springs CA,  A.C. Savile's '38 Ford Bridlington UK,  Mario Ramirez San Bernadino Chile. Rickman 10 photo Salinas CA sequence rod  rollover  driver unhurt.  67 pgs, vg+ binding  a bit  tattered, $15

HOT ROD Sept 1954, '54 Ford V8 Part II 6 pgs 7 pics one graph. Roaring Roadsters of the California Racing Association in Phoenix 5 pgs 15 pics.  Doug Shaw's '25 T Roadster 2 pg 7 pics.  Preview of the roadsters readying for Bonneville 4 pgs 18 pics. Central Coast Championship Drag Meet 4 pgs 16 pics. Del Bostic's V8-Powered Fiat Coupe 9 pics 2 pgs. Coast to Coast NHRA coast to coast first annual "Drag Safari" visits Caddo Mills TX and Shreveport LA 4 pgs 29 pics.  Hot Rodding your Hydra-Matic 8 pgs 9 illustrations  5 pic. Wally Olson's '25 T Roadster 2 pgs 6pics.  Roddin"at Random 2 pgs 10 pics names included Cosby Hodges, Johnny Burrell, Fred Thompson, Gil Hayward, Fred Monson, Sam Hanks, Dan Cook, San Gabriel Valley Hi Domers. Don Schmoyer's custom Mercury. 66 pgs, vg+ $18

HOT ROD Oct 1954,
Superchargers Judson McCulloch GMC Roots 5 pgs, 9 pics 4 illustrations 2 graphs . Drag Safari Part II
1 pg 4 pics (pages 21-25 cutup of Al Knoll's Drag Roadster 2 pages and one pg of an article on body tricks w an old headlight shell). Half-Mile drags from the Davis-Winters airstrip near Sacramento 4 pgs, 18 pics including Gordon Vann, Paul Leuschner, Jack Spencer, Jarvis Earl, Red Leggott, Bozzy Willis, J.O. Crocker. George Hill, Ken Harrington, Al Marseline, Bob Cress, Carlomagno & Balliet, Henry Vincent, Sommer & Lohry, Holder & Case, Lou Toschi, Milt Alley, Luther Wheat, Madera Clutcher, Marjorie Lund, Dick Bertolucci, C.R. Johnston's Singer, Dick Katayanagi. ; Cleveland Clipper Chrysler rear engine dragster 3pgs 6pics. Magneto Maintenance and Overhaul by Edward Monroe 4 pgs 6 pics 10 illustrations.  Dick Kraft's Roadster 4 pgs 20 pics. Championship drags from Paradise Mesa California 4 pgs 24 pics named are Harold Nicholson, George Burkhart, Don Rackemann, Mickey Cooper, Ronnie Dixon, Carlos Ramirez, Ollie Morris, Joan Emmett, Iacono, Richard Bill, George Cerny, Tommy Ferris, Tony Bernardino, Jarvis Earl, Tom Augur, Glen Kindred, D.L Rakestraw, Bondio & Lisa, Jim Nelson w results.  Canadian hot rodding 3 pgs 19 pics named; Jim Greenlees, Jack Williams, Bertha Aho, Stewart Braddick, Gordy De Long, Gordy McDougall, Jim McGowan. Billy Springer's '42 Chevy coupe. Idle Chatter column: Stanley Fox's '50 Olds 88 Convertible, Vernon Vaupel '40 Ford Convertible,  Orval and Robert Greenman's rod of Grand Rapids, MI, Frank Figora of Addison IL's '47 Ford.  pic of Indianapolis club members pic Jerry McKenzie, Bill Robertson, Bud Coons, Chic Cannon, Charlie Mann, Jack Kirk. Photos of 1953 Rus Bullen wrecks at Balboa Stadium, San Diego, others Leo Perron Central Falls R.I. Gordy Shuck Fairbury Nebraska, Ak Miller's '40 Chevrolet A Fram on a '32 rod. George Stroud Van Nuys CA, Fairbanks Alaska dirt oval, Ray Brown's built up Chrysler engine, Bill Hopper Tempe AZ, Roland Hon's '36 Ford roadster of Boise ID. Billy Springer '39 Chevy dragster coupe of Dallas TX 2 pgs 8 pics. 66 pgs vg+ cover spine fragile,  $4

HOT ROD Nov 1954, sixth Bonneville National 6 pgs 36 pics included names Reed-Neumayer, Leblance E Streamliner, Tom Beatty, Denny Larsen, Paul Sylva, John Cramer, Ak Miller, Hal Powell, Bill NieKamp, Bob McAdams, C.B. Clausen, David Winters, Don Conrad, Bob Sorell, Bob Higbee, Art Chrisman, Harry Duncan, Justin George, OttoRyssman, Bill Edward's '53 Ford, Howard Johanson, Red Jones, Jack Elwell, Lee Pendleton, Roy Leslie, Chet Herbert, Bud Coons, Sgt. Ray Cullen, John Christy, Ab Jenkins, A.J. Michelle, Jim Lindsley. Magneto Ignition the Automag by Racer Brown 5pgs 9 pics a chart one illustration.  NHRA drag racing Akron OH and Detroit MI. 5 pgs 26 pics, named pics at Akron: Arfons, Shorty Fulton, Otis Smith, Bud Coons, DuPuy-Scarpelli, Pete Xenias, Ralph Neal street '32, Al Ruth Pittsburg PA, Myer and Fritzsch, Detroit named pics; Otis Smith, John Dunlavy, Ken Hirata Cleveland OH, Bill Naus Toledo OH, Bill Waddill. The Day After Nitro - Part II comes the blower by Roger Huntington 5pgs 3 pics, 2 graphs, 3 illustrations. Ollie Morris' drag roadster sponsored by Harvey Malcolmson of Harvey's Auto Glass, Santa Ana CA 4 pgs (33-36 centerfold pgs are loose) 13 pics, Jim Geddes sketch of car.. East Coast drag racing Linden, NJ  two pgs 11 pics including Sforza Yarkin, D. Goughnour, D. C. Dragons, Marv Frankel, and Pennellville NY3 pgs 8 pics include Harry DeWaters, Albert Stone Onondaga County Sheriff, Bud Coons, Dick Hill, Dolores Curtis, Charlie Stark, C. Cline, Pat Johnson of Syracuse NY. Rail job in your hand First of a series on Mode Making 3 pgs, 4 pics one illustration. Ed Cramer's Allison Aircraft engine powered roadster Omaha Nebraska 2 pgs 8 pics. Fay and Ed Loynes' '29 Model A Roadster 2 pgs 6 pics. Listing with a pic of each 1954 Bonneville Record Holders. Miscellaneous pics: Ed Tenison Dallas TX, 66 pgs, vg, cover edges vg-, $15

HOT ROD Dec 1954
The "Caballo de Hierro"of Ak Miller and Doug Harrison Whittier CA 2 pgs 5 pics enters the Pan American Race.  NHRA California State Championship drags at Madera, California 7 pgs 28 pics showing Mario Acquilino, Darrell Wineman, Dick Katayanagi, Bob Cress, Roger Hardcastle, Pete Coltrin, Ernie Hashim, Calvin Rice, Helen Fenske Norwalk CA, Bob Laughlin, Ak Miller, Ted Cooper, Ronnie Dixon, Bob Woods, Archie Ary, Bob Gorman, Langdon Evans, Jim Nelson, George Carney, Art Chrisman, Joaquin Arnett, Cuck Griffith.
Installing a '54 Merc into a '53 Ford by Ray Brown for Bill Hook 2 pgs, 6 pics. Technical article on why cubic inches raises hp output by Roger Huntington 3 pgs, 1 photo, 2 charts. Cyril Kieft's four Norton engine flat four w visit to Kieft works, UK Midlands 2 pgs, 7 pics of engine and  chassis details of the 1500. Jack Chrisman's '29 Tudor  2 pgs  9  pics.  Quarter Roadster Association formed by Doug Caruthers Anaheim CA with track on grounds of Viking Trailer Co. also in Uplands and Hemet for 4 to 15 yr olds racing 4 pgs 9  pics showing cars in action 7 show car components. Named in photos are Don Henderson, Jimmy and Lonnie Caruthers, Mary Ann Ubrun, Lawrence, Bobby and Mike Olivero, Johnny Yeager, Donna Richards, Billy Cantrell, Mr and Mrs Bud Davis. San Pedro's Frank Iacono's 6 cylinder '33 Ford Coupe 4 pgs,  12 closeup pics. Pocatello Idaho and Salt Lake City Utah Regional NHRA drag meets 4 pgs 20 pics. Williams Brothers' Bonneville B/Roadster 2 pgs 7 pcs.  Complete Rundown of Who Ran What at Bonneville 4 pgs 7 pics.  Gene Biscailuz L.A County Sheriff salute to rodders & appointment of Sgt Louis Cassullo as their advocate. Firewall Mounted Brake Assembly for '33 to '38 Fords by R.R. Patterson Albuquerque NM. Doug Rice and wife run their highly customed '39 Ford Coupe and their '32 Ford "hi-boy" roadster tow car 2 pgs 6 pics.McGurk on draggin' on an aircraft carrier. 66 pgs, nm-, $18          

HOT ROD Jan 1955
Analyzing the Chevrolet V8 by Racer Brown cutaways, charts, diagrams, photos. Fifth Carrera Panamericana entry of Racer Brown, Pete Coltrin, Ak Miller, Doug Harrison, Ray Brock and Clem TeBow. Dragnet sequence "The Big Rod" TV Show. Everett McClelland, Sunnyvale CA builds mini cab over engine truck w '39 Ford 60 hp.California Roadster Association's 100 mile Agoura Race. '52 Olds Rocket in '47 Plymouth Coupe done by Bob Barkhouse, Mereidian CA.   Justin George's T Roadster Drag and Lake Racer.  Dual Holley Quads for a '54 Merc by Racer Brown.  Robert Felhamm  Geneva Switzerland has special built for Mille Miglia w four Webers fed Alfa Citroen front end and a nice smooth body design with a plastic canopy. Pacific Northwest Drags Scappoose Oregon.  Streamlined Roadster Hinges. Stroker McGurk Cartoons. Southland'sa NHRA International Motor Revue.  covers  and center section loose, 66 pgs, vg, $5

HOT ROD February  1955, "Heads, How To Choose Them",
8 page article "Viva Ensalada" Ak Miller, HRM et al entry takes fifth in Large Sports class of Carrera Panamericana Road Race.  Rowland Arnet's Studebaker runs a 92 on gas.  Finding the right heads for sure-fire performance 6 pgs with photos numerous available heads.  Ralph Neal of Ashtabula OH's '32 Drag Roadster. The fine art of pinstriping with Von Dutch.  Roy Reed and LeRoy Neumayer's belly tank Compton CA.  For Every Gear Cut there's an oil.  Draggin' Around.  4 pg detailed article on Kurtis Kraft 500-X experimental roadsters. Stroker McGurk cartoon.  How to modify a '39-'40 hood for inside latch.  66 pgs, covers and first 10 pgs loose, vg-, $4  SOLD 2/'10

HOT ROD April 1955, Various developments in Batter;y Ignition systems
by Racer Brown.  Readers vote to create Hot Rod Magazine Race Team.  Hill Climb Racing from Georgetown, Colorado. Fuel Injection Is it now ready for street use by Racer Brown. SAC's Air Force Auto Hobby Shops. Marty Moore San Diego CA's '39 Ford custom rod convertible. Aluminum All-Star Bonneville Coupe Harvey Aluminum Torrance CA. John Pope's Model A Roadster pickup w '41 Ford running gear Oakland CA. Olds Lense for '52 Ford. Oxidation process broadens aluminum scope by Ray Brock.  Variations of numerous Dropped Front Asle Setups. Carl Grimes' Crosley Bodied Wagon on a DeSoto Chassis.  cover loose, 66 pgs, vg $8.

HOT ROD May 1955 Soup the 261 Chevrolet Truck Six by Racer Brown 8 pg detailed illustrated.  Mel Gerrard's Cad powered '35 Ford Phaeton Whittier CA.  Construction and Operation of hydraulic valve lifters 5 pg detailed article by J. T. Bugbee, the Texas Company. Dick Bozeman's Custom '50 Chevy Bel Air of Oregon.  Fabricating Nerf Bars Slip Tubes Part 1 by George Barris.  Jalopy Circuit hard tops, modified stocks and sportsmen. Pasadena CA Darrell Timmerman's Precision Engines '34 Ford Pickup. Dodge Firearrow Concept. Steerting Angles by Roger Huntington. Dropped axle w spring travel maintained, side play eliminated and appearance enhanced by Eric Rickman.   5/8th's scale Crosley powered deuce roadster of Dave Wood Cincinnati OH.  66 pgs, front cover almost loose,  vg+ $12

HOT ROD June 1955 How to Check Your Spark Plugs. Chuck Davis' Deuce Pickup Portland OR.  Wide variety of Dirt Track Roadsters at Gardena CA.  Streamliners, bubble canopies and power steering in Indy Racing. Frame alteration for 5 inch drop of '40 Ford rear.  Bud Schroeder and Wayne Thompson's Olds Roadster, San Diego Timing Association Meet Coverage. USAF Hobby Shop produces "SACFIREBOID"  turbine dragster.  How To Construct a Nerf Bar. I Made My Own 15" Wire Wheels by Roby Patterson (in order to fit 15" tires to his '35 Ford and retain its stock appearance.  Shows to scale illustration of the jig he made.  Took a good 15 inch disc wheel, cut out the hub. Cut out the hub of a 16" wire wheel and using the jig welded that hub into the 15" rim. 2 pgs.  66 pgs, non loose, no marks, vg+, $16

HOT ROD July 1955 Bolt-on 83 Easy Horsepower for '55 Chevy V8. Racing Rag Tops Toronto to Mexico Montreal to California.  Close-ratio Cogs for Chevy and GMC.  Basement Bomb dragster of Ed Krebs and Jim Blackburn Portland OR. Rear of '40 Ford dropped the limit by straightening rear crossmember and shortening wishbone.  Bart Root's Record Setting B Roadster. Intake Port Alignment by Racer.  Jim Kida's '52 Club Coupe Ford. Fill your deuce shell.  Drag Racing from all Around the U.S 4 pgs, mostly pics. Story of Bob Rufi 's making an speed record car at home in the early 30's. 66 pgs. centerfold pgs 33-36 loose.  otherwise nm-  $16

HOT ROD August 1955, "How Potent is Packard's new V8?", "Drop a Cadillac in your '49-'53 Ford", Danger of a broken axle at speed can be overcome with "Sharp Safety Hub" article by Eric Rickman photos show Art Chrisman installing one., "Too Hot to Handle? 144 mph dragster speeds pose problems in  suspension" 66 pgs, cover torn and loose, binding fragile, centerfold pgs loose,  vg-, $5

HOT ROD Sept. 1955 Brakes- Past, Present, & Future; Safari by Racer Brown 7 pgs text w photos. '32's of Marv Draman Pasadena CA and Lou Bingham of La Canada CA. "Safari '55" - Drag Racing photo essay of Portland OR, Spokane, WA,  Pocatello Idaho and Denver CO by Eric Rickman. Lester Nehamkin's Model A convertible coupe w Merc running gear and Kelsey Hayes wheels. Shortening and Aligning Drive Shafts by "California Bill" Fisher. Southern California hot rod clubs raise funds for City of Hope w group pictures, one of the Cal-Rods and Rodettes. William Henry Edwards, aka "Big Bill's" '53 Ford Pickup w blown '50 Cadillac engine, South Gate, CA.  Gunning for 300 with Kenz and Leslie by Ray Brock. Blanchard and Eayrs big stroker flathead. Great Bend KS prepares for National Championship Drag. Early LaSalle gearbox in Oldsmobiles. 66 pgs, vg+ $12

HOT ROD Oct. 1955
Norm Grabowski's Caddie Powered T Bucket Sunland CA. Brakes Part 2 of 3 Part Series by Racer Brown. HotRodding Kirk Kindley's '53 Stude V8 Coupe by Peter Sukalac. NHRA Sioux City Iowa Regional Drags. Grand Opener NHRA Drags Kansas City. Bill and Howard Stubbins' '38 Chevy stock looking coupe. Hot Rodding in Australia by Geoff de Fraga. Judge Frances Cook Beaverton OR's safety program for teens.  Lloyd Scott and Noel Timmney's Dual-Engine Dragster Paramount CA. Richard Bosley of Mentor OH ferrari like coupe w '53 Chrysler engine 160 mp. Keep It Straight, out of the chute by Mickey Thompson. NHRA drag racing Stout Field Indiana, also in Columbus OH. Stroker McGurk Cartoon. Portland OR's Jim Miller's Unique Track and town T Bucket. Autopia Roadsters Disney's Tomorrowland before they were run on a rail. 66pgs, nm- $16, SOLD, MAY 2015

HOT ROD Nov. 1955 Bonneville 1955 nets 15 records by Racer Brown.  Farris Kolbeck's 1949 Chevrolet Custom San Diego CA.  Duncan-Hill-Davis Streamliner w Eddie Losinski rolls Simpson Special O.S.C.A.  streamliner of Bettenhausen and Lewis and Betty Skelton's56 Dodge at Bonneville.  Drag Racing Orange Massachusetts. Lonnie Glaskin's Deuce Sedan  NHRA Regional Championships Allentown PA.
Test Lab T of Ira Hassad San Diego CA.  Brake Series Stop That Car Part III.  Elizabeth City North Carolina Drag Action. Low roadster of Bob Geres, Portland OR.  Lake City FL Regional Drag Championships.  Franklin Pierce's 1934 Ford San Rafael CA.  66 pgs, vg+ $12

HOT ROD Dec. 1955
Rod Testing the '56 Lincoln detailed article by Racer Brown.  Cover car Don Van Hoff of Aristocrats Car Club Los Angeles builds a '32 5-window coupe.  NHRA'a First National Drags Championships Great Bend Kansas.  Preview of '56 Nash and Rambler by Racer Brown.  NHRA Regional Championships Memphis TN.  Russ Marple's Flathead-powered roadster detailed photos and facts by Olly Olivas and Chris McInnis as told by Bob Greene.  NHRA Regionals Martindale AFB, San Antonio, TX.  Getting A Bite w chassi improvement by Roger Huntington.  Nicson Engineering  Los Angeles  develops three Stromberg 91'a manifold for Chevy V8 by Ray Brock. Caddy engine '53 Willys station wagon of Dr. Robert Ellis of Portland OR w detailed photos by Dr. Ellis. 66 pgs, still has subscription card held by binding. nm- $15

HOT ROD Feb. 1956. Racer Brown article on the 1956 Cadillac. Stocks Are Booming by Ray Brock.  Two examples of Studebaker coupes minor customs of Ray Charbonneau and W. E Davis. Arizona State Championships Drags and
National Drag Finals Perryville Airstrip near Phoenix.  Putting in '55 Chevy  V8 in a '40 Ford pickup. Bob Greenes article w photos of restoration tips of same '40 Ford pickup.  Inserting Horizontal Bars in the Grille of a '32 Ford by George Barris.  Fastest Dragster - Riley Special Driven By Calvin Rice.  Roddin' at Random photos including one of Clark Gable and his T-bird with McCullock blower. Building a Jalopy for racing shows the "armoring".  Jerry Woodward's Thunder Rod of Provo Utah.  Pit work photos of Jazzy Nelson's dragster.  66 pgs, vg+, $14

HOT ROD Mar. 1956
HRM Test 1956 Ford by Racer Brown. Lincoln Cabraloff's '32 Ford Roadster.  Souping the MG by John Christy w photos of Bob Menefee's competition MG. Extensive details focusing on the MG engine including the forthcoming Dual OHC engine.   Clark Cagle, Carl LeMmon and Belmont SanChez Bonneville Studebaker Lakewood CA. Floor shifter into early Corvette 6.  Yeakel Bros. of L.A. Model A drag Roadster.  Portland Idlers Project Car. Crosley Hot Shot custom racer of Chalmers Hall Phoenix AZ.  Drag Racing from Lafayette, Louisiana, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Santa Maria, California. Ed Arnold of Bell CA puts a '55 Caddy mill in his '55 Chevy.  National Drag Race Rules for 1956.  Roddin' at Random including two photos of the Berks Micro Midget Auto Racing Club. 2 photos of Scout Scarab being donated to Regents Car Club of L.A.  2x4" cutout lower left of front cover. 1/2 cover binding loose, vg $6

HOT ROD May 1956, Tests: Plymouth Fury 240 hp V8 Daytona Beach run by Phil Walters article by Wally Parks.(one pic cutout), '56 Plymouth Belvedere 2 dr hardtop by Racer Brown,  Dodge D-500 6 pgs (on pic cutout) by Racer Brown, Part 2 Building a Flathead Engine the Right Way by Don Francisco 6pgs. Cad powered T of Reuben Schanaman, Portland OR,  V8 Sixty in an MG details. Customed ragtops: '46 Ford by Ray Brock and Valley Custom and Oliver Hooker's '39 Mercury. Tim Flock puts Olds engine in back of '39 Chevy coupe and wins Daytona modifieds race. on the spot coverage: Storming the Beach at Daytona, NASCAR's Speedweeks: by Ray Brock, 8 pgs 19 photos (2 more cutout). 2 pg photo essay  modifying a roadster by Ruddy, Weinstein and Broughton, sponsored by Chuck Porter's Body Shop, Hollywood CA. Oakland CA Roadster Show. Proposed Los Angeles International Motor Raceway. Ak Miller prepares a roadster for Mexican Road Race. 74 pgs, front cover  loose,  paper somewhat fragile vg-, some cutouts, $6

HOT ROD Aug. 1956
Go back a few years for transmission gearing to take torque of OHV engines by Ray Brock. Jack Moss' Dodge V-8 Powered Dragster Amarillo TX.  Valves - A Necessary Evil Part 2 by Racer Brown. Cover car Ohian Bill Breece's Three-Window Ford. Pros and Cons of Power Steering by Racer Brown. West Coast Regional Drag Championships San Gabriel Valley Strip.  A Look at the New Build Styles of Roadsters by Bob Greene. w 8 pgs photos by Eric Rickman. New Look in Sprint Cars text and photos by Walt Mahony.  Alan McLure's Cadillac-Powered '40 Ford wagon w 3 ps detailed how to photos. Dick Charlton's Caddy powered '40 Ford coupe. Rocky Mountain Drag Regionals Pueblo CO. Beefing the Final Drive by Eric Rickman. Southwest Regional Drag Championships Caddo Mills, TX. Road Gents of Detroit. 66 pgs, centerfold partially loose, vg   $11

HOT ROD Sept. 1956 Pikes Peak report by Ray Brock 5 pgs 18 photos. Kurtis Buick "500-X" for Bill Murphy Culver City CA. Atlantic Coast Championship Drags Woodbine NJ. Texas Jackrabbit San Antonio 1/4 miler of Ralph Stone.  HRM tests '56 Chrylser 300-B by Racer Brown.  Walker Brothers' Tudor Torpedo '29 sedan Los Angeles CA.  Northeast Regional Drags Fulton NY.  Answers to steering problems created by engine conversions and chassis changes by Don Francisco. Peter Sukalac article on Paul Wellborn's Ardun powered dragster.  Details of Putting a Caddy engine in a T-bird.  Dragster caster adjustment by Eric Rickman. Choose the Right Cam by Racer Brown. Oswego Dragway Hosts Chicago Area's 1st Championship drags. Quarter Midget Racing at Fillmore CA. Tom Cogan, Temple City CA's Forty Ford coupe.  66 pgs, cover half loose,  vg $10

HOT ROD Nov. 1956, W.J. Moisley's customed 1950 Ford Coach of Timmins, Ontario, Canada. others in Mailbag with photos; Charles Fordham East Gadsden AL, Samual Lair, Tulsa OK, James A. Johnson S. Portland ME, Glen Books Paris TX, John B. Prince Nash TX, and Roy I Smith Omaha Nebraska. The 1957 Plymouth by Racer Brown 5 pgs 9pics 3 illustrations. 1956 National Championship Drag Races Kansas City MO w list of class wins 26 pics 6 pgs (pen marks pg 23 in margin) Melvin Heath, Bob Alsenz, Art Arfons, Louis Cangelose, Lindley, Reath, Mailliard, Lee Christian, Carter-Shafer, Wilton Zaiser, Dale Hartong, Bud Evans, Bob Taylor, John Mulkey Howard Clarkson, Wiki  Wiki Hawaii entry, Leroy Luckey, Cortopassi & Davis, Bob Rodgers, Wayne Mertens, Jack Moss and Dan Morgan Amarillo TX,  Walter O'Keefe, Barbara Huffman, Jim Noble, Owen Bowling, Keith Bain. 2 pg story by Wally Parks of Mel Heath of Oklahoma and his drag creations. Triple carb linkage by Racer Brown 4 pgs, 8 pics. Johnny Weston's 1932 Ford roadster of Richmond CA 2 pgs 6 pics. Welding with do it yourself Linde unit 3pgs 17 pics. Bob Jackson puts a Chevy V8 into an Aero Willys 4 pgs 24 detail pics. Romeo Palamides DeSoto powered dragster 4pgs 13 pics (pen markings in margin on pg 41). Custom tricks to enhance corners of doors, hoods and deck lids 2pgs 18 pics. Bonneville 1956 7 pgs, 25 pics of cars of Bill Kenz and Roy Leslie, Tom Poole of Michigan, J. Otto Crocker the timer, Johnny Allen Ft Worth TX, Tom Cobbs, Ruddy-Weinstein, Perry Boys, Carroll Thompson, Harold Johansen, Summers Brothers, George Hanson's Corvette, Johnson-Kimes, Ermie Immerso, Sanchez-Cagle-LeMen, Larsen-Barnes, Karol Miller, Ross-Jacobsen, Dr. Nathan Ostich, Tommy Thompson (pen marks on pic). Dick Phillips 1950 Ford 2 door, Buzz Silva's T of San Jose CA.  New National Record Holders by pic Calvin Rice, Dr. David Markley, Don Little, Buddy Anderson, Herman L. Davis, Robert Mullen, Don Schleicher, Johnie Lovlean, Otis Smith, Lyndall White, Dennis Hildebrandt, Don Cartwright, Carl Grimes, Dave Marquez, Carter-Shafer, Weaks & Noble 2 pgs 16 pics.  LeMans 24 Hours first five, class winners and lap record 4 pgs race report pics of D-type Jaguar, Ferrari Mondial, Colin Chapman in Lotus Climax, 240 HP Ferrari, Porsche 904,  pen marks on cvrs, 75 pgs, vg, $10

HOT ROD Jan. 1957
'57 Ford "500" Rod Testing by Racer Brown.  Chrisman Brothers' built Wayne Reed Chrysler powered roadster. Stock Car Racing Secrets by Ray Brock showing chassis setups and racing at Paramount Ranch road course. Obsolete Muffler Laws by Eric Rickman. Why a slower car often beats a faster top seed car with graphs by Racer Brown.  Engine details of Joe Taylor's Olds powered Merc sedan 103.86 mph in quarter by Eric Rickman.  Ken Lindley's "Missfire II" dragster.  Customizing the Late Chev's photos by Bob Knight and George Barris.  Albert Cravero's '41 Ford Pickup w blown OHV Caddy. Detailed photo essay on installing a '54 Cadillac engine in a '53 Studebaker Hawk. Norm Kolborg Omaha Nebraska "Goldenrod" Olds powered Ford coupe. Hydramatic over Powerglide by Ray Brock.  Oahu Timing Association events. 74 pgs, vg+. $12

HOT ROD February 1957, Rod Testing the '57 Olds 88  by Racer Brown. Texan with a Title Ken Atkinson's D/Gas Roadster Corpus Christi TX. Studebaker, Packard Nash or Hudson Big V8engine mods details, bore, stroke, heads etc for performance by Don Francisco. Southern California Championship drags at Morrow Field, Colton CA. Ron Guidry's '36 Ford extensive custom w '39 Nash grille and Olds engine Long Beach CA. Ray Brock article on adapters with centerold  Index Chart  Engine to Transmission Adapters, '21 Dodge with big Chrysler OHV of Bill Harrison Santa Maria CA. Detail photos of Lewie Shell Los Angeles installation of  a '56 Buick V8 in Bob Grant Downey CA's '53 Merc hardtop. Archie's Flying Saucer Crosley bodied '53 Merc powered dragster Colton CA. 4 pgs photos for "Roddin at Random" including the Maybach Special Australia and an Alta chassis based sports car of Luis DeRidder Argentina.  Tops in the Traps Nicholls brothers Olds powered dragster. Denver CO blown '56 Chevie article by owner builder John Bandimere. 74 pgs, covers and centerfold loose,  vg- $4, SOLD, April 2012

HOT ROD Apr. 1957 
NASCAR Speedweeks Experimental record set by Hot Rod Magazine new '57 Plymouth Special Ray Brock, built in LA in a short time, the crew was engine owner Harry Duncan, Willie Garner, Bill Likes, Ray Brock and driver Wally Parks.  Jud May's B/A Deuce/Lincoln  Coupe. The Height of Compression by Racer Brown w table of recommendations for head milling.   Missouri Missile dragster by Carl Badami and Lou Cangelose of Kansas City.  Osca look alike Road Racer for the Mille Miglia built by Jack Sutton and Driven by Ak Miller and Doug Harrison. '34 Drag Coupe, '56 Caddy powered of George Montgomery Dayton OH.  The ABC's of Trouble Shooting Part I by Don Franciso 6 pgs with photos.  Jack Lankert's Black Cameo Pickup w Chrysler V8 Dallas TX.  Jim Yoshida and Henry Higuchi's Six-Cylinder Sprint Car.   VW Okrasa Kit Report by Bob Greene w large how to photos. Henry Smith San Gabriel CA builds slick fibreglas roadster on '51 Ford frame w flathead V8. Installing Buick V8 in '49-'54 Chevy text and numerous detailed photos by Eric Rickman. Seattle WA Don Bishop's 1934 Pickup w DeSoto V8. 74 pgs, vg+, $14

HOT ROD May 1957,  '57 Plymouths comparison, Belvedere with single four pack carburetor and Fury w 301 engine option vs Fury with standard dual four barrel carbs by Racer Brown w photos by Bob D'Olivio. Tony Krajacic Washington PA cycle front fendered '48 Merc powered roadster. 7 pgs report on NASCAR's 8th Annual Speedweek on the beaches of Daytona FL by Ray Brock. Emil Costantino Arcadia CA '55 T-bird detailed description of hotted up engine by Don Francisco. "Ingenuity in Action" featuring rear Engined Studebaker dragster from Portland OR.  Amarillo TX slingshot with Dodge V8 Power, Creighton Hunter and Dale Kersh, Santa Ana CA build pie shapped transverse engined dragster.Chrysler powered  of Hal Williams, Bob Armstrong and Maurice Richer of San Gabriel Valley CA. Mauel Coelhoand Don Karraker double Chrysler V8 dragster of Cypress CA.  Novel front suspension: torsion bars rear of Brent Taylor and Warren Welsh of Reno NV. '34 Ford coupe of Gary Groves Eugene OR.   Build a "Stick Shift" Hydro with Raybestos kit detailed photo story by Eric Rickman. Birmingham Flyer 150.25 mph '57 Chrysler powered '38 Plymouth coupe owner A.E. Burgess, driver Bob Ruether, builders Johnny Burell, Don Rutledge. ABC's of Trouble Shooting Part II by Don Francisco on roadside breakdowns. 74 pgs, 2 copies nm- $12, vg cover half loose $6

HOT ROD Feb. 1958
Pontiac Bonneville Strong and Stylish Road Test report by Ray Brock. USAC Sockers Crown '57 champ Jerry Unser at Riverside Raceway 5 pg report w photos by Eric Rickman Wall Parks and Lester Nehamkin.  Quarter Midget Racer 8 pgs w 34 pics of various makes and 3 pgs of components and a track. Lee Holcomb's Award-Winning '32 Ford Coupe Omaha Nebraska.  San Diego's John Cox's Custom Merc.  Joe Viherek of Rhode Island builds sleek roadster from his wrecked '51 Studebaker. George Kilger's 1951 Chevy Custom with work by Southern California shops. Firestone's New Test Center Fort Stockton TX.  Answers to Your Racing Tire problems by Bob Pick. Vesco-Dinkins Streamliner w Riley Overhead conversion New England Championship Drags Charlestown R.I.  Eagle Rock CA Bill Woodward's '32 Ford Roadster w '56 Chevy V8.  Chick LaLonde's '50 Cadillac Sedan front matched with '54 Chevy pickup rear Portland OR.  How To dissassemble, inspect, recondition and adjust your engine's valves by Ed Packer, S.A.E. Racing the Stocks roundup. 82 pgs, nm-, $16

HOT ROD Apr. 1958
Glass Slipper and Hot Rod Magazine Special set Standing Kilometer Record for Rodders at Riverside CA.  Long and Short of Lakes Pipes. 1958 Ford Road Test and Analysis. Competition Potvin Blower Kit by Don Francisco. Improved graphics begins on Pg 35. '58 Corvette V8 in Harvey Cross's '47 Ford coupe. Bob Marchese's Deuce Coupe Denver CO. Ardun/Ford Bantam dragster  of Tom Ruddy of Beverly Hills CA.  John Kingston's 1933 Ford Picup w Buick V8 power Kansas City MO. Scorpion Dragster of Bob Langley of Everman TX.  John Lane's 1924 T Roadster Pickup of San Leandro CA.  Dave Cunningham's 1940 Custom Ford of San Francisco CA.  Neal East's excellent workmanshipp 1932 Five-Window Coupe of Los Angeles CA. Marshall Bloss's '55 Plymouth custom of San Francisco. Check Cooling
System for better mileage, quicker Warm-Up, Smoother Idling and longer engine life by Ed Parker S.A.E. Making and installing Clutch scattershields by Eric Rickman.  Car Clubs aid motorists, Pasadena CA, St. Louis MO. 3x4 cutout lower right corner of page 42. 82 pgs,  nm-, $8.

HOT ROD June 1958. 
1958 Thunderbird Hot Test and Report by Bob Russo. Emil Nelson at age 69 Portland ME is a top competitor with a '53 DeSoto in his coup.  How To Stuff a Cadillac Engine in '57-'58  Ford Chassis by Eric Rickman. Bolt-On and Quick Change Bars for Roadsters by Eric Rickman. Chandler AZ strip opener by Tex Smith. The Offy Four-Banger after 24 yrs of racing 5 page detailed review with many photos by Maurice Prather. Hamilton OH's Ernest Weiser's Olds-Powered '32 Ford a winner at shows and the strip.  Lee Harra's dragster of aluminum channel from scrapped Greyhound buses.  Wayne Roberts and J.E. Threadgill's '33 Channeled Plymouth Coupe Houston TX.  Mamie Van Doren pic by Bill Morse's Custom '58 Impala El Monte CA. Garland Stewart's Channeled '32 Ford Highboy of Wichita Falls TX. Lance Reventlow Scarab MK-1 tested at Willow Springs CA text and photos by Lester Nehamkin. Greater Safety More Comfort and Increased Economy with Well Fittted Shocks by Ed Packer S.A.E. Countdown For Indy by Ray Brock. Ram Tuning explored with novel pot-to-port gas induction system for Chrysler.  Archie James Butterworth's 91 cubic inch AJB air cooled, horizontally oppposed four with ducted ram cooling by Jerry Ames. 90 pgs, nm- $18.

HOT ROD July 1958, 6000 mile test - '58 Olds by Ray Brock. Grandfather Moutain NC by John Corey with pics of competitors Ed Welch, Bob Davis, Betty Jean Goodwin, Billy Patton. "How to do it" Overdrive for Automatics by Ray Brock. Cars being built for National Championship Drags by Doug Cook, Milt Moore, Calvin Rice, Art Chrisman, Sam Parriott, Mickey Thompson, Jack Moss, Joe Itow, B.V. Langley, etc. Central Coast Championships Santa Maria CA. Bill Neumann photo with wife and two kids, Scarsdale NY wins 28 trophies in 16 shows and many drag race wins. Leon Tetlow San Diego CA custom club sedan. Longie Gandall, Jr's '53 Chrysler mill dragster from Hawaii. Jack Simon Dallas TX builds his third hybrid Ranchero froma battered '57 Merc sedan. Hoquiam WA Norman Callaghan's Chrysler powered deuce coup. Burbank CA's Bob, Don and Jim Burrell build high stepping Buick milled rail job. Duff Livinston's T bucket Corvette in Cal Sports Car Club races.  Jim Beardslee's '34 show and go w '55 Cad engine Eurgen OR.  Blown 365 inch V8 in '29 Ford roadster of Bob Wong, San Jose CA. "One Fine Fifty" Ford, San Bernardino CA of Greg Hill. Slickest of the Slicks GMC powered T roadster of Al Andrave and Jules Carvalho of  San Bernardino CA. Tune Your Own Engine by Ed Packer, S.A.E.  Rochester Four Throat by Alexander Walordy 6 pg detailed illustrated text. 90 pgs, 2 copies  nm- $18, vg  $12 no tears

HOT ROD Sept. 1958
Pikes Peak Coverage and Pictorial by Ray Brock.  East Coat NHRA Drag Racing Charlestown R.I. and Sanford ME. Stout Field Indianapolis and Sebring drags. Full House for '58 Fords by Ray Brock Part II.  Southern Invitational Drag Racing Championships Wichita Falls TX. Rambler Vs. Volvo PV 544  Road Tests by Ray Brock. Fifth Annual Youth Safety Run by Tex Smith 880 miles from Pomona CA to a one day layover at Yosemite back to Pomona. Bill Edwards puts blown Cad-Kurtis in Sam Parriott's for lake runs.  Norm Wallace's Roadster Hartford CT Autorama Sweepstakes Winner.  Fred Chinal's 1936 Ford Coupe w '55 Olds engine.  Fiat Topolino of Johnny Burrell w 392 c.i. Chrysler Southeastern states.  Charles Calamia's '27 T-rod. Jack Plummer New Westminster B.C. '32 Vicky.  Jack Moss' New Twin Chevy Streamliner Amarillo TX. Lynnfield MA John Plaisted's "Cheetah" w '55 Caddy mill somewhat MG looking with US components. Frank Held's Wild Show Winning 104-Inch Wheelbase Dragster. Carl Mayer's Custom '55 Bel Air of KS.  Frank Held's slingshot dragster Columbus OH.  Larry Wilson's Channeled '28 Pickup salvaged from an Illinois farm.  Bruce Townley's 122 mph Deuce Salt Lake City UT. Bill Payne's neat '40 Ford coupe w '55 Corvette. How to Analyze and Control Engine Oil Consumption by Ed Packer S.A.E.  Draggin' from Charlestown, R.I. and Sanford, Maine pg 20-21 torn but complete. 98 pgs, vg+ $15.

HOT ROD Oct 1958 Ray Brock article on Engineering Developments proving McCulloch and Paxton blowers Can Be Practical.  Northwestern Regional Drag Championships Scappose OR. California Highway Patrol Mercury Police Special details  by Don Francisco. How to do your own  Body Sectioning by Chuck Cochrane. Dennie Moore's Pontiac powered Zinc championship car for Pike's Peak or the track. Dick Peters' 1929 Ford Roadster Pickup. Ron Courtney's 1951 Ford Custom X-51. Earl Philips and Buzzy Jenkins Seabord Speedster a novel '36 Ford roadster custom Baltimore MD.  Capitol City Cogs' dragster. Richard Burian's 1932 Ford Five-Window Coupe Caseyville IL. Construction details of Knoop-Huffaker Special Devin bodied F.I. Chev V8 of San Francisco Bay Area. Bob Barr's T-bird powered A coupe Madison IL.  Geno Ames' 1932 Ford Chevy powered Roadster Tacoma WA. Tom Cobb's Blown Bonneville C Competition Coupe Santa Monica CA.  Runaway Rod of Mitchell brothers, immaculate T body, driver up front out of sight  blown "51 Chrysler in original driver compartment St. Louis MO. Simple Tests and Services to maintain Quick Starting, Smooth Performance and good mileage by Ed Packer S.A.E.  Hot High Horse Outboards by Mel Martin.  Championship Trail: Opelousas Louisiana, Grand Island Nebraska. Assembling a Go-Kart kit by Eric Rickman. 98 pgs, nm-, $16 

HOT ROD November 1958, Copy One: Details of '59 Plymouth Sport Fury by Ray Brock.  10 page report on Oklahoma City National Championship Drags.  Better Engine Bearings by Alexader Walordy. How to Do It: Servicing your Clutch and Transmission by Ed Packer SA.E.   98 pgs, copy one; Pgs 39-62, cut out or cut up,  69-76 cutout.
Dual Engined Triumph Dragster Pg 80. 81-82 cut up, small cutout p 87, 91-94 cutout. vg $1.
Copy 2. 
Details of '59 Plymouth Sport Fury by Ray Brock.  10 page report on Oklahoma City National Championship Drags.  Better Engine Bearings by Alexader Walordy. Willie Hall's sports-rod-race-car Imperial Beach CA. Jerry Berg's '34 Street coupe northwestern show winner.  Jon Deston's Bird engined '55 Ford 2-door. Herm Rost HRM ideas rod pickup Indiana. Ray Fahner's '40 Ford pickup Independence MO. Hank Bender and Ronnie Hier;s Gasser, Santa Monica CA. Jack Williams, Miami FL standard appearing '48 Ford coupe. Jim Govro's '32 roadster w Caddy engine.  Daryl Foster Victoria B.C.'s coupe outshines show and hillclimb competitions.  Ed Norton and Armie Marion Seattle WA build B/modified DeSoto powered roadster. Dave Rolin's radical '57 Ford custom Sacramento CA. Bud Drake's channeled V8 roadster. How to Do It: Servicing your Clutch and Transmission by Ed Packer SA.E.  200 mph commonplace for hotrodders in 10th annual Bonneville by Ray Brock 8 pg report.  Blind Man's Bluff text and illustration by Carl Kohler. Dual Engined Triumph Dragster Pg 80. 98 pgs, vg+ $14

HOT ROD Dec. 1958, '56 Ford of Clifford Ray Goebel Houston TX, Corvette with Cad engine and Bugatti pedal car of A. Tartaglia W. Orange NJ,  3 window coupe of Don Johannes. '55 Chrysler Windsor engine of the Queen's Rods, John Arcari, Long Island NY. 1959 Pontiac Catalina 3000 mile roadtest by Ray Brock 7 pgs 13 pics 2 charts. Motorcyle Bonneville record runs, pictured or named: Jack Wilson, Bus Schaler, Skip Fordyce, Wilbur Ceder, Lyle Hysert, Tom Ryan, Jess Thomas, Dick Ragan, C.B. Clausen, Jim Hunter, Bud Hood 4 pgs 10 pics. New developments in valve seals 3 pgs 3 pics one illustration. Pics of drag strips around U.S. Roanoke VA on Beasley Farms, Petersburg VA at municipal airport, Julesburg CO, Vineland NJ, Elizabeth City N.C., Santa Ana CA oldest in nation in 8th yr in '58.  Combustion Chambers versus Knock by Alexander Walordy 6 pgs 8 pics 5 illustrations (slight tear pg 34). Indy Cars go to Monza for 500 miler by Karl Ludvigsen named: Jim Bryan, Troy Ruttman, Stirling Moss, Luigi Musso in a Ferrari, pics of Willie Wilkerson with Lister Jaguar, Mike Hawthorn, Phil Hill's V-6 Monza Ferrari, 4 pgs 9 pics. George Wiegand's mint original then modernized Model A pickup. Tony Russo's restyled '54 Ford Coupe. (Page 48 missing). Skip Torgeson's 27 T bucket first featured in Hot Rod in 1950. (top half pg 51 missing) Customed T-birds of Dick Day, Joe Castro, Gordon Vann, Mitch Macao, Jim Routh, Jack Hereshey. (pages 55-58 missing) Gene Glance's '32 Tudor, Pontiac V8 in Bantam of Jim Agawa. (pages 61-67 missing). Testing and Servicing Turn Indicators and Gauges by Ed Packer 7 pgs 8 diagrams. Tom Ikkanda photos installing a Chev V8 in Studebaker '53-'54 coupes 9 pics 3 pgs. Outstanding cars at Nationals Ed Garlits, Barbour & Stanley, Jame Doutt and Bob Chinnery Independence MO, Jerry Elston Chickasha OK, Jack Schnepf Queen Creek AZ, Lee Christian, Tom Adams Lubbock TX, Bob Watts NV, Ralph (Pancho's brother) Gonsales Los Angeles, Mullins & Gorman ,Cebolla NM, Keen & Malone, OKC, Leland Kolb, Downey CA, Lin Huiet, Houston TX, Lyndall White, Allison powered dragster of Ashtabula OH, Cody Purr OKC, Oscar Taylor, Drumright OK, Eric and Holcomb OK, Bannister Bros, Billerica MA, Leffler Brothers, Parma Ohio, Merryman Car Club Long Beach CA, Gene O'Tanger, Amarillo TX, Larry Reimer Oak Forest IL, Eddie Hill Lufkin TX, Bob Ford of Topeka KS, Gene Wells Middletown OH, Bob Tennant Akron OH. 29 pics 4 pgs. (pgs 89-96 2/3rds of page cutout), 99 pgs, vg+, $3   

HOT ROD January 1959, Studebaker's New Lark V8 detaled review by Ray Brock. Mobil Mileage Rally Southern California mountains four Classes to 750cc, to 1099cc, to 1499cc to 1500cc. Narrowed Rear-Ends photo story by Eric Rickman. Belleville IL Gear Jammers Club of the Month. Rods in Sportscar Racing by Ray Brock Reventlow's Scarab, Chuck Porter's Chevy powered ex 300SL, Max Balchowsky's Old Yeller, Billy Cantrell's Offy Special, Knoop-Huffaker Devin-Chevy, Cad powered Kurtis, Lister Chevrolet, Pontiac powered Maserati, HWM w Chevy power. Frank Iacono GMC 6 dragster 5 pgs of photos. Argentine road race '34 Ford coupe of Carlos Fernardez. Ray Huckabee's 190 c.i. Ford four dragster Houston TX.  Jim Khougaz's tube framed Chrysler powered Bonneville roadster. Screaming Banshee fibreglas bodied '58 Olds powered takes three strip records within 24 hrs San Fernando CA.  1959 Drag Safety Rules, Best Engineered Dragster  The Hustler of Chrisman and Cannon w blown Chrysler Willowbrook CA. George Spieler Jr's hot Chevy powered '34 convertible Holbrook MA . Little red deuce pickup of Dwaine Lindebaum. Fitting Doors, Fenders, Hoods and Lids Tricks of the Pros by Ed Packer S.A.E.  Draggin' Around; Helena Alabama, Naples Italy, Bayview WA, Madera CA.  98 pgs, rear cvr torn. vg  $10

HOT ROD February 1959, Ford's Ranchero vs Chevy's El Camino detailed report and road test by Ray Brock. Sprint Cars by Bob Pendergast 6 pgs w photos of engines; Jag, Mercurys OHV and flat, Chrysler, Offy, DeSoto, Wayne Chevy, Chevy V8's, Ardun, OHC Chevy 4, Ranger Aircraft, DOHC Model B.,V8 60, Dodge V8 and 6 cyl flathead, Chevy Stovebolt, etc. Reading your Tire Tread Wear by Ed Packer.  How to Win at the Drags by Roger Huntington. Ron Freedland Dick Blaine award winning roadster Bloomington IL. Charles Fenza's converted '51 sedan to a convertible Chester PA. Fuel Injection - latest systems explored by Bob Pendergast. Willys Windjammer Compton CA w blown 331 inch Chrysler of Don Clarkson. Dick Gates Cad powered '41 Ford pickup Long Beach CA. Harlingen TX Fireball Buick powered quarter miler of D.C. McNabb. Don Vance's Dodge powered Ford Bonneville roadster. Leroy Hunter's distinctive Olds Marysville WA. Don Garlits Slingshot Tampa FL. Austin Brothers roadster. Best Appearing car and crew -Houston TX Custom Shop. Sammy Weathers Chrysler powered '33 Ford Vicky Tulsa OK. Ray Brock evaluates California HP Police Specials.  Playboys Rod and Custom Club Enid OK.
Copy One  98 pgs, Cutouts bottom 1/3 pg 55, top half of pg 55 vg+ $6.
Copy Two, 98 pgs, cover almost loose, vg+, $10

HOT ROD March 1959, Buick Builds a Better One, '59 tested by Ray Brock.  Careful plan on fitting a big Chrysler in '55 or '56 Merc by Eric Rickman. Walt Flynn, Ray Turpin and Paul Pitts build Enterpise Machine Special, first roadster sprint to run on 1/2 mile banked midwest ovals. Draggin' Around: Halls TN, Chandler AZ, Hammond Louisiana, Brooksville FL, Vineland NJ. Cheap and Easy Distributor Change for More Go by Bob Pendergast. Northwest Gas Champ unblown Olds of Jay and Bob Cheatham and sponsored by George Rodriquez.  John Rasmussen's Bahama Blue A-V8  Westchester CA. Sectioned on a Shoe String '51 Ford of Henry Katzenmaler Decatur IL.  Two Harley-Davidson V-twins power the Bunnel, Adams and Rannberg dragster Fontana CA. Floyd Mayberry's 4 seater family roadster Duncan OK. Duane Aspengren lowers a '49 Hudson coupe w '57 Corvette engine Chula Vista CA. West Chester PA's John Good builds 109 mph 1/4 Chrysler powered  '32 Ford station wagon.  CRA trackster driven by Roy Prosser features alloy tube frame, narrow tire tread, adjustable suspension, Goodyear discs and Dodge V8 with Plymouth single rocker heads. Austin TX based Olds powered '29 of Miller, Buck and Bohls gets safety award at Houston TX '58 Nationals. Radar controlled Studebaker custom coupe of Jame Butler Inglewood CA. Frank Moseley's immaculate Chevy powered '34 Oilers Club of Carlsbad CA. Terry Sweem's Olds Hydro short bed Model T Reseda CA. Improve Engine Cooling, Starting Ease, gas and oil mileage, top speed and engine life with Gasket and Seal Service by Ed Packer S.A.E. Salute to Pipers and Piper Puffs of Columbus OH.  Woodburn new strip near Portland OR.  98 pgs, vg+ $14

HOT ROD Apr. 1959
'59 Mercury Stylish and Spacious Test by Ray Brock. Competition Clutches and Flywheels by Bob Pendergast. 40 HP Triumph Motorcycle test and review off  road by Bob Greene. Build Your Own Nerf Bars. Modifying Chevy's Big V8 by Don Francisco. John Cooper's Monaco a lightweight Competition Roadster by Jerry Ames.  Jack Lindsey's Custom Plymouth Wichita KS.  Jim Nelson and Dode Martin's Legendary Dragmaster Dragster Oceanside CA.  Mickey Sander's fine A V8 Watsonville CA. R.D. Miller's restyled '55 Ford Pickup Fremont CA.  Jack Kuehn's T-Drag/Show Roadster Everett WA. Willys Based Sportster for a Grand of Earl Fabritz Brookfield WI.  Bob Hooper fancy roadster from a '36 Ford Beaverton OR. Oregon's Travinglest Dragster of Chuck Blanchard and Dick Senz.  LeRoy Goulart's '51 Ford 2 dr custom by Winfield. Make Your Car Go Where You Point It. by Ed Packer, S.A.E. HRM salutes Quarter Kings Hollywood CA.  Drag Racing Toledo Ohio. 106 pgs, vg+. $14

HOT ROD May 1959
Corvette the All America Sports Car Test by Ray Brock.  Stock Cars reach 140 mph at new Daytona International Speedway.  Mickey Thompson Readies to Make a Run at 400 mph. 410 Horses from Pontiac's V8 w details. Build a $30 Tach.  Boat Roddin'- A Look at Various Hot Rod Boats. Pg 49-52 bottom 1/4 cut out.  Jim McGinnis' Chrysler-Powered 1931 Model A Roadster Amarillo TX. Bob Rheemsnyder builds a Go-Kart Whittier CA.  Earl and Monty Rowland's 151 mph in 1/4 Dragster Portland OR.  Lee Titus' Chevy-Powered Ford Roadster Santa Monica CA. Jack Miller's Deuce Pickup Bremerton OR.  Jim Hordemann's Rear-Engine Chrysler-Powered Drag Racing Roadster. Pg 61 top half pg cutout, Stan Bennett's Victoria Portland OR.  Waters-Sughrue 174 mph Roadser Dragster Bakersfield CA. Hard cam facing text and photos by Don Francisco. Salute to Piston Jockeys of West Haven CT.  San Luis Obispo County Timing Association's Drag Strip. 106 pgs, cutouts noted, vg+, $5. SOLD MARCH 2010

HOT ROD June 1959.  Olds '59 Class Leader test review by Ray Brock. Eddie Kusma's Leader Card Roadster construction by Ray Brock. Fuel Injection sytem developed by Propulsion Development Laboratories of El Seguna CA. '39-'41 Packard gearboxes can replace short supply of Cad-LaSalle transmissions.  Crash Helmet Progress by Griff Borgeson. Bob Selix's Chrysler powered swing axle sport coupe Sedro-Woolley WA.
Space Age T w Merc of Johnnie Hart Portland OR.  Haulin' Henry J w bored and stroked Chevy V8 of Ollie Olsen, West Palm Beach FL. Gene Uyesugi channeled  roadster w fenders Waipahu, Oahu. Velton Boat Works custom boats. VW front supensiond  Arvy Mack's Big Chrysler dragster Minneapolis MN.  one pic cutout on p 54.  Dry lake rig of Fred Larsen La Mirada CA.  George Lang's Fordillac '20's Ford sedan of Minneapolis MN. John Cramer's Ardun/Ford Bonneville rod of San Diego CA. Henry Neys original design fibreglas roadster Lake Stevens WA.
Four barrels top 100 in 1/4 Engle and Baber N. Hollywood, Merry Men Car Club Long Beach CA, Riley two port Chessmen car club Harlingen TX.  Hot Rod staff race Moss "Midjets" at Azusa CA go-kart track.  Enrico Nardi - Italy's Hop-Up Artist by Karl Ludvigsen. HRM Salutes the Pelican State Auto Club of Lafayette Louisiana.  106 pgs cutout P54 noted, vg+, $10 SOLD Oct. 2016

HOT ROD July 1959
  Four Seat T-bird review and test by Ray Brock. 8th Annual Gold Cup Drags Santa Ana CA before strip closed for airport expansion.  March of Dimes Championship Drags Helena, Alabama. 
14-second El Camino Off the Showroom Floor of Jm Pitts Lynwood CA.
 New batteries for cranking mills by Bob Pendergast. Chrome Crank for Hot V8's by Ray Brock. Buckingham & Williams cover car '27 T body pickup show winner Pittsburg CA. National Drags Detroit. Harley Earl's one-off Olds GM roadster by Ray Brock. How the Cooling System Works by Alexander Walordy.  Afrons Brothers' Green Monster by Roger Huntington. McLenachen Chenowith LaPrade and Blair's dragster Imperial Beach CA. Bill Devin's SS Model with detailed photos and full chassis Bob Thatcher cutaway El Monte CA. Bob Reuther's '27 T Nashville TN. Ron Gorans and George Jay's short course streamliner Longview WA.  Argentina's Gran Premio 3414 miless w modified coupesby Gianni Ragliatti; Willie Chambers' and Dale Grantham's Flathead-Powered Dragster Phoenix AZ.  Carl Jensen's 1928 Roadster Pickup Eugene OR.  Bob Reuther's '27 T Roadster.  Ed Johnson's Chrysler-Powered Miller Boat Manhattan Beach CA. Bryan and Wilson Drag Boat Long Beach CA.  HRM salutes Hanover PA Rod and Kustom Klub. 114 pgs, nm- $14.  SOLD 10/2010

HOT ROD August 1959. Rambler Rebel V8 w high rear axle for economy review and test by Ray Brock. Aurora airstrip south of Portland OR drags by Multnomah Hot Rod Council and Northwest Timing Assoc.  Pit Stop Ingenuity at Indy  500 by Ray Brock.  Abernathy TX drags. Tune it Yourself by Bob Pendergast. Santa Maria CA drags. Southern California Rod Run Griffith Park Observatory by Tex Smith. Boat rodders develop new controls for 1/4 mile rides by Bob Pendergast.  Customized vettes of Bob Moreira Hayward CA, Bob Clews San Leandro CA, Gene Winfield does Vette for Bob McNulty Castro Valley CA.  Harry and Tom Jackman '32 coupe El Cajon CA. Nebraska lightweight dragster with carbureted Chrysler  and new slant suspension,  Stanley and Smith Omaha Nebraska.  John Shields supercharged GMC powered runabout tops 90 at drags. Joe Brenza's Cad-powered cut down roadster West Islip NY. Rolla Volstedt's Sportsman King of the Modifieds Portland OR. Dennis Reinero's '56 Olds Shell Pink showpiece Merced CA.  '46-'48 Ford Half-ton rod truck of Wayne Miller Portland OR. Art Bishop  T Bucket roadster of Broomfield CO. Blue  '40 Willys O'Brien and Holthaus Chrysler 403 c.i. with two  Paxton  blowers Los Angeles CA.  Go Cart Cavalcade survey of autodom's  fun sport by Bob Greene 15 pgs  of photos and details of  numerous makes,  construction, etc.  HRM salutes Chevruns of Denver.  Harley Davidson's Scooter.  122 pgs, vg+  $12.

HOT ROD September 1959,  Pikes Peak 37th Year by Ray Brock 6 pgs numerous photos. Draggin' Around;  2 pgs scenes of York PA, Bayview WA. Indianapolis IN and Sebring FL.  Valve Timing for Top Performance by Don Francisco. Details including Bob Thatcher cutaway of Mickey Thompson's four Pontiac  V8 speed challenger. How the Hot Drag Boats get Their Speed by Bob Pendergast.  Ed Keuhn's blown Cad powered Wickens Whirlwind top eliminator lakes Central CA. Ed "Creampuff" Olsen aims for "SK" Class laurels Garden Grove CA. "Squid" Naylor's 16 footer Bakersfield CA.  Ron Beckman A-V8  roadster Denver CO.  Custom Chevies of Tony Del Rio and Joe Ortiz of Hayward CA.  Stoke & Davis dragster San Rafael CA. Street or strip '39  Chevie coupe of Donald Compton St. Louis MO.  Brammer Wilson Burns and Burkhart drag roadster Los Angeles CA. Aston Martin single seat racer hits the tracks by Jerry Ames.  Jack Ames  Merc flathead '32 roadster Zephyrhills FL. '34 Chevy powered Ford five window of Babe Mushegan Rivera CA.  Tech inspection hints for Detroit Championship Drag Races. Quarter Mile Pioneers Al Williams Wichita KS and Steve Pick Long Beach CA with aluminum channel frame construction with torsion bar suspension 8 pges of details by Don Francisco.  Fifth mile ovals for go-karts such as Moonza track Sante Fe Springs CA.  Denny and Marge Carrisosa and children pile up trophies Pomona CA.  HRM Salutes the Torque A Teers Auto Club of Lombard IL. 122 pgs, intact but tears in covers, vg-, $4

HOT ROD December 1959.  Ford's Optional Super Stock by Ray Brock test and details.  Review of Bonneville in 1959 6 pgs mostly pics.  The Valient, Corvair and Falcon Sixes by Roger Huntington.  1959 National Championship Winner Rodney Singer, Karol Miller, Ray Canton, Eddie Flynn and Ray Canale of Houston TX.  Goodyear's Fabulous Racing Rubber by Griff Borgeson.. James Broadwell's Class H  uses Crosley parts for Bargain Basement bomb detailed article. George Montgomery Willys drag coupe Dayton OH. Pete Morrow's little red bomb '29 Ford roadster w Corvette 283 c.i.  San Diego CA.  GMC 4-71  blown '57 Chrysler roadster of Tom Brown, Don Scoville, Jim Hall Sherman Oaks CA.
Gary  McGann's smooth five window street coupe Renton WA. Twin Chevy  dragster of Allen "Lefty" Mudersbach Pico Rivera CA. Ray Moriarity makes '53 Stude into convertible Lakewood R.I.  '24 T bucket of Bill Strickland Niantic CT.  Modified Sportsman of Don Thomas El Cajon CA. Mick Tully's custom  '54 Chevy Bel Air Torrance CA.  Buick mill in T bucket of Dick Monroe Garden City MI. Jim DeLorenzo '40 Ford coupe with Corvette V8 Riverside CA.  The Vertex Magneto explored by Don Francisco. Ingenuity in Action the theme of fifth annual National Championship Drags by Bob Pendergast.  Motor mount challenges with strange engine chassis swaps.  HRM Salutes South Florida Timing Association Miami FL. 122 pgs,  vg+ $10 SOLD April 2012
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