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CUSTOM CARS 5 3/8 by 8 inches

CUSTOM CARS Sept 1957 Vol 1 Number 1. Tony Ferreira's Modernized '54 Monterey, 8 pictorial pgs  of grille swap customs. Shaded Taillights 'how to'. Ronny Green's '41 Ford convertible by Studio Custom, Burbank CA.  Quad headlights style section. cover car; '50 Merc chopped hardtop of Al Forrester, Portland OR. Twin hood scoops for '57 Chevy, 'how to'. Vartan Davidian and Steve Stevens, Smithfield NC 50's Ford pickup with three Strombergs on a '55 Ford V8. 5 pg study of Nerf bars. Gale Morris, Portland OR European 'bodied' '40 Mercury convertible to look like a European production model not a California Custom. 4 pgs illustraton of side strip customs. Bill Burnett's Crown Vic by Ed SchelHass, Befflower CA. Gerry Moore's '55 Fairlane. Frenching with round rod. back cover Album 1, '53 Ford Victoria. 66 pgs, vg. $6.50  SOLD JUNE 2010

CUSTOM CARS Dec 1957 Vol 1 Number 4, '57 Mercury taillights for your custom. Ideas for '55-'57 Chevrolets, showing 15 grilles, 14 taillights, 6 hoods, 4 headlights and 4 sidetrim customs.  Custom hubcaps for early models, Pictorial report - 12 Continental Kit Stylings.  Album #4 1950 Ford Convertible. Flamin' Ford  of Lowell Helms, Bellflower CA by Eric Rickman. Installing dual spots.  Larry Watson, flames painter of Bellflower CA and his '50 Chevy tudor.  Norman Wesp, Anoka MN and his '55 Olds Holiday. Charles DeCrane, San Diego CA w red & white '52 Mercury tudor. Ragtop runabout, '50 Ford convertible of Jack Bertlow, San JoseCA.  Installing pull release cable for hoods. 66 pgs,  vg, $6.75

CUSTOM CARSMarch 1958 Vol 1 Number 7. inside covers. Album #7 1953 Chevrolet. 4 pgs on Ed Russell's '52 Mercury restyled hardtop by himself and Joe Bailon w paint by Dean Jeffries,  8 pgs 'Antenna Antics', various customs.  Lyle Lake's '52 Buick hardtop, top chopped 4 inches. Trimming out an opening in the leading edge of a '57 Mercury skirt, 6pgs, Barris. Mario Pirondini's '50 Ford by Cleary Motors Santa Rosa California. Sam Barris '52 Ford convertible. Custom Ideas for '52-'54 Mercuries 10 pgs. Unique '50 Chrysler New Yorker of B.M. Buckley, Klamath Falls, OR. Stan Medeiros '50 Chev hardtop by Bailon.  '51 Chev Bel Air of Howard Clarkson, Santa Paula, CA. '54 Ford Victoria built by Jack Kahn, Miami FL. 66 pgs, vg+, $7.00

CUSTOM CARSApril 1958 Vol 1 Number 8. front & back cvr Album #8 1950 Ford w skirts & dual headlights.  Cover car in red Joe Bailon's '55 Chev sedan converted to a Ranchero. 6 pgs on fitting '55 Chevy headlights to earlier models. '50 Ford convertible w '55 DeSoto grill and '54 Buick station wagon side trim of Paul Richards, Long Beach CA.  Dan Coulter, Pittsburg CA's '56 Olds 88 'smooth look' by Barris. Merc taillights for '41-'48 Fords, Mercs and Chevy's.  Bob Lewis '49 Chevy Fleetline of San Diego by Toigo, Hillcrest Top Shop and striping by Charles Bodge. Virginian Jim Walker had Ames Ford San Rafael CA disguise his '56 Ford with Mercury components and a T Bird engine. '56 Bel Aire of Rod Clawson by Scottie's Custom Oakland CA.  2 pgs on Ram-Cote leather finisher. Tommy Inouye '50 Ford coupe w changes from '54 Kaiser & Frazer, '55 Pontiac, '50 Merc grille shell, etc. Restyling Old's grille bar. 10 pgs of ideas for custom grilles. taillights & bumpers for '41-'48 Chevrolets by Dick Day. 66 pgs. vg $6.25.

CUSTOM CARS June 1958 Vol 1 Number 10. Album #10 1952 Mercury. Cover car, Pete Millino Oakland CA '50 Ford convertible w '56 Ford convertible windshield and dash. 8 pgs Part II by George Barris on how to prep your car for show.  Al King, Corona CA remakes a totaled '54 Corvette with a steel body of '55-'57 Chevrolets. Welding & Cutting Part II by Bob Pendergast 8 pgs. Northern California show circuit; winner Dick Peters elaborately constructed pickup by Barris (cost $15k in late '50's dollars), Oakland National Roadster Show; Joe Boliba's '55 Chevy, Saint Vasquez Chevy convertible of Renegades Long Beach, Jack Gault's '50 Club coupe Medford OR, Bob McNulty's modified Corvette, LeRoy Goulart's quad headlighted coupe. Sacramento Autorama, Mercs of Ray Cress, Bob Vincent and Bill Wolf, Joe Tacchine's '51 Ford,  Riley Custom's  Chevy Cameo and Bill Carr's radical '55 Chevie. San Mateo Custom Rod Show; Sharon Waner's hardtop featured on the girls Dresden car club of Fremont, R.E. Miller's truck with a TVat the back bed, Satan's Angels club took many prizes,  Frank Knights restored '41 Chevy sedan with all white interior and a GMC engine, Dick Tiago's chopped Ranchero, Tut Brown's roadster. 4 pgs on the '52 Ford Victoria of Chuck Johnson, Tacoma WA.  Black lacquered landau '39 Ford Convertible of Bruce Glenn, Watsonville CA.  Custom ideas for '55-'57 Fords for grilles,  tail and headlights.  '50 Ford heavily modified  of Lloyd Hammond, Rialto CA. 66 pgs, nm-, $7.75

CUSTOM CARS Dec 1958 Vol 2 Number 4. inside covers 1949 Ford coupe.  Automotive 'World's Fair'  West Springfield MA.  featured Carl and Sam Lombardo's detailed '56 Ford Victoria from Brecksville OH, Peter Eberhart's '55 Ford a Squires club entry, George Smaldone's '33 Ford Coupe, Jerry Flanagan's Olds powered '34 Ford chopped street coupe, Jim Buchinski's  extended rear fenders '49 Ford tudor, '56 Ford Vic of John Hychko, Waterbury CT, Fred  Altschuler's  '57  Ford ragtop, Hank Fournier's '36 Ford 5 window channled,chopped coupe, wild '36 Ford roadster of Earl Philips, twin'56 Dodges of Chuck O'Malley and Hugh Ward of PA, Carl and Bob Austin's '27 T street rod, Rochester NY won Custom Craft Magazine's Best of Show. Dan Mahony's '54 Studebaker, Frank Balzone's '56 Fairlane Vicky out of Bristol R.I. , '55 Merc of Paul Semenick of West New York, NJ. Chuck Derso's radically restyled '48 Buick convertible, Harry J. Geremia's '53 Ford pickup, Bill Newmann's Model A roadster, John North's semi-custom '57 Ford hardtop, Andy Kassa's deuce coupe fromm Passaic NJ. Tom Kiefer Bellevill IL, much disguised '53 Ford on which he did all the work (4 pgs), Ed Webster's '51 Buick convertible, Aurora IL (2 pgs). How to do 'top scoops' as on the Chevy Impala of the late '50's. '50 Olds Holiday of Neil Emory of Valley Custom, Jack Stewart, then Jack Zagray of Canton Ohio(4 pgs). Stock looking '40 Ford Coupe of Bob Boliba, Niles CA. Joe Sanchez's '54 Merc. John Major's '54 Ford. 66 pgs, vg $6.25

CUSTOM CARS Jan 1959 Vol 2 Number 5. frnt and back cvrs, Album 17 '36 Ford. 10 Best Customs: California, '55 Chevrolet of Bill Carr w chopped two w 2 removable sections  including '57 Merc skirts and headlights, '56 Mercury of Ray Cress by Riley Custom w '50's pieces from Olds, Caddy, Packard and Ford, '56 Chevrolet convertible of Joe Boliba by Bailon Custom. '55 T-bird of Joe Castro by Bailon  '50 Ford convertible w 'lakes pipes' of James Hendy by Bartoni Custom. '55 Ford pickup of Ted Long by Barris.
 Ohio, '51 Ford of Sam Ladd Jr by Campbell and Sons, '57 Ford Ranchero of Dick Tiago by Ward Body Shop. Oregon: '51 Ford coupe of Ron Courtney  sectioned and customed to almost a 'studebaker look'.  West Virgina; '57 Chevy hardtop of Charles Toepfer by Stalnaker Body Shop. Canadian Bob Welsh's '41 Ford four door w 3 Stromberg '97's, Duntov cam, Edelbrock manifold, 265 c.i. Chevy  w Auburn clutch, 48 Merc transmission with Lincoln gears all done by the owner. Verticle bar grille for '51-'52 Chevys. Grant Macklin's 'Pharaoh's Racer', much disguised, ultra lowered via  dropped A frames and 'C'd fram, reversed spring eyes and a six inch chopped top.  Bill Wolfe's '51 Merc tudor by Winfield's Custom, Modesto CA. How to flare fenders. R.L Smith's clean '50 Ford coupe of Northern CA. What's new in outside exhausts.
66 pgs, vg $6.25

CUSTOM CARS Feb 1959 Vol 2 Number 6. album 18, '56 Ford w fins, quad headlights & 2 front bumpers. hydraulics lowered wild remake of '54 Ford coupe by Jim Logue Long Beach CA.  chopped restored '41 Ford coupe of Bob Jones, Sierra Madre CA.  Quad Headlights Part 1, how to vertical positioning.  '50 Merc tudor of Hank Barnum of Satan's Angels car club by Bailon of Hayward CA.  4 pgs of Earl Byrum's '53 Ford radical ragtop of Los Angeles, CA.  'Stitchwork Styling' ornamental upholstery. 'Golden Corona' '56 Chevy convertible of Joe Boliba by Joe Bailon cover car 4 pgs, Hugh Ward's 'Aqua Angel'  '56 Dodge convertible finned with a continental kit. '54 Ford pickup of Ralph Ehon, Red Bluff, CA. Removing the  'garish' look of '57 Chevy hoods.  Bob Rollins of Edgerton WI, flames decorated Chevy Fleetline by Robbie Martinez, San Diego CA. Feature, 'What's New in Fenderskirts'. '51 Ford of Tom Caruso, Bronx NY.  66 pgs, vg, $6.25

CUSTOM CARS Mar 1959 Vol 2 Number 7.  3rd Annual ' Seafair Autorama' northwest's top custom. '55 Pontiac Convertible of Dave Bennion, San Franciso CA by Joe Bailon. Quad Headlights Part II.  Paul Semenick, Cliffside NJ, '55 Merc hardtop with quad headlights, taillights and fins. Joe Tocchini, Hayward CA had Bailon do a radical custom of his '51 Ford Victoria. 10 pgs on use of versatile plastics creating new concepts in restyling.  Jim Webb, Berkeley CA while in high school built 'from scratch' a fibreglass sportscar on a '49 Chevy frame which resembles 'futuristic' GM concepts. 6 pgs on truck styling concepts.  Art Desin's '56 Chevy tudor of Erie PA. 66 pgs, nm-  $7.00

CUSTOM CARS April 1959 Vol 2 Number 8. Album # 20, 1954 Ford Pickup by South End Kustom with a Michigan license plate.  Third Annual Portland OR Roadster Show, some pictured; Leroy Hunter's '53 Olds, Don Blanchard's '55 Pontiac, Jack Miller's chopped and channeled '34 Ford pickup, Paul Plebuch's '57 Ford, Ron Courtney's '50 Ford, Bob Tormey's '56 Ford Pickup. 2 pgs on Bob Selix, Sedro-Woolley, WA  handbuilt 'sportscar' coupe style from a '50 Olds, '48 Chrysler, '42 Buick fenders , Packard grille and a '51 Chrysler mill. Plastics Part II Tubular plastic taillights and directional signals.  Andy Belusko's '54 Ford, Whippany NJ. 2 pgs on Tony Moldonado's '50 Ford coupe by Bob Sanchez, Albuqueque NM. Toby Halicki's  '56 Buick Century of Gardena CA. Quad Headlights Part 3,  2 pgs on 'Peach of a Pickup' of R.E. Miller, Fremont CA. 10 pgs on 'What's New in Grilles'.  Reader's Custom: '53 Mercury of Jim Remenar, Bridgeport CT. 66 pgs, vg+, $6.25.

CUSTOM CARS May 1959 Vol 2 Number 9. Album #21, 1956 Chevrolet.  San Mateo Custom Rod and Sports Car Exhibit staged by Harry Costa;  Jerry Devito's '57 Ford, Bob Merry's '54 Olds, Hayward Rod Bender members Tony Del Rio and Chuck Maita display their Impalas with Buick grilles, Jim Adamson's restored '36 Ford four door, Ralph Ehorn's '54 Ford pickup, Pete Paulsen's '40 Ford pickup, Bob Johnson's 1950 Cadillac, John Cualco's '55 Chevrolet with Opel grille, Al McKeown's '51 chopped Merc.  Hank Contreras 'Bel Aire Showpiece', Artesia CA 4 pgs. '52 Ford of Don Salese, Newark NJ by Packard Auto Body. Glitter and Flitter ideas for show cars. Cover car Leroy Hunter's '53 Olds, Marysville WA w 3 Stromberg 97's. 'Xtura' Mitch Nagao's '57 Thunderbird 4 pgs. Plastics Part 3, Block Plastic - The easy to shape material for making your own original taillight lenses. 6 pgs. '40 Ford Coupe w basically stock body of Craig Long, San Leandro CA. Quad Headlights Part 4 Tunneled and Canted 6 pgs. Frank Knight's 'purest' 41 Chevrolet tudor of Oakland CA.  Ted Schmidt, Portland OR rebuilds a wrecked '55 Ford Victoria. 66 pgs, nm $7.00          SOLD JAN 2011

CUSTOM CARS June 1959 Vol 2 Number 10. Album #22 1954 Oldsmobile. Sacramento Autorama for Central California featuring Don Tognotti's 'bird', Marge Bailon's '55 Nomad, Rick Gregg's '50 Ford tudor-pickup, Don Delgado's '58 Impala, Jerry Furtado's '54 Ford, Dawn Smith's '50 Merc, Vanderhoff's VW, Clay Crabtree's '55 T-bird, Dean Jeffries Porsche coupe, Sharon Warner's '55 Chevy (6 pics). 'Beautifying w Bullets'. Von Hunter's '57 Plymouth clean custom. Car Naming; Majestic Lady, Blue Mirage, Tomato Can, The Maize, Wanderer, Miss Orchid. Bob Sanchez '54 Merc.  plastic  tubular rods in grilles.  Walt Medcalf's '48 Chevy of St. Louis.  Chuck O'Malley's '56 Dodge. Headlight and tail light mods. Jerry Halak's '58 Ford convertible of Toledo OH.  Walt Christian's '53 Ford convertible of NY. 66 pgs, nm- $7.00

CUSTOM CARS July 1959 Vol 2 Number 11, Album 23, '53 Mercury. Cover car, Jerry Anolik's restyled from a wrecked '55 T-bird at Oakland Roadster Show (6 pgs). Larry Erickson's restyled by Winfield '56 Chevy (3 pgs), Harvey Cross, Daly City CA  put '57 Corvette mill in '47 Ford coupe 4 pgs, John Montiero's '53 Ford pick-up, Bullet Grilles -custome assemblies (6 pgs), Pete Eberhart's '55 Ford 'Golden Aztec' of Short Hills NJ,  easy to install knock-offs,  Part V Pastic grilles (4 pgs), Ronald Schuber'50 Merc w tube bar theme,  '40 Ford coupe of Danny Hall, Tacoma WA. (4 pgs), "What's New in Scoops" (6 pgs), '53 Studebaker coupe of Warren Steinbach, Ridgewood NJ, '56 Chevy convertible of Joan and Roger Mahieu, '52 Mercury of Lanny Pierson.
10 pgs have a minor printing flaw across middle of page.
66 pgs, vg.  $6.00

CUSTOM CARS Aug 1959 Vol 2 Number 12. Album 24, '57 Corvette. Cover cars Impalas of Frank Goohring, Tony Del Rio and Chuck Maita (or Malta) (10 pgs). British Columbia C.C. A 7th Annual Motorama 8 pgs with cars; Fred Welsh's '40 Ford sedan of Vancouver, drag pickup of Andy Grange and Jerry Abramson, '32 Ford pickup of Harry Dashevsky, Frank Head's '53 Chevy, Ron Faust's '55 Merc convertible, '40 Ford coupe of Wally Erickson of the B.C. Igniters club, cars of clubs; '49'rs of Portland, Shifters, Di-Gamas of Seattle cars were Dick Kalivada, Milt Goodman and Ron Smith. Hank Katzenmaler's '51 Ford of Decatur IL How to- Scallops 4 pgs, Jim and Jack Preson '53 Studebaker, Tacoma WA (4 pgs),  '41 Chevy  coupe of Harvey Funk of Vancouver  B.C.,  'Stylizing the T-Bird Scoop" (6 pgs), '55 Ford of Joe Cirimelem Satan's Angels, Oakland CA. 'What's New in Side Trim' (6 pgs), Ron Smith's  clean '40 Ford coupe of B.C. '55 Plymouth convertible of Robert Wayne Owens, Kenosha WI, 66 pgs  vg $6.50

CUSTOM CARS Sept 1959 Vol 3 Number 1. Album 25 "57 Ford. Cover car; Jim Doyle's Candy Apple '52 Mercury convertible of Rod & Wheelers Club, San Jose CA 4 pgs, Midwest Autorama by Belleville  Gear-Jammers 4th Annual at St. Louis Nat Guard Armory; Hank Katzenmaier's '51 Ford sedan, Jack Karg & Don Mitchell '23 Ford T, Ferrari like roadster of Bill Freeman, Memphis TN, '50 Merc coupe of Tom Hickel of St. Louis, Don Compton's '39 Chevy, 'dagoed' '40 Ford coupe of Bob Boyd, Memphis., '32 Ford coupe of Phil Karlin, Richmond KY,  '51 Mer of Mandy Holder, '51 Cad convertible of Bill & Lee Freeman, Memphis,  '32 Ford pickup of Lloyd Teufel, Springfield IL, Bob Turgeon's '57 T-Bird of Topeka KS, blown '48 Merc in '32 Ford coupe Gordon Maze, Decatur IL, '57 Chevy of John Potter, Muscatine LA, Dick Arnoldi's  convertible from Sheybogan WI, '57 Chev railjob dragster of Pencak & Simmons.  Doug Landwer's Lincoln powered '53 Plymouth coupe of Bakersfield CA (4 pgs), How to; Mercedes type Top Scoops, Bill Hines '51 Ford Coupe of Lincoln Park MI (4 pgs), Show Displays when showing your car, 8 pgs naming Dresdens Car Club of Northern California, Bay City Conservatives,  Road Knights of Massachusetts, and Ralph Ehorm of Satans Angels of N. California. Jerry Helman's '40 fi04j9dr, Clutchers Racing Team, Seattle WA. How To; Nerf Bar Bumpers.  Erv Castro's '53 Ford, Oakland CA. What's New in Chrome Tape 6 pgs. Errol Huttle, Elizabeth NJ '57 Chevy convertible with the help of Road Runners Auto & Safety Club. 66 pgs, vg+, $7.00

CUSTOM CARS Dec 1959 Vol 3 Number 4. Album 28, '54 Ford. 1959 Cavalcade of Cars Boston Mass Commonwealth Armory; '30 Ford Phaeton of Charles Mayenschein, Fairburn OH, Pete Stanley's '54 Ford, Oxford MA, Art Bantas Kaiser looking '50 Dodge. Tony Forte, Worcester MA '53 Lincoln, Ray Moriarty, Lakewood RI '53 Studebaker convertible, Dick Korkes '54 Ford, '32 Ford pickup Paul Bourque Saugus MA.
'50 Buick by Tom Brooks, White Marsh MD (4 pgs). "How Gloriously We Goofed" by Carl Kohler (6 pgs w cartoons). Double Bar Grills for '54 Fords. Roger Sherman, San Leandro CA '55 Ford by Joe Bailon.  Laurlee Dobbel '57 Chevy, Hayward CA of Hayward Rod Benderettes (4 pgs), Joan Vander Kamp's '49 Ford convertible, Ripon CA by Gene Winfield,  Dawn Smith's '50 Mercury, Atherton CA by State Auto Reconstruction, Redwood City CA, Lavonne Bathke, Lakewood CA '58 Corvette, paint by Larry Watson, interior by Jerry's Interiors, both of  Bellflower CA, Sharon Warner, '55 Chevy, Fremont CA of Fremont Dresdens club, most of work by Moeller Bros, Hayward CA. How To: Plastic Bullet Blinkers by George Barris.  What's New in Grilles. Fiberglass custom of Lynn Hanus '50 Merc coupe.
66 pgs, nm-, $7.50 SOLD April 2012

CUSTOMS ILLUSTRATED, 5 3/8 by 8 inches

July 1958 Vol 1 Number 1. 10 pgs illustrated on how to do your own carpeting, 2nd annual Drag-O-Rama of Pennsylvania Automotive Timing Association put on by Lancaster Cam Jammers w Bill Hotz, Don Fizzel, Don Barry announcer, honors went to James Montesanto's '50 Ford Convertible. Also picture are Robert Adams '49 Chev of Pittsburg Pacers, '57 Ford of D.L. Granger of PA, Bob Roggio's '55 Chev convertible of  Sidewinders Philadelphia, Dave Dubel's '48 Ford converible, Michael T. Molamphy, Ansonia CT - '53 Plymouth convertible and Bill Scott's sports custom of Newtown PA.  Frenched headlights with replacement from the front, 10 pgs illustrated.  Marlene Cecile Jacobs highly customed  '56 Olds 88.  6 pgs on bolt on tail light changes. Wallace Savage '49 Merc Coupe of Westbrook ME.  Rev. Alfred Juliano of CT and his 'Aurora', a super safety fibreglass laminated body custom.  5 inch chop of George F. Mercer's '49 Ford Coupe. '51 Plymounth convertible of Willard F. Libby, Shaft Twisters, a New England Hot Rod Council Affiliate. '40 Ford w 5" chop in Stoneham MA of Edward G. Eramo, Jr.  3 pgs on John Bozio's '53 Riviera of East Hartford CT.  Sports car by Woodrow Frantz, Nazarth Pa, a cut down '49 Ford sedan w suspension, transmission and steering from '49 Olds, supercharged Rocket engine. 66 pgs, cover intact but loose and vg-,  pages vg+, $6.50

CUSTOM RODDER 5 3/8 by 8 inches
Sept 1957 Vol 1 Number 3
Engine Swamps 8 pg article by Ralph P. Morgan with chart showing 2 dozen categories of cars listing possible engines, adaptors and key notes.  Dick Faulk Walnut Creek CA clean and hot 'deuce coupe'.  Mercury tail-lights for '49 Ford 17 how to photos.  Fabricating and installing a 4 or 6 carburetor setup using the Crower kit.  3 inch chopped top feature of '53 Ford 2 door of Bernie Davenport of Kansas City MO.  Hutchins Company's  exhaust tips that 'appear' to cut through the bumper.  Ray Smith and Genevieve Kenny of Baltimore NY, 'typical hot rodders'.  Westhampton Long Island drags pics of Highwayman's Model A roadster, Johnny Sabiston's  rear engined 'stripped' winner, John Dohner, Camp Hill PA took GB class with Olds powered deuce coupe, Bonnie Maquie drag strip queen with ATAA's '57 Plymouth Fury. 15 instructional photos for Ford fibreglass grille restyling. chart showing applications for the 20 top choice grilles for customizing. 6 pages with calculating formulas and machining details on raising compression ratios by Alexander Walordy.  duece based rod with '48 Merc mill of Bill Moore San Jose CA. Ardmon D. Taylor Dayton OH customed '55 Ford Customliner. 
cover has minor frayed edges, 66 pgs. $8.

CUSTOM RODDER 5 3/8 by 8 inches
June 1958 Vol 2 Number 6. 5 pgs showing the superb sectioning of Jack Stewart's  '50 Olds coupe by Valley Custom, Burbank, CA.  "Soup and Customize the Rambler American"  by Ralph Morgan.  Bob Perkins, Independence MO's black '34 Ford coupe, hopped up but neat stock looking by Ketterner Body Shop.  5 pgs,  by  Darryl Starbird on how to lower rear of a '56 Buick.  6 1/2 pgs of Charles Reicherzer's putting a Buick in his '53 Mercury.  Norman Wallace's '32 roadster wins 3 trophies at 8th Annual Autorama Hartford CT. Also shown are Andrew Kassa's '32 Ford coupe, Victor Novell's T-bird powered 'Thunder Rod' 32 Ford frame, Doug Gilbert's '42 Ford engined rod, and the '34 Fords of Bruce Potter, Henry Fitting and Gerald Flanagan.
66 pgs, vg+, $7.50

CUSTOM RODDER 5 3/8 by 8 inches
July 1958 Vol 3 Number 1, Gallery of all-new custom grilles, 4 simple steps to timing for power, step by step photos ; build and customize model cars, special equipment survey; soup the Chevy Turbo Thrust V8 w Offy manifold, Corvette cam, Mallory Magspark transformer, etc in 7 pg article.  Cover car: 'Buzz Bomb' of Buzz Sawyer, Watsonville CA, built in two years with Perry Buckley and Watsonville Road Angels with loaded '51 Olds, Lincoln front end, '40 Ford frame, '27 T coupe body, Franklin gears, Moon pressure system for drags, etc.  Oustanding '53 Olds of Jerry Soares, Tracy CA by Gene Winfield. long lean '53 Ford convertible of Earl Byrum, Santa Barbara CA channel 1 inch, chopped 3 inches, naugahyde top, 76 hood louvers. How To Restyle your hood by taking out the bumps. Customs at Detroit's State Fair Grounds pavilion included Ken Peterson's '46 Ford coupe, Jack Cooper's lowered ''36 Ford fordor,  Mike Pokoray's '54 Merc and striping by Hatton. 66 pgs, vg+. $7.50

CUSTOM RODDER 5 3/8 by 8 inches
June 1959 Vol 4 Number 6. Low cost Ford Customs Coast to Coast; cover car Jerry Koller's '55, Bellflower CA, '55 Vicky of Larry Mammini, Palo Alto CA. '36 coupe of Emerson Dinsmore, Greenfield IN, '56 of John Petrick, Stamford CT, Al Peron's '53 convertible in the Bronx. '55 2 dr of Joe Alter, Irvington CA. Joe Podolak's '51 Chevy 2 dr hardtop, Garfield NJ.  Install a prize winning headliner. How to soup any engine with a stroker kit. Make your own tail lights. Custom contest winners including a 'real car', Tom Siddon's '50 Ford, Drumheller, Alberta. 66 pgs, nm-, $8.00

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