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CAR and DRIVER 1964  NOV. Road test; Peugeot 404 convertible, Road Research Report; Sunbeam Tiger (underlining in article), 13 hr Daytona enduro  drivers serve as guinea pigs for Apollo moonshot. Mercedes Gullwing article by Leo Levine & Ken Dallison. The Isle of Man TT 5 pg pictorial description. Tour with Cotton Owens Dodge Racing Team racing in the north.  Racing pictorial; Edgar Barth Porsche 8 at European Hillclimb, German GP -Surtees, Clark, Gurney and Graham Hill at Ring's north curve, Phil Hill's Cooper burning up, Austrian GP at Zeltweg airfield, Parnelli at Milwaukee, Gurney et al at French Grand Prix. Jim Hall at Meadowdale, Mecom's team at Brands Hatch, Factory Cortinas take Marlboro 12 hr, Hap Sharp wins first USRRC race.  Report on '64 Police version Dodge Polara. 104 pgs, cover vg- along binding, pg 5 ad cutout. vg  $8

CAR and DRIVER 1965 DEC. Road Tests: Volkswagon 1300, Pontiac Tempest Sprint. Notable full pg ads; Ducati, Shelby G.T. 350,  Olds Toronado, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Ford GT/A convertible,  Pontiac GTO. U.S. Grand Prix Watkins Glen Report. The Rover Turbine by Gordon Jennings. Bonneville. NHRA Nationals - Indianapolis Raceway Park. Article on automatic transmissions in racing. 4 pgs of notable photos by Stanly Rosenthall. Jackie Stewart at Italian Grand Prix. Surtees at Brands Hatch. 96 pgs, vg, $6.50

CAR & DRIVER 1965 NOV. New Car Issue. Road Research Reports;  Oldsmobile Toronado, Triumph 2000. Road Tests; Cobra 427, Chrysler 300, Corvette Sting Ray 427.  Specifications for all 1966 American and Imported cars make and models. Testing a Ford GT 40 roadster at Riverside by Brock Yates. The Engineering Side of the 1966 cars.  12 pgs of capsule views of  all new models from Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, Pontiac, Lincoln-Mercury, Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Rambler. Large photos of Racing; Clark and others at the Ring, Norm Hall's accident and other photos as Mario Andretti wins Hoosier GP, Foyt's Lotus at Trenton, Jim McElreath at Langhorne, Ford's and Offies at Atlanta, Jarrett wins at Bristol. Ads; Ford 7 Litre, Volvo 1800S, Fiat 1100D four door station wagon, Pontiac (4 pgs), Chevelle SS396, Shelby G.T.350, Ford Cortina, Porsche, Toronado, Buick.   slight water damage on about 1/2 the pgs, 120 pgs, vg- $6.00

CAR & DRIVER 1965 SEPT. Road Test; John Fitch's Corvair Corsa Sprint.  Le Mans 24 hrs by David E. Davis Jr. Bob and Bill Summers Bonneville, El Mirage speed records and Land Speed Record project.  Car & Driver's Mustang and Corvair Accessory & Add-ons Catalog for Go and Show. Bristol TN Springnationals by Denise McCluggage. Pontiac's New SOHC Six by Eric Nielssen. Monaco Madness and the Movies. Racing photos; Nurburgring 1000 Surtees Ferrari winning, Player's 200 Surtees in a Lola T70 winning, McElreath wins USAC Langhorne wreck filled race, Clark wins Belgian GP for Lotus. Full pg ads; Sprite, Fiat 1100D sedan (Millicentro), Honda Super Hawk, Alfa Romeo. 88pgs, vg,  $6.50

CAR & DRIVER 1965 AUG. Road Tests; Plymouth Sport Fury, Cortina GT. Indianapolis 500 end of the roadster era with Clark's Lotus Ford win. San Nunis race promoter honcho of Trenton NJ Seedway. David Davis gets to drive Mercedes W196 and spins out.  Downdraft Porting: Inlet Horsepower by Eric Nielssen with pics of engines - Ford Indy, 1930 Sampson, BRM 1.5 litre V-8 1964, Ferrari V-8 F-1. Racing; Ferrari over Porsche at Targa Florio, Chaparral Takes Laguna Seca, Junior Johnson wins Rebel 300 at Darlington over protest. Full pg ads; Alfa Romeo Guilia Ti Sedan, Peugeot, Firestone in racing, Mercedes 230 SL, Triumph 1200 convertible (back cover).  84 pgs, vg+ $7.00

CAR & DRIVER 1965 JULY  Road Tests; Renault Gordini, Editors seat of the pants evalution and the automotive engineering aspects of Mercedes Benz 600, Cadillac Brougham, Lincoln Continental, Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III, Imperial LeBaron and Jaguar 4 litre. Night Race by Brock Yates colorful description of sprint cars at Reading in Berks County PA driven by AJ Foyt, Mario Andretti, 'Scratch' Daniels, Greg Weld, Jud Larson, Jerry Richert, Don Branson, Bob Tattersall. Warren Weith and artist Ken Dallison visit two three wheeled Morgans at a Long Island estate. Candid pictorial essay on Enzo Ferrari 'at leisure'.  21 yr history of the Detroit Special aka Miller Hartz race car built first by one of the Fishers and Cliff Durant to last race in 1946. Racing; Panch, Foyt and Glenn Wood's Ford win Atlanta 500, McElreath takes a wet Trenton in Brabham-Offy. Full pg ads: centerfold Riviera Gran Sport, Plymouth Satellite with Commando 426 wedge head V-8, Mercedes 230 SL.  84 pgs, mloc, nm-  $7.50

CAR & DRIVER 1965 JUNE; Road Test; Buick Riviera Gran Sport. Sebring 1965 heavy rain and extreme heat Chaparral wins.  Early days of Shelby American with Ford alliance the cars, the deals the people. Travel experiences to the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort. A visit with Phil Hill by Denise McClugage. '65 Indy Preview by Brock Yates w cutaway drawing of Indianapolis Lotus 38. 3 Liters-Analyzing the New Formulas by Eric Nielssen with diagrams of 3 stage Roots blower for '48 Cisitalia flat 12, rotors of Wankel blower run at relative 2:1 around fixed, ducted central shaft, Variable stators control delivery in 2 state centrifugal blower of planned BRM V-16. Autodynamics Formula Vee driving experience for Brock Yates around Lime Rock with Ray Caldwell. Racing; Spence Saves Brands Hatch for Lotus as Clark injures knee. Silverstone to Clark after deluge halts proceedings. Full pg ads; Sprite, 396 Corvette, BMW, Sunbeam Tiger, Shelby G.T. 350, Mercedes Benz 230 SL, Volkswagen, Citroen DS-19, Plymouth Belvedere Satellite, Ford Cortina, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, Peugeot, Fiat 1100D, Triumph Spitfire Mk 2 (back cvr in red), 100 pgs,  mloc,  vg+, $7.00

CAR & DRIVER 1965 MAY; Road Research Report; Triumph TR-4A.  Road Test; Mustang 350 GT from Shelby-American, Olds 442. Drivers' Report: Comstock Mustang and Tour de France Mustang at Mosport. 28k votes in 'Reader's Choices' for Best Economy Sedan, Best Compact Sedan, etc Best Luxury Car, Best Value for Money with a short review of winners of each category 9 pgs.  Ferrari's Rear-Engined GT Prototypes by Eric Nielssen with pics of 250/275 LM, 250/P, 330/P. David E. Davis Jr.'s report on driving a 275/LM from Philadelphia to New York.  Seventh Annual Daytona 500 by Brock Yates.  What Makes Cars Handle? Part II by Jim Hall with David E. Davis, Jr.  Tripoli's Golden Years of Racing 1934-1940 by Brock Yates.  Shelby crews four Fords to Daytona Continental. Mini Cooper wins Monte Carlo Rally.
Full pg ads; Olds 442 convertible, Fiat 600D, BMW,  Volvo P1800,  Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, Triumph TR-4A, Triumph Spitfiire MK 2, Jaguar XK-E roadster, Turbo-Jet 396 Corvette, Pontiac GTO, Ford GT and Mustang GT, Excalibur SS, Marlin by Rambler, Mercedes-Benz, Cortina.
132 pgs, mloc, vg+,  $8.00

CAR & DRIVER 1965 APR. Road Research Report; Porsche 911 with full cutaway by James Allington, BMW 1800-TI. Road Test; Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTDetailed history of Hans Stuck's driving records. What Makes Cars Handle? by Jim Hall with David E. Davis. Photos and bio of James V. Elmore. Racing; Jim Clark runs away with South African GP. Gurney wins 3rd consecutive Riverside 500 miler. Graham Hill wins wreck marred Tasman Formula series in New Zealand.
Full page ads; A-H Sprite, Karmann Ghia, BMW, Renault R-8 Gordini Rally Version, Ford Performance, Mercury Comet Cape Horn to Fairbanks, Plymouth Barracuda Formula 'S' sports package, Porsche 356, Dodge Coronet convertible, 2 pg pics of SCCA class winners by Champion,  Cobra Powered by Ford accessories by Amco, Citroen DS-19,  Buick Skylark Gran Sport convertible, Triumph Spitfire on back cvr. 100 pgs, mlofc, spine slightly wrinkled, vg+ $6.50

CAR & DRIVER 1965 MAR.; Road Tests; Pontiac Catalina 2+2 versus Ferrari 330/GT 2+2 with Walt Hansgen driving at Bridgehampton, Volvo 122-S.  1927 Daimler-Benz 'S' by Ferdinand Porsche. Nassau Stars Penske, Jim Hall, Sharp & Chevy. Chevrolet's 396 engine by Gordon Jennings.
Full  pg ads; Jaguar XK-E convertible,  Corvair,  Sunbeam Tiger w Art Arfons,  442 Olds has no pic of car, Volvo 1800 S, Honda's Dream Touring Model motorcycle, Triumph at Riverside '64.  Rover 2000, '65 Dodge Coronet Convertible, Buick Skylark Gran Sport. Pontiac 2+2/GTO, MG Sports Sedan.
100 pgs, mlofc, nm-,  $6.00

CAR & DRIVER 1965 FEB. Road test; Dodge Dart GT, Jaguar XK-E 4.2 Series II. Ford Galaxie 500 LTD. Road Research Report; Wankel NSU Spider. Personalities 1964; John Surtees World Champion, 9 top drivers,  11 'big shots', 14 'new faces', 6 drag or land speed record guys,  pictured 30 'supporting cast'.  Cutaway drawings (full pages) of 1964 Formula One contenders by James A. Allington with complete spec summaries; Ferrari 64/158, BRM F-1, Lotus 33, Brabham BT-3, Cooper Type 68. Pontiac GTO full pg color ad. Full pg color pic of Phil Hill, Gurney, Surtees, Graham Hill, Jo Bonnier, Jim Clark, Rinchie Ginther and Bruce McClaren in light blue Dunlop racing suits.  Mexican Grand Prix pictorial report.  Jan P. Norbye Technotes on Chevrolet 6 hydraulic lifters.  (bottom of many pages has a rip), 88 pgs, vg-  $5.00

CAR & DRIVER 1966 JAN. Road Tests; Volkswagen 1600 TL, Ford 7 Litre versus Caprice 427. Bill Gavin profile of Jim Clark and his racing style. Racing Personalities of 1965. Brock Yates Race Predictions for 1966. Hypothetical naming of Rosemeyer, Lang, Fagioli, Nuvolari, Wimille, Chiron and Caracciola as World Driving Champions prior to the first year of recognition - 1950.  Group 9 Sports racers - Jack Nethercutt's Mirage, Chaparral 2C by Hall and Sharp, Lola Type 70 by Broadley, McLaren-Elvas, Lotus Type 40 by Chapman, Ford GTX-1, BMC and Huffaker Genies, Bob McKee's LMD Special, de Tomaso. Racing:  Sharp's Chaparral beats Hansgen's Lola at Bridgehampton, Hansgen's revenge at Laguna Seca, Jareett takes Southern 500.  Mexican Grand Prix won by Richie Ginther in a Honda .
Full pg ads; red '66 Mustang Hardtop inside front cvr, VW Beetle w Wilt Chamberlain, Olds Toronado, Shelby G.T. 350 Cobra with 'Shel', Rover 2000, MGB. 88 pgs,  mlofc,  vg+  $7.50

CAR & DRIVER 1966 FEB. Road Tests; Dodge Charger, Citroen DS-21, Excalibur SS. Bob Cumberford's safety features per a sketch - some of which have since been in production. Riverside Times Sportscar Grand Prix  - a 'demolition' weekend.  SCCA bans Kas Kastner's TR-4A as production so he runs in D modified with Charlie Gates up and wins National Championship. Isle of Man TT  article mostly about motorcyle engines 2 strokes Yamaha's RD56 Suzuki 125 Honda 4 and 6 cylinders MV's from Italy. Racing; Sharp and Chaparral winning combination at Vegas. Lorenzen fights all for Charlotte National 400. Chris Staniland's Multi Unions of '38 and '39 specials built on P3 Alfa Monoposto. Detailed look at '66 McClaren Grand Prix Formula One car.  Full pg ads; Plymouth racing achievements, MG Sports Sedan, red 442 Olds convertible, BMW 2000 CS, Triumph racing 'triumphs', VW 'how much longer can we hand you this line?',  Ginther's Honda at Mexico GP - GoodYear, Pontiac GTO hardtop, '66 Corvette front view in rain, MG interior Amco ad, centerfold Dodge Charger, Comet Cyclone GT, Buick Skylark GS, Porsche, Ford Galaxie 427 red 2 door Ford ad inside back cvr, Triumph 2000 Sedan back cvr. 92 pgs, mlofc, vg+ $7.00

CAR & DRIVER 1966 APR; Road Research Report; BMW 2000 CS. Road Tests; Opel Kadett L, Plymouth Satellite Hemi. Formula One on the Grid by Bill Gavin illustrations Ken Dallison.  Review of XK-E Plus Two. Racing: Hill and Stewart earn hollow victory for BRM at New Zealand. Brabham breaks, Spence takes first 3-liter GP in South Africa. All American Racers gets underway in Santa Ana CA. Gurney wins his 4th NASCAR Riverside 500 by Brock Yates.
Full pg ads; Formula 'S' Barracuda, Citroen DS-21, Fiat 1500 Spider, Corvette 427, Renault 8, Ford racing 2 pgs champions, Hurst, Olds Toronado, Rover 2000, Fiberfab Banshee Aztec and Centurion. Centerold black Volvo 1800 S, Dodge Charger, Mercedes Benz on Automotive Safety, Hemi 426 Plymouth Belvedere, Porsche, VW Fastback, '57 T-Bird Gulf ad, Triumph Spitfire Mk2. 96 pgs, mlofc, vg+ $6.50

CAR & DRIVER 1966 MAY; Road Tests; Rover 2000 TC, Shelby Mustang GT 350H (H for Hertz or homologation), MGB GT. Road Research Report; Mercedes Benz 250 SE. Readers' Choice Winners. Duesenberg Model J with fold out photo of long wheelbase lime green Murphy bodied one at Harrahs.  Motorcyles to Know and Love by Gordon Jennings Honda 90 & 160 & 305cc Super Hawk & Scrambler & 450cc, Yamaha 100 & 305cc and 250cc & YDS-3, Bridgestone 90 & 177CC, Suzuki 80, Hondaka Ace 90, Bultaco Compera & 250cc Metisse & Montesa 250 LaCross, Ossa & 230 Ossa, Ducati 250 Diana Mk III & 250 & 350, BSA's 350cc Enduro Star, Harley Davidson's 250cc Sprint made in Italy by Aermacchi & Sportster 883, Greeves Challenger 250, Norton Atlas 750, Triumph 650 Scrambler. Candid photos of  lookers at Chicago Automobile Show at McCormick Hall. Racing: Fords 1-2-3 at Daytona Continental as Chaparral grinds to halt, no factory Ferraris. Miles/Ruby two time champions.
Full pg ads; Plymouth Hemi Belvedere, Fiat 600D 2 dr sedan, Olds 442, BMW 2000 Sports Coupe, Alfa Romeo Sprint GT, Corvette 427, Suzuki X-6 Hustler, Dodge Charger Hemi, Rootes Div Chrysler Sunbeam Alpine V, centerfold Buick Riviera GS, Ford Mustang GT, Pontiac 2+2, Barracuda fastback Gulf Oil ad,  Goodyear w pic of Richard Petty's #43 Plymouth at Daytona, Plymouth Formula 'S' Barracuda, Rover 2000 TC, Jaguar XK-E 2+2, Citroen DS-21, Karmann Ghia VW, Peugeot, Renault 8, Ford Cortina. MGB-GT. Triumph TR4-A, 126 pgs, mlofc, nm-  $8.00

CAR & DRIVER 1966 JUNE; Road Tests; Barracuda Formula S, Volvo 1800 S. Tract Test; Yenko Stinger. Sebring 12 Hour Race 1966. Prototype of the proposed 1967 Duesenberg. Indy Preview by Chris McCall. Daytona 500; almost a runaway for Richard Petty. Racing; BRM's Topple New Zealand Circuits with 4 Tasman wins.  Among several upsets at NHRA  Pomona Winternationals Shirley Shahan's '65 Plymouth S/SA takes Top Stock Eliminator.
Full pg ads; Fiat 1100 R, crashed Rover 2000, Alfa Romeo, Austin Healey Sprite, Mercedes Benz 230SL. Chrysler's Sunbeam Tiger V-8, Hertz Mustang, Buick Skylark GS,  Amco accessories on a Porsche, Jaguar XK-E, Dodge Charger, Fiberfab of Sunnyvale CA, Triumph Spitfire Mk2. small cutout corner of pg 78, mlofc, 108 pgs, vg+  $6.50

CAR & DRIVER 1966 JULY;  Road Tests; Aston Martin DB6, Toyota Corona. LeMans Preview by Gill Gavin. Detailed report on Rover 2000 safety features w Autocar London cutaway drawing and description of a severe accident test. Brock Yates visits the Griffith factory on Long Island and writes up his interview with Jack Griffith. XK-E with Pontiac 6 engine. The Unsedate Sedans by Steve Smith; with pics, factory Barracuda, A.J. in Mustang, Jim Clark in Cortina-Lotus, a BMW 1800-TISA, Mini-Cooper, Alfa GTA, Bob Tullius Dodge Dart. Racing Engines; Shape of the Sixties by Eric Nielssen - Porsche flat 8, de Tomaso - Holbay flat 4 for Formula 2, Coventry Climax FWMW  1.5 sixteen, Ferrari flat 12. Racing; Cannon's Vinegaroon Genie Olds takes Vegas USRRC, McElreath at Phoenix, Goldsmith earns Peach Blossom 500. Mario & A.J. have shunt at Phoenix McElreath wins. Nelson takes predictable Langhorn. Hurtubise returns after fire wins Atlanta 500.
Full pg ads; Hertz Mustang, Ford Cortina, MGB/GT, Suzuki X-6 Hustler, VW Beetle, Honda 160cc Scrambler, Chrysler's Rootes Sunbeam Tiger, Richard Petty's Hemi on trailer. 92 pgs, mlofc, back cvr edge slightly torn, vg+  $6.00

CAR & DRIVER 1966 SEPT; Road Tests; Alfa Duetto Spider, MG-B, Fiat 1500, Sunbeam Alpine, Datsun 1600, Triumph TR-4A rated by Ken Miles and Car & Driver editors.  Car & Driver's Plymouth Fury III station wagon improvements made, test specs and usage report. Chaparral takes Nurburgring. LeMans Ford 1-2-3 but winner screwed up. 2-Liters: Where the Action Is! by Eric Nielssen; PrinceR380, Follmer's Lotus-Porsche, Matra-BRM, NERUS-BMW engine conversion, Ferrari Dino 206S V-6, Porsche 8, Porsche Carrera 6. Racing: Surtees Takes Spa after 1st lap shunt decimates field, McClaren's McClaren at Mosport, Prince Takes Japanese GP
Full pg ads; Ford Cortina, MGB, Rover 2000 TC, Rootes  - Chrysler Sunbeam Tiger, Plymouth Richard Petty's Hemi Belvedere. 100 pgs, mlofc, vg+  $6.00

CAR & DRIVER 1967 JAN.;  Road Tests; Porsche 911S, Renault R-10 vs  Volkswagen 1500.  Watkins Glen US Grand Prix. photos and production stories of the movie 'Grand Prix'. Car & Driver/Hurst Pontiac six powered XK-E gets 3 40 mm Webers, ported, polished, oversize pistons, etc. Can-Am Tech report by Pete Biro. The Southern 500 'circus' at Darlington.  Personalities 1966; Winners, Losers, Supporting Cast. Racing; Stewart wins USAC Indy cars race at Mt. Fuji Japan. Parsons wins USRRC Kent WA GP.
Full pg ads;  Porsche w pic of Carrera 6 #52 racing, MGB, Alfa Sprint GTV, Glas 1700 GT, Shelby G.T. 350 and 500, Corvette. 98 pgs, mlofc,  vg+ $6.50

CAR & DRIVER 1972 AUG.: Comparison 1972 Karmann Ghia & 1958 Porsche Speedster. My Life and Times with a Speedster by Steve Smith. Review and comparison of the mini-pickups; Toyota Hilux, Datsun PL 620, Ford Courier and Chevrolet Luv. Road Test; Mazda RX-3 & Mazda 808, Renault 15 Coupe & Renault 17 Sports Coupe. Car & Driver's Guide to Late Night Television. Master Driver Plan positive responses of 8000 questionnaires.  Sport; L& M Continental 5000 Championship at Laguna Seca. Talladega; Pearson wins, Isaac fined, Marty Robbins on cheating.  Maker's World Championship. Beltoise takes Formula 1 Monte Carlo.  
Full pg ads; Pinto, BMW, Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce, Lotus Europa Twin Cam, Jeep, MGB, Toyota Corolla 1600, Jaguar V-12, Datsun 510 Sedan, 2 pg Mazda as pace car for 6 classes of Riverside racers, SAAB Sonnett. 108 pgs, mlofc,  back cvr is vg-, overall condition vg,  $5.00

CAR & DRIVER 1972 JULY;  Corvette Sportwagon via a kit from Styline Custom River Rouge Michigan.  One pg on the  '73 Vette. Road Test; Alfa Romeo 2000 GT Veloce (3/4's of first pg of article cut out), Fiat 128 Sport Coupe, Mercury Comet, Plymouth Cricket. Department of Transportation's Experimental Safety Vehicle has two cars built by Fairchild and AMF.  NASCAR's Master Cheaters Tell How It's Done by Brock Yates.  Can-Am Preview; Gulf-McClaren M20, L&M Porsche-Audi (ad cut out of pg66). Sebring 12 hours Makes World Championship Ferrari 1-2 Ickx-Andretti win.  Bettenhausen wins USAC run at Phoenix. Bobby Allison's  Chevrolet Monte Carlo wins Atlanta 500. FIA East African Safari Rally.
Full pg ads; Triumph Spitfire, Renault 17 Sports Coupe, Corvette, Capri by Lincoln-Mercury (2 pgs), Datsun 1220 Sport Coupe, Mid  Size Plymouth Satellite, Subaru GL Coupe (2 pg), Jaguar XJ6, American Motors; Ambassador, Hornet, Gremlin, Javelin, Sportabout, Matador 8 2pgs). Honda Coupe (2 pgs). Mazda RX-2 (2 pgs),  166 pgs, mlofc, cover vg, pgs vg+,  $3.50

CAR & DRIVER 1972 APR,; Road Test; Honda 600 Sedan & Coupe, Hornet Rallye X The Master Driver License Plan. The Day the Ragtops Died by Warren Weith. Stereo on the Road by Steve Smith. Trail Bikes by Gordon Jennings.  Sport; Riverside NASCAR Western 500 opens in fog. World Championship for Makes in Buenos.  Aires. Helmets.
Full pg ads; 2 pg foldout inside front cvr Ford Pinto Maverick & Mustang in white with blue stripe, MGB,  AMC Gremlin X  304 V-8, Pontiac Firebird Formula 455 (2 pgs), Honda Coupe, SAAB 99E, Peugeot 304, Dodge Charger Topper (red), Triumph TR-6 also pic of TR-2, BMW 2 pgs,  4 pg centerfold Stewart Warner Gauges,  Renault R12, Olds 4-4-2, Chevrolet Rally Nova, Datsun 510 Sedan '71 Trans-Am Champion, Plymouth Cricket winning Press On Regardless International Rally. 118 pgs, mlofc, vg, $5.00

CAR & DRIVER 1972 MAR.; The Brubaker Box by Gordon Jennings. Car & Driver's  Datsun 240Z street/racer. The Cannonball Baker Sea to Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash, NYC to Redondo Beach CA 6 varied vehicles Dan Gurney and Brock Yates win in Ferrari 275 GTB/4 Daytona Coupe detailed route with log of 'incidents'.
Road Test; Ford Mustang 351 HO.  Story of two collectors ; Ferrari's in upscale area Hudson's in plain suburbia. Road Race of Champions tales of amateurs with sprinkling of factory support.
9th Annual Rod & Custom Auto Show Ishpemin MI. NHRA Supernationals. NASCAR Texas 500 at College Station Petty wins.
Full pg as; BMW Bavaria, Olds 4442, Plymouth Cricket, Fiat 124 Sport Coupe, AMC Hornet X,  centerfold Honda Scrambler 350, Camaro, Renault 12, SAAB 99E.  90 pgs, mlofc, cover is vg- due to some tattered edges , overall vg,  $5.50

CAR & DRIVER 1972  FEB (2 copies); Road Tests; Renault 12L, BMW 2002 tii. 1972 Porsche 911's T, E & S Comparison Test with new 2.4 litre engine. Kaz Kastner's Spitfires by Kastner-Brophy Inc.  Brock Yates Viewpoint of the Thunderbird.  1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK by David E. Davis Jr. Preview Test; Alfa Romeo Montreal. Bio of Jo Siffert upon his crash death Brands Hatch. Baja 1000. Full pg ads; Renault 12, Fiat 124 Sport Coupe, Pontiac GTO (2 pgs), Datsun 510 Sedan 1971 Trans-Am Winner, Ford Grand Torino Sport (red), 6 pg color centerfold MG 'new car' brochure with pics and specs of MGB, MGB/GT and Midget, Capri by Lincoln-Mercury, back cover Javelin-AMX. 88 pgs, vg minus  $4.50.

CAR & DRIVER 1973 SEP;  Road Tests; Camaro Type LT Z-28, Austin Marina GT, '74 Mustang II Mach I with 3 pgs color pics. Brock Yates in his column on women drivers ".......I still believe that women make great sex objects, mothers, wives and exciting - if different - people....but lousy drivers." Dyno-Tune Kits by Dan Sherman carefully debunks the hype.  LeMans Fiftieth Anniversary celebrates with first Le Mans and most recent winners racing for Jubilee Trophies. Matra wins second Le Mans in a row, this time over Ferrari. Paul Lewis revives his thirties 3 wheeled Airomobile as the 'Fascination' from Sydney Nebraska. Bruce Baldwin Mohs' Safarikaris from Madison WI. Keith Tetor's mid thirties BMW 327 2+2 and BMW 319/1 history, color photos and specs. SPORT; Can-Am at Bowmanville Ontario, Schecter rents a Lola T330 and takes L&M race at Watkins Glen.
Full  pg ads; BMW  3.0 CS, MG, Honda Civic (color 2 pgs), Fiat all models, Toyota Celica ST plain & racer, Triumph TR-6 with small pic of TR-2,  Honda 2-stroke motorcyles,  back cvr yellow Pantera L imported by Lincoln-Mercury. 120 pgs, mlofc, vg+ $5.50
CAR & DRIVER 1973 JULY; Road Tests; Jaguar XK12, Ford Gran Torino Sport, Volkswagen Sports Bug.  Car & Driver's Project Wankel IMSA race car. Murray Brand's wholesale foreign car lot in the Bronx. Can-Am Preview; ground effects Chaparral banned, Donohue's new Porsche 917, McClaren, the Shadow, etc.  The Sebring Saga of Bolus & Snopes. Story of Dusenberg Model J. Sport; USAC, Texas 200, Trentonian Split 300. NASCAR Darlington 12 of 40 starters finish. Road Atlanta Trans-Am Gainsville GA. Matra 670 outclasses Ferrari in World Championship of Makes.
Full pg ads; MG in autocross, Mazda (2 pgs), Audi Fox (2 pgs), Renault 17 Sports Coupe (yellow), Triumph Spitfire 1500, General Tire  with full pg photos of '27 Stutz Blackhawk Speedster and a Vega GT coupe, Opel Manta Luxus, Toyota Celica ST plain & racer,  BMW motorcyles (2 pgs), Ford Pinto (red), Jeep Wagoneer with Automatic Four Wheel Drive, Honda Motorcyles SL-350 K2, CL-350 K4, CB-350G, CB-350 K4, centerfold Volkswagen Thing, Chevy Blazer (2 pgs), Fiat 124. 126 pgs, mlofc, vg, $4.50

CAR & DRIVER, 1976 SEPT, Special Section: Detroit goes back to performance. Chevrolet Monza Spyder. Road Test; Lotus Sprint. Technical; High Performance Tire Tests. Ferrari Berlinetta. Sport; Formula One - 6 wheeled cars, NASCAR,  Lancia Group 5 Turbo Stratos, USAC Foyt vs McLaren, Manufacturers' Championship. 104 pgs, no covers. vg, $4.50

CAR & DRIVER 1977 JAN, Special Section; Spoof of Lime Rock sedan racing, a pictorial essay, theoretically written in 2077.  Road Tests; Capri II R/S, Lancia Beta HPE, Toyota Corolla Liftback. Comparison Test; Ford LTD vs Pontiac Catalina.  Preview; Ford Fiesta. Features: The Morgan is Back, a replica of itself. Black Magetism - old pickups electrics. For Your Information; Aston Martin Lagonda, Ferrari 400 Automatic, Opel Kadette GTE, Fiat Campagnola, Mercedes-Benz 230. Sport: Formula One Engines; Cosworth Ford V-8, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo flat 12's, Renault Turbo, Matra V-12, 108 pgs, contents vg+, cvr vg-, $4.50.

CAR & DRIVER, 1977 JUNE,  Special Section on Diesels; Ready survey,  Analysis of the Diesel, Road Test; VW Rabbit Diesel, International Diesel Scout Traveler, Peugeot 504D, Mercedes-Benz 240/300D, Living with a Mercedes 300D.  Preview; Porsche 928. Road Tests; Lincoln Continental Mark V, Datsun 810. Viewpoint; Ferrari 400A, Bristol 412, Aston Martin Lagonda.  For Your Information;  BMW 730, '78 Pontiac Grand Prix and Buick Century. VW Derby. Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II. Short Takes: Pontiac Can-Am. Ford Courier.  Leon Mandel on the demise of Vaca Valley race track. Sport; Chaparral Cars Midland TX. The Indy Cars. 141 pgs, no cvr, vg. $4.50

CAR & DRIVER, 1981 DEC, Comparison test of De Lorean vs Corvette, 280ZX Turbo, Ferrari  308GTSi, Porsche 911SC.  Special Report; Japan 1982 Charting the Changes (per make) Technical Highlights  Driving Impressions; Datsun/Nissan Stanza, Toyota Celica GT, Isuzu Pickup 4wd Diesel DLX. Road Tests; Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, Dodge Charger 2.2, Mercedes-Benz 300 CD.  Features; Datsun 200S/XTRA. P.J. O'Rourke rents a relic. Short Takes;  IECO Turbo Chevette, Fiat Strada, Lincoln Town Car. For Your Information; New and Improved Porsche 944 and 911 Convertible, The Renault EVE. Sport; Testing the March817 and BMW M1 street and also race versions. 167 pgs, loose cvr, vg, $4.50

CAR & DRIVER 1982 SEPT, Smoking tire testing of 9 high performance radials.  Road Tests: Renault Alliance Limited, Honda Civic FE, Bentley Mulsanne Turbo, 83 Ford Escort GT. Features; The Rise and Fall of Ralph Nader.  Classic Motors of Chicago, Frankfurt and Beverly Hills. Short Takes; Honda Civic FE, Mazda B2200 Diesel Pickup, Chevy S-10 4x4, Harley-Davidson FXR Super Glide II.  Detroit Grand Prix , no cover, 144 pgs, vg, $4.50

CAR & DRIVER 1983,FEB, Comparison test: Porsche 911SC cabriolet and  Porsche 930S Turbo. Road Tests; Dodge 600ES, BMW 533i. Features;  Supreme Court eases searches of your car, Jon Ward and his Bad-Ass  79 Cadillac Seville 750-hp Banzai Runner, Off Road in the Welsh Mountains. Short Takes; Honda Civic 1500S, Ford Bronco II. Bertil Roos skipad school with a Saab 900.  For Your Information; V-6 Power for Camaro, new micromini from Nissan, turbo for Pontiac 2000, Lancia Trevia Volumex (supercharged), Top 10 best on fuel in '83, Honda VT250F. Sport; Alain Prosts F1 Renault, F1 Turbos, Renault Racing's Farm Club.  116 pgs, vg, $5.50

CAR & DRIVER,1990 MAR Previews and Road Tests: Lamborghini Diablo, Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo and Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4, Toyota MR2 Turbo, Toyota Land Cruiser, Volkswagon Passat Gl, Ford Escort Gt, Chevrolet Caprice Classic, Chevrolet Camaro/Pontiac Firebird.
Features;  Life With Mazda MPV. Short Takes: Sterling 827Si, Rotus V-8 Lotus Seven offshoot by a Maryland Toyota dealer. New and Improved; Maserati Shamal, Northstar V-8, resurrected MG roadster. Peugeot 605SV24. Reunion of the GT40 Faithful. Driving the GT40. Pg 65-66 missing.  141 pgs, vg. $4.50

CAR & DRIVER, 1991 APRIL Road Tests: Nissan NX2000, Acura Legend LS, Toyota Tercel DX, Buick Regal GS,  Oldsmobile Bravada, Infiniti G20, Short Takes; Lotus Carlton, Dinan 535i Turbo,Geo Storm Hatchback, Plymouth Sundance America, Mercedes-Benz 300CE, "The Chevrolet 10134338 The Part Number for Horsepower" by Patrick Bedard.  Comparison Road Test: Chevy Corvette ZR-1 vs. Porsche 911 Turbo. "40 MPG New Age Cars",  spoof with comical applications of: Volkswagen Jetta GL Diesel, Geo Metro LSi, Honda CRX HF, Subaru Justy GL, Ford Festiva GL and  Geo Metro XFi.  Jerry Ralph Curry NHTSA Chief by Patrick Bedard. "Road Runner Redux Pennzoil talks Chaparral Legend Jim Hall out of Retirement and Into an Indy Car Team" by Steven Cole Smith.  210 pgs,  nm-, $6.50

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