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Subject: Re: Convenience Store; Assessor Parcel Number: 0315-231-17; Project Number: P201300086; CUP; Steeno Design for Maida
Date: May 8, 2014 3:24:40 PM PDT
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  I agree with Mike.  One other thing.  What is being done to address the inadequacies for State Lane to handle tanker traffic. Click here to downlaod Diagrams of the turns required by tanker trucks). When it is icy and plowed, the road width is severely narrowed.  Sometimes it is down to one lane in heavy snow years.  This has never been addressed at all in any of the follow up  reports.
Also, the site itself cannot support the size of vehicles needed for fuel and possibly food deliveries. Entry and egress will be impossible without putting the safety of the public at risk which is unacceptable.
Entry from Hatchery Road is NOT an option because the most southern portion is an unpaved dirt road and a truck would travel through a residential area passing Erwin Park. 

This is why I have stated the traffic study is flawed!  I will say it again.  Tankers cannot make the turn from NB 38 onto EB State Lane without making drastic turning movements and driving on the wrong side of the road. 

I assume the county will accept liability for accidents caused by this or tankers overturning on the sharp approximately 123 degree turn on State Lane! NOT!

If this issue is not addressed, public safety will be put at great risk.  This is based on my training and experience.  Something will happen and when it does the county is going to say “It’s not our fault!”  Well it will be your (the county’s) fault if some one suffers property damage, personal injury or even death because these roadway issues are not addressed completely and believe the canned traffic report addresses all of these issues because it does not. 

  I have researched San Bernardino National Forest, Angeles National Forest, Cleveland National Forest and all of the communities within.  Not ONE...I repeat not ONE has a gas station inside a residential community.  All are on a primary road or highway with easy direct access and an existing infrastructure that can support it.  I hate to sound redundant, but these issues need to be addressed in a complete EIR.  There is no way around it. 

The economical impacts on existing markets need to be addressed too.  I look forward to your prompt reply.
Jason Jones

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