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From: Mike Stewart
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 1:09 pm
To: Shahriari, Oxso - LUS
Cc: Jason Jones
Subject: Re: Erwin Lake Convenience Store

I spoke to CalTrans again this morning. I don't think anyone understands that delivery trucks with trailers (Von's, Stater Bros, fuel delivery) and large delivery trucks use SR 38 to access the Big Bear Valley. This is how trucks get here for the last 25 years I know about.

The present 25 ft turning radius from North bound SR 38 to East bound State Lane is totally inadequate to support the turning movements of any large truck without that truck crossing the centerline of State Lane into oncoming traffic. This is an accident waiting to happen and will happen if the intersection is not improved. The State and County may be open to liability if this project is allowed to proceed without making an improvement based on being warned about it but not taking appropriate action.

In addition the traffic counts and accident history at this time may not warrant a signal, but after the project opens and there are more left turn movements from State Lane to South bound SR 38 I predict in a very short time there will be sufficient accident history to warrant a traffic signal at this intersection and the County and Caltrans will be on the hook to fund a signal, which will primarily result from this project's traffic. So why not be smart and condition the development to fund the signal as a part of the approval instead of the tax payer paying the cost when the signal goes in. It just makes sense to be proactive and to provide for the inevitable in the approval process.

I spoke to Dan Kapulsky this morning and asked him to look at this again. I am in fear that somehow the fact this development includes a fueling facility and the inherent fuel deliveries got overlooked. We will see what CalTrans further review will come up with. I hate to be such a pest, but we only have one chance to get it right in a lot of cases.
Best Regards,
Mike Stewart
2545 State Lane  

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