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1978, Nov. Fiat Dino, '39 Ford Convertible Sedan, Milestone Car Society Grand National, '23 Mercedes 28/95 Targa Florio (centerfold), Vanguard and Plymouth, Clenet, Amphicar, Classic Era in Auto Ads, 78 pgs, color, vg, $6

CAR CRAFT,  5 1/2 x 8" through June '59, then 8 x 11"

CAR CRAFT, 1954 April
; Souping the '54 Ford from Stockroom Parts by Chuck Eddy. Body Sectioning, Part II. '37 Ford pickup of George Smith, Paramount CA with full house Cad engine does 107mph at Santa Ana Drag strip. Fordomatic III, final adjustment on the reworked transmission.  Bill Scown, Newhall CA's super neat  '34 Ford convertible coupe. The Crosley Eyerly Special of Harry L. Eyerly, Salem OR. Build Your Own Hot Ignition Part 1 of 3. Garage Gimmicks; homemade cleaning tanks, adjustable chassis stand. Torch Tips: bumper guard taillights. Customed '53 Mercury hard top convertible of Harry Cruse steals '54 Merc and Lincoln unveiling. 66 pgs, vg-, $2.50

CAR CRAFT, 1956 August; Zephyr Gears for Fords and Mercs 8 pgs detail charts & parts photos. cvr car Brian Burnou's '53 Chevy Bel-Aire trophy winning custom by Gordon Vann Berkeley CA. Make your own car cover. Engine Swap: Overhead Valve Engines for 49-'53 Fords. How to prepare you car for a paint job.
poor condition cvr loose, 66 pgs are vg,  Vann's Autobody Restyles the T-Bird. Customizing the Chevy Part IV. Accessory; Chevrolet V8 headers. Tony Frenn's '47 Ford convertible 5 inch dropped and filled front axle with frame kicked up 7 inches. '34 Ford coupe of Charlie Mann Indianapolis Indiana. Highly modified '48 Dodge coupe of Eugene Cargill, Portland OR. 66pgs are vg+, cvr loose but vg- condition, $2.50

CAR CRAFT, 1957 February; How to Buy Used Engines. Larry Woodworth, Kansas City- '47 Chevy club coupe first place in car show at National Drags. Plastic 'surgeon' on '40-'51 Ford body seams and frenched taillights. Restyle '55 Chevy taillights in 30 minutes. Bob Dofflow's 4.5 inch chopped show winning '49 Ford coupe. Engine Swap; Olds into '55 Ford half ton pickup. 'Automotive Restylers' Firestone Blvd, South Gate, CA restyle the '57 Chevrolet. Art Hibi, San Diego CA and other members of 'Rice Pots' car club did up his '40 Ford Tudor to look both 'sporty' and retain the classic lines. Studebaker taillights for '49-'51 Fords. Wayne Wagner's 'mercurized' '54 Ford 4 dr sedan. grab bag of exhausts, sidepipes, extensions. Accessory of the Month; lakes plugs. 66 pgs, vg, $3.00

CAR CRAFT, 1957 May; Chevrolet Customs: Cover car; '50 Chevy convertible of Saint Vasques, '49 Club Coupe Richard Rough, '49 Tudor K.G. Fincher, Jr., '50 Bel-Aire of Tom Huss, '42 Convertible of Bob McNulty, '50 Bel-Aire of Damon Richey, '53 Bel-Aire of Patrick Morales, '54 Club Coupe of Loui Gaulrapp, '55 Convertible of Bob Dance, Dean Jeffries elaborately striped '56 Bel-Aire of Carol Lewis.  Engine Swap; Chrysler V8 into '42-'54 For & Mercury, Gordo's Body Shop Restyles the '57 Plymouth. Extra dashl panel for gauges from Moon Equip-how to install. Jim Hurley's '49 Ford coupe-all work by him.  Applications of '54 Mercury tailights. How To Build a Quarter Midget Race Track. Grab Bag; street rod examples of 'bobbed tail', nerf bars, rolled pans and wild striping. 66 pgs, vg, $3.00

CAR CRAFT, 1957 June: Cover car; '29 Ford drag roadster in strip trim of Tom Pollard consistently broke the 'century' barrier at Santa Ana drags. Cover car; '34 Ford roadster of Bob Sullivan. '32 Ford Sedan of Carl Bailey w '54 Merc engine, customed frame, interior by Kizer's. Eddie Bosio, San Francisco CA shows ex Vic Edelbrock '32 Ford roadster winner of "Most Beautiful" at '56 National Roadster Show Oakland CA as well as running 133.82 at El Mirage in '51. Robert Roberts'34 Chevrolet Coupe w '51 Chevy mill had 3" top chop and 45 coats of San Pedro Blue. 8 pg article on How to Unscramble 6 vs 12 volt Mismatched Engine and Chassis Electrical System Combinations. '55 Plymouth Belvedere jet black custom of Gordon Stefans by Vic's Body Shop, Fremont CA.  Installing '57 Mercury rear fender skirts. Cerny's Body Shop Restyles the '54 Chevrolet.  Engine swap details; Buick V8 for '41-'48 Ford or Mercury. Tech Tips; installing hood scoops. 4 pgs photos w descriptions of custom hubcaps; spinners, flippers, knock-off lugs.  June: 66 pgs, nm-, $3.50

CAR CRAFT 1957 December:  '52-'53-'54; Ricard Soderquist '54 Merc, Walt Gilder '53 Merc, Phil Schmidt '52 Merc.Steve Berg '52 Merc, Jerry Cole '53 Merc, Harry Cruse '53 Merc, Custom City Auto Sales '52 Merc, Tony Ferreira '54 Merc, Butch Johnson '54 Merc convertible, Johnny Rosier '53 Merc.  Torch Tips headlight shades, how to, the easy way by George Barris.  Winfield's Custom Shop  Restyles '49-'52 Chevrolet. National Championship Drags Competition Labor Day at Oklahoma City OK.  Bonneville Speed Trials competition. Quarter Midget Buyer's Guide (12 pgs photos). 'pinup' inside backcvr, Carol Lewis of Los Angeles. 66 pgs, vg+,  $3.00 SOLD May 2014

CAR CRAFT 1958 March: 'Mesh grilles', aka patterned expanded metal ideas, applications, examples (10 illustrated pgs). Mandy Holder's heavily customed '51 Merc convertible.  Step by step photos of Shell Mtrs Los Angeles installing  365 c.i. Caddy engine in John Mallett's ''56 Chevy convertible. Kustom Kraft Restyles the '58 Ford by Ray Cook and Bob Crowell. Don Schleicher Kansas City builds dragters like modified Roadster class competitor. Putting in twin hood scoops by George Barris. Vic Vlahos '37 Ford stock looking 2 dr sedan with Merc mill and '40 Ford dropped axle. Restyling headlights. Jerry Kravitz '51 Plymouth by Dwight Barbeau's shop Universal City MO. Nearly stock looking '41 Chevy coupe of Kenny Bell. inside back cover photo of Virginia Bell sitting on the back of '57 Ford. 66 pgs, nm-, $3.50. SOLD MAY 2014

CAR CRAFT 1958  April: '25 Ford roadster 'built' twice, 1st by Wally Olson, Fresno CA, then extensively by the William Scotts of Winton CA.  Blower Kits Do It yourself supercharging by Chuck Potvin as told to Bob Pendergast (8 pgs w photos).  350 young drivers participate in 1957  Quarter Midget  Nationals Phoenix AZ.  Restyling the '52-'54 Ford by Toigo's Custom Shop. Torch Tips=Shark-Fin taillights for all models. Trick Hoods. inside back cover bathing suit clac Betty Ann Mott, Monterey Park 'gracing' the seat of a late model Chevy convertible.  66 pgs, nm. $3.50

CAR CRAFT 1958 May:  Bernie Stein Hayword CA's  '32 Ford Victoria becomes a topless Phaeton w dished cowl, 'motorboat' windshield, nerf bars & a '53 Chrysler mill. Wayne Throwbridge of Salem OR cut a '48 Fiat Topolino body to open up like a clamshell over his rectangular tubing 'Altered Coupe-Sedan Class' Packard powered class winner. 'Drags-Stick Shift or Automatic' by Don Francisco. "Kilometre Records Fall, 2 Rodders shatter 20 yr old marks" by Bob Prendergast, Calvin Rice, Santa Ana CA driving the Hot Rod Magazine Spcl and Ed Cortopassi with his 'Glass Slipper'.  Marty's Custom Shop Restyles the '42-'48 Chevrolet.  18 pages illustrations custom interiors. Pre-fab lakes plugs kit.  66 pgs, vg+, $3.00

CAR CRAFT 1958 July: "157.61 mph on Pump Gas", Harryman, Frank and Brown's blown Olds 'spider like' dragster. Restyled '50 Merc 2 door of Jerry Harris, Tacoma WA car club.  'Quarter Midget Engine Souping' Conclusion; Machine Work, Final Assembly and Dyno testing' text and photos by Don Francisco.  Valley Custom Restyles the Street Rod by Neil Emory and Clay Jensen. Don Francisco takes the mystery out of Brake Servicing. 400 Quarter Midgets Roll at Las Vegas, first annual Invitational Championships. 66 pgs, nm-, $4.50

CAR CRAFT 1958 August:  T-Bird customs, Dick Jackson's while working for Barris, Jerry Anolik's with racing features, Gil Ayala's, Al Docton's, Aaron Ginsberg's by Bill Prettyman, Car Craft Editor Dick Day's '55 by Barris, Don Tognotti's by Harris & Carmichael Custom Shop, Jim Routh's by Bear Custom Shop, Jack Hereshey by Westchester Body Shop, Joe Castro's by Bailon Custom Shop. "More Go for the '58 Ford" by Don Francisco. Winfield's Custom Shop Restyles the '55 Ford T-Bird. '47 Merc Tudor with '51 Olds engine of Don Campbell of British Columbia. Quad Antennas customizing trick. Engine Analysis; Dick Harryman's '57 Olds dragster engine with a GMC-4-71 blower. How To: Glass Fins and Tire Kits.  66 pgs, vg+ , $4.00

CAR CRAFT 1958 November; '40 Ford Issue pics with description; Martin Woody's chopped top 3" sectioned convertible by Barris & Auto Stylecraft, Marty Moore's 6 inch lowered, Caddy powered '39 convertible, Tom Hocker's Caddy powered '40 chopped and 6" lowered coupe by Barris,  stock looking '39 coupe of Tony Eckerle w '48 Merc mill and custom upholstered interior,  5 1/2" channeled '40 tudor by Dave Cunningham & Hutchin's Body Shop of San Rafael CA.  How to make scoops for your antennas. How to do your own decal scallopping. Pride of Grantsville WVA - Charles Toepfer's lowered '57 Chevy hard top by Stalnaker Body Shop.  Joe Wilhelm Restyles the '40 Ford. Sportsman track rods of the San Diego Racing Association 13 pgs of detailed pics of the shortened, narrowed big engined powered racers. Wimpy & Chuck Robinson's 100 mph Buick powered '32 Roadster of Vancouver, B.C., 83 pgs, vg, $3.50

CAR CRAFT 1959 January: Cherry little '32 roadster of Bill Moore, San Jose CA w a '48 Merc mill w 3 Strombergs, etc. Speed Records Fall as blown dragsters & streamliners at Bonneville & National Drags in Oklahoma City in '58  9 pgs with pics of  various setups. Electric window lifts for all cars-the Accessory of the Month.  "Corvette Glamour" (feature) Bob McNulty's stylized  '55 Corvette he built from a wreck.  Darol Jorgensen of South Gate CA fibreglas'd his Vette to add '58 Ford quads and mesh grille with '55 Olds tailight lenses.  Another  wrecked '55 was rebuilt with smooth lines and fins by Al Gratz in his shop in Ft. Wayne IN.  Bob Caldwell of Lebanon OR along with Hoeck Chevrolet smoothed and customized the body of his '57 lowered Vette, added '58 door scoops, 16 hoods on tailights. Car has done 107 mph through the quarter mile in street trim.  Rudy Valentino San Fernando CA had Bruno Custom redo the body of his Vette while he built its full race G.M.C. engine. GM Styling Studio reworked a '57 Vette for racing for Jerry Earl, son of Harley Earl GM VP , added a tach and fire extinguisher and a single fin mid the trunk lid, no roll bar, magnesium racing wheels, genuine rear brake cooling ducts, etc. Pic shows it numbered 144 for racing.  Chuck Durso in NY takes 3 yrs to create a sports custom from a '48 Buick channeling it 7 inches and using parts from a Hudson Terraplane, Pontiac, Studebaker and Olds including a '50 engine.  Barris Kustom restyles the '59  Chevrolet. Radical modifications in power and performance are bred into the experimental 'formula K' racing Karts. 9 pgs of pics of various setups. 82 pgs, nm-, $4.50

CAR CRAFT 1959  February: "Secrets of Candy Colors" Part I by George Barris as told to Bob Behme. Star Custom Shop Restyles the '59 Ford artist illustration by Dick Collier.  Radical custom '56 Ford 2 dr by John Hychko Waterbury CT ends up with very little 'Ford'. Accessory of the Month, 'Bolt on Louvers'.  '57 Ford custom Favorites; Leroy Moquet's hardtop in CT,  Gene Bozek's '57 hardtop, Les Hermann's low cost 'bolt on' low key '57 hardtop,  Wildly scalloped tudor hardtop of Jerry DeVito built by Babb & Wirth in San Jose CA,  Ford Victoria with '54 DeSoto grill bar of Paul Blebuch built by Tony's Auto in WA,  George Kalamackas bolt on, no torches used hardtop with continental kit, Mercury skirts, dual spots, quad headlights and a tube grill.  Story on Tommy Ivo, his dragster, it's '57 Chrysler with a 4-71 GMC blower adapted with a Cragar kit, etc and his movie career. Car Club of the Year Award to Renegades of Long Beach CA, pics of members with their cars; Duane Steck' chopped '54 Chevy, Darol Jorganson's '57 Corvette, Ed Ducazau's '29 A based show piece roadster,  Saint Vasquez's '50 Chevy convertible, Ed Cousin's '32 Ford pickup, Gerald Twaley's '54 Chevy, lowered '56 Chevy hardtop of Jerry Landis, Jud Morgan's Ford pickup with a hot '56 T-Bird engine, Outstanding '32 Ford coup of George Collins, restored to original '30 Model A sedan of Lee Rhodes, Hector Arevalo's lowered, smoothed '50 Ford coupe, Jim Ashley's lowered 4 inches '55 Chevy, Pete Angress mid fifties Ford , Gordon Rorison's chopped 4 inches '34 Ford coupe, Jim Hagin's metallic blue '54 Ford tudor, Zeno Stephen's '55 Merc is completely outfitted with safety equipment, candy apple T-bird of Jim Hurley,  Pearl lacquered Chevy of Harold Johnson, Ron Guidry's much modified '36 Ford coupe lost in the Barris Kustom Shop fire, Ronnie Priest's '55 Chevy with 56 Olds mill, Ed Schmidt's '53 Ford in brilliant Matador red. 'Plastic Magic for '57 Fords', using translucent materials and owner's imaginations over the tail lights. 82 pgs, vg+,  $4.50     SOLD  JUNE 2010

CAR CRAFT 1959 April
, 6 pg story on Howard Johansen of 'Howard Cams' and his building a twin Chevy V8 engined dragster. Sam Ladd's '51 Ford coupe customed by A.J. Campbell & Sons Toledo OH. "Valley Custom Restyles the '57 Thunderbird.".  "New conversion kits make it easy to switch from a column shift to a floor shift" by Don Francisco w 6 pgs of detailed photos of the '49 Ford Mercury and later kit being installed. 16 pg pictorial of 'the best' in Street Coupes and Sedans belonging to Cliff Rich, Phil Sweet, Ed Roth, Jerry Berg, Al Subrzycki, Andy Bekech. "Adapting '58 Buick Grilles is the easy route to a custom front end" 6 pgs. "Quarter Midget Championships, Records fall as the nation's top drivers assault Blakely Stadium's oval at second annual Phoenix Nationals." 82 pgs, vg+, $3.50

CAR CRAFT 1959 June: "Glamorize Your Roadster' wide variety shown in 12 pgs from shows. "Restyling the '52-'53 Mercury"'. "New Tube Grills for '59 Chevy".  15 pgs of photos of quality customs; George Kilger's '51 Chevy by Bill Bowman Riverside CA., Art Guglielmi's '55 Ford coupe N. Arlington NJ, Jerry Ash's '56 Chevy by Wirth's Auto Body, Campbell CA. Dick Dean's '51 Ford pickup in Wyandotte MI, Bill and Bob Glazier's '53 Olds convertible by Barris, George Mitabe's '57 Ford Ranchero by Branson's Custom Shop, Artesia, CA., "How to put scoops in fender skirts",  12 pgs answering 'Why?' re Indy car designs. "Decals for Hubcaps".  Don Blanchard's '55 Pontiac by Paetzhold's Customs, Portland OR. 82 pgs, nm-, $3.50.

CAR CRAFT,  8 1/4 x 11 inches

CAR CRAFT 1959 September: Super Tuning the Impala Chevie engines of 280, 315 and 335 hp with 'know how' tuning by John Geraghty 6 pgs with photos and charts.  John Moskito, Newark California's 57 Chevie customed hardtop by Harold Belshaw, Fremont CA.  "The Day the Dolls Took Over" by Carl Kohler.  Meticulously restored '36 Ford 4 dr sedan with neat upgrades T bird engine, steering wheel, dropped front etc. owned by Jim Adamson, Vallejo CA.  Borrowed from roadster styling, 'Rolled Pans'' by Darryl Starbird 4 pg article with 2 pages of body shop 'how to' photos.  Plastic custom car kits.  Adam Coffee's '30 Ford Roadster in Nanticole PA with 7" channelling, Z'd frame won 15 firsts in 20 car shows. Joe Wilhelm's radical custom of a '36 Ford coupe in his shop, San Jose CA. 4 pgs photo essay on miniature sports cars with engines by Continental, Briggs & Statton or Clinton, the Connetti Monza, Charcon of Hollywood, the Spinster Urchin, Farmington MI and the Devin Junior by Small Car Engineering, El Monte CA.  Modified with body components from other cars, the '53 Ford coupe of Jerry Furtado, Irvington CA.  How to 'Mylar tape' custom trim.  Special plastic lenses for '57 Ford and Chevie bolt on in 30 minutes.  Olds powered Ford roadster of Earl Phillips, Baltimore MD with a '37 Caddy limousine grille. Experimental kart of Dick Wall, Portland OR.  12 car fields w relief drivers, mandatory 2 pit stops and a 100 lap main event at Los Alamitos Second Annual Five Miler for quarter midgets.  Spotlight on spotlights.  1/4-1/2 midget bulletin board. 66 pgs, vg,  $5.50

CAR CRAFT  1959 October: 'Controversial "King of the Drags" 9 seconds changed DON GARLITS from a small town rodder into one of the fastest and most controversial figures in U.S. drag racing' by Bob Behme. '48 Chevy sedan made into a styled hardtop by Gene's Custom Portland OR for Art Jones. Racing Blowers Part I, Competition Assembly and Maintenance for 371-471-671 GMC Superchargers by John Geraghty 6 pgs fully illustrated.  Jim McGowan, salesman for a speed shop in Vancouver B.C. uses his '32 Ford roadster with trailer for business and pleasure.  Burt Hamrol's radically redesigned '50 Ford 2 dr by Hal's Body Shop San Rafael CA. First National Kart Championship Azusa CA by Go Kart Club of America, 4 pgs of captioned pictures. George Smaldone Cranston R.I. and his channeled 3 window ''33 Ford with '40 Ford suspension and brakes, '37 Plymouth steering gear, cycle fenders over 6:40 front 7:10 rear tires on Merc wheels with '39 Ford trans with Lincoln Zephyr gears.  George Barris article on customing the '58 Chevie. Art Pratt Jr of Escondido CA shown working on his Sporstman winner, a '39 Willys body, a '53 Buick modified mill, a '57 Mercedes 300SL 4 speed trans via a homemade adaptor and oil brought forward to the dry sump Buick by an SL oil pump. Miniature dragster by  Randy Rannberg Fontana CA. Quarter Midget Engines Part I Novice  by Don Francisco 6 pgs. 1/4-1/2 Midget Bulletin Board. 66 pgs, vg, $7.50

CAR CRAFT   1973 April: Articles on the 'Clean Air Act'.  Nitreous  Oxide in the fuelers. Drag racing coverage for Delaware, VA, West VA, MD, TN and Kentucky. Dragging a Mazda RX2. A guide to aftermarket CD ignitions & distributors/magnetos. Drag tire testing with Goodyear. The Mako Shark Corvette.  Phoenix '73 drags. Custom '70 Vette of Rod Gainer, Palos Verdes CA. How to maintain a high performance engine by Rick Voegeli. Finer points of preparing early Chevie, Olds and Pontiac rearends for racing. Chevy Beauville Van review. Dragster brakes. Yamaha 175cc Enduro.  Irwindale's Grand Premiere, Garlits loses to first timer John Stewart.  142 pgs, some color, near mint minus, $4.50

CAR CRAFT   1978 November:  Night Street Racing Southside of Chicago 5 pgs, photos; Scott Brown's Camaro, Dennis Chmiel's '76 Chevy Monza, Glenn Martinek's  big-block '70 Camaro, Kevin Lawrence's '68 Chevelle, Tom Ciesielski's  '68 Z/28 Camaro, Mike Down's '71 Pinto w a '68 289 ci engine, Bruce Donnelly's '69 Z/28 Camaro and Gary Sisler's '66 Corvair with a '68 302 ci engine. Pennsylvania's DiBona and Caponi 454 powered '71 Malibu with engine detail photos. Hinckley IL's Dave Hintzsche '66 Chevelle by Quartermaster Performance Specialties. 1964-1977 Chevelles Review w photos and details on the cars of; Keith Monkman's '69 SS396, Mike Smith's '72, Tim Jones '67, Craig Sammelman's customed w a 427 ci L-88 Vette mill, Keith Johnson's '66 Malibu, Bruce Varon's '70, Jim Gerkin's '67 sedan, Al Oleson's '68 SS and Rich Sill's '70 SS. LS-6 and LS-7 Engine components list by part number.  Ford Fairmont Pro Stockers of Bob Glidden and Don Nicholson built by Don Hardy, Floydada TX article and centerfold color photos.  Car Craft's bracket motor passes the dyno test.  Supercharged cars ; Frank Gorman's '73 Nova, Chuck & Tina Baird's '67 Nova and Dave Rinehart's with 2 pgs color photos. Challenger funny car of Ken Veney. High Flow heads bolt onto every B motor Chrysler ever made by Al Kirschenbaum. '78 Indy US Nationals 7 pgs.  Basic Engine Blueprinting by Al Kirschenbaum. Classic Bracketeer '55 Chevy of Brian Taylor. Steve Morgan's Monte Carlo sleeper.  Two Wheelin'. Complete Capri Performance from Rokstock. 104 pgs,  cover a bit tatty, inside is vg. $3.50   SOLD NOV '13

CAR LIFE   OCT. '55 The '56 Ford - emphasis on safety, New York Thruway, Traveling with a baby, 2 California museums Cucamonga and near Buena Park, "Luxury Cars of England", "Safest Car in  America - Lincoln Capri", safety review and rating of 36 models P 42-73, cvr detached,  98 pgs, vg-, $5

CAR LIFE   DEC. '55  Preston Tucker proposes a new model, 'The Strange Case of the Nickel Cadmium Battery', 'Car Life Auto Show (of) 1956' new cars pg 21-33, 1908 Thomas Flyer drive from Times Square to Paris, articles on clothing, vacations, owner complaints, 'Prepare Your Car for Winter', 80 pgs, writing on front cvr, vg-, $5   SOLD Dec '09

CAR LIFE MAR '56. Consumer Tests; Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Olds. The Case for American Cars, The strange history of "Kaiser's Folly" (excellent in depth article, includes financing and the final move to Argentina). 82 pgs, vg- $5

CAR LIFE JAN '65. "High Performance Exhaust Systems",  "Mercury for '65" (highly detailed), Road Tests; Mercury Park Lane, Buick LeSabre, Plymouth Satellite, Mercury Marauder.
Mfg's Corrosion Protection methods, Jetcar Land Speed Record attempts, the fascinating story of the American Bantam 'Jeep' proposals, Tips for Starting in Wet Weather, Tuning Exhaust Systems for power, "Transmission and Drive-Line, Engineering Evolution Part VII", Mustangs win class in 19th Tour de France, "Locomobile Model 48 'Sportif" (5 pgs), 80 pgs, vg+, $8.

CAR LIFE FEB '65. Technical look at the Dodge Coronet, Monocoque race car chassis construction, Custom wheels, Creating magnesium alloy wheels, pictorial (ad) story of 3 Comets drive 16k miles, Fairbanks to tip of Argentina, "Oil Changes...When?", Road Tests; Rambler American 440-H, Ford Galaxie 500 XL, 427 c.i. 2 dr at Carlsbad Raceway. Story of the Hartz-Miller front drive introduction, Dan Gurney profile, "Putting the Automatic in Transmissions, Engineering Evolution Part VIII", 88 pgs, vg+, $8.

CAR LIFE MAR '65. New Chevy 396 c.i. V-8 (4 tech pgs), Road Tests - Impala SS, Ford Fairlane 500, Rambler Marlin Fastback styling development,  A 427 dragstrip Mustang from Hawkinson Ford by Pellegrini and Malik, 'Brakes' Engineering Evolution Part IX by Roger Huntington, Allison V-12's in racing, "The Racing Duesenbergs Part 1 - The Walking Beam Era' (complete history series), the Cord 810 (7 pgs, including a full pg color pic), 80 pgs, vg, $8.

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CARS & PARTS, 1980 March, '26 Stutz Coupe in color on front cvr, 3 pgs on its restoration, '55-'56 Fords, Jerry Goguen's 40 MG's, memoriam Karl Kizer 25 years curator of Indy Speedway Museum, Model T's as Rent-A-Cars, Model T jokes in history, Reeves motorcyle and 6 or 8 wheeled cars, Barney Roos biography, 178 pgs b&w, p 87-178 are classifieds, vg+, $5

CIRCLE TRACK,  FEB '92. "What to Look for at Daytona, How to watch a big buck race" by Smokey Yunick, "NASCAR makes the new Chevy and Ford cylinder heads legal for 1992", Sportsman Division on the big tracks, How to build your own Sportsman, "Junior's University of NASCAR Racing" by Junior Johnson, The Straight Scoop on gasket sealants and adhesives, Racers Workshop - Panhard Bar Installation & Tuning Part 2, The Daytona Dash of 4 Cylinder cars, Good Wiring can make or break a race car by Bob Carpenter, Pattern Flame Cutting, The Jimmy Means story, "Len Duncan Indy Special", Buyer' Guide of many pages, 210 pgs, vg+, $8

The CLASSIC CAR, 1986 December, 48 pgs, mostly pictures, outside cvrs in color, quarterly publication of the Classic Car Club of America. 3494 RM3, Packard '39 Super 8 Sedanca de Ville Franay, The Last Salons, Pacific Northwest and Michigan CARavans, Vibes on Vibration,  Classic Racing, May Luchsinger's '37 Caddy V-12 Limousine Coupe, nm- $6

CLASSIC OLD CAR Value Guide, 1988, Spring, Quentin Craft editor, 200 pgs, most with b& w photos, Full page photos; Harrah's '36 Duesenberg Conv. Cpe; Tom Barrett III '36 Rolls Royce Sedance De Ville Series 25/30, 1911 Alco, '35 J-12 Hispano Suiza Conv., '28 Model S MB, body by Soutchik, '35 Caddy V16 body by Fagoni & Falasi, '53 Ferrari 375 America,  Chrysler Corp., '68 Plymouth G.T.X. 440, 375 h.p.; original mfg's ads; V-16 Caddy, Chrysler 75 Roadster, Lincoln V-8 7 passenger sedan, Silver Anniversay Buick, photos by GM,  '53 first Corvette, '78 Chevy Indy Pace Car; Steve & Valerie Vegh, '53 Packard Caribbean & '47 Packard Custom Super 8 Touring Sedan, nm, except cvr binding has tear, $8.

COLLECTOR CAR NEWS, 1988, May, Fabulous Fords Forever Show - Knotts Berry Farm Anaheim, nm, $3. 48 pgs,

   one page 8.5 by 11, Crusaders Long Beach Second Annual Colossal Poker Run & Funtastic Show, Oct 10, 1959, Starts Bellflower & Stearns, Time 6 to 9 p.m.  vg-, $5.

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