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COPY OF EMAIL fom Yvonne Kurzeja - Owner, Erwin Lake Elderly Care (adjacent to proposed gas station/market)
Date: 04/10/2014 10:18:17 EDT Subject: Re: Convenience Store; Assessor Parcel Number: 0315-231-17; Project Number: P201300086; CUP; Steeno Design for Maida

Good afternoon Mr.Shahrari:
cc: David Prush, Land Use Services, Karen Davis, Land Use Services

I have read your Condition of Approval which states - (first paragraph): "CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL, Conditional Use Permit, MUNEM MAIDA

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Conditions of Operation and Procedures LAND USE SERVICES - Planning (909) 387-8311
1. Project Approval Description. This Conditional Use Permit is approved subject to these Conditions of Approval to establish a 6,793 square foot convenience store, gas station,* and a care-taker * *residence on 0.90* acre* ('I'm guessing you are mentioning us - Erwin Lake Elderly Care*) at the east/southeast corner of State highway 38 and State Lane, within the community of Erwin lake in the Third Supervisorial District; Assessor Parcel Number: 0315-231-17; Project Number: P201300086."

I would like to clarify this that my property has been bought as a Residential Land and Residential House, not a commercial one like proposed project for Store and Gas Station beside my house. I have my licence issued by the Department of Social Services to operate 6 bed residential care and supervision facility for elderly residents in my own home.

Many people in Erwin Lake area hosting at their home, home based businesses, not a commercial ones. We are in a category called RCFE which stands for *RESIDENTIAL* Care for the Elderly. I did not purchase a commercial land and build here a large, business assisted living facility for a population of 100 people or more, I do not understand why my* home business* is adjacent, connected to the proposed project?*

Per Health and Safety Codes Section 1569-.185 (2) - No local jurisdiction shall impose any business license, fee, or tax for the privilege of operating a facility licensed under this chapter which serves 6 or fewer".* Please read the whole chapter about this type of residential businesses in residential areas, so you can get more familiar about RCFE.

I have emailed you long time ago, that my husband and I along with the families of our elderly residents totally oppose this Project for Gas Station and the Convenience Store next to our residential house. Building and later operating the Store with alcohol purchasing to the long evening hours as well a Gas Station with a noise from incoming cars, motorcycles, delivery tracks  will be devastating to our elderly residents with dementia, Due to increased noise and lights of the incoming cars and delivering tracks directing to our house side, this will tremendously agitate my dementia elderly, decreasing their sleep patterns, eating habits, behaviour issues and anxiety. We are spending a lots of time during warm days outside on our patio, we have windows open and all the noise will be devastating to them. We need to provide quiet and safe environment for those lovely elderly residents, with all kinds of health issues, who live here and spending their aging years, most of the time their last years, at our home, calling it their home. Families of our clients are very happy, that their mother or father doesn't have to be in large, impersonal Institution like Nursing Home, but live in home like atmosphere at our home. Our elderly residents are very well taking care here by our professional caregivers. My husband and I also live here and work here providing very needed care in our community.We would love to continue the same excellent, caring care and supervision to our elderly they deserve. Please let our elderly residents live in a peaceful, safe environment with peace and dignity they deserve.

Sincerely, Yvonne Kurzeja - Owner
2052 State Lane
Big Bear City, CA 92314
Contact # (714) 943-2350

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