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Current vehicle, 1991 Subaru Legacy, AWD purchased 1-11-14


List from most recently sold to my first car.

DODGE Cargovan, 1989 V6, 3.0 litre, 3 speed auto. Acquired in '93 with 84,000 miles on it. Sold in 2009 at about 180,000 miles.  I carried three mounted spares. It still got 21 mpg in 2009.

1978 Honda Civic, 3 speed, upgraded w 13 inch wheels, 'tweaked' engine. owned 1988- 2005.

'66 Mustang GT, bench seat, 289, C4 auto in May '75 in front of our Anaheim house. Owned '75-'91.

Porsche 356b, Super, coupe, 1963, nicknamed Ol'Never Paint on it's way to Port of Long Beach to be crated for shipment to Holland, March 1991. Click to enlarge.  Owned '70-'91

Mark IV 1592ccMine was '64 Mark IV body with the larger endine of the Mark V

63 Alpine Roadster

January 1964 brought with it the next in the series – the series IV. The series IV had its tail fins redesigned and a different front grille fitted, and in October 1964 the Alpine received a new synchromesh gearbox. SUNBEAM ALPINES similar to the 1964 bodied convertible I owned with a Series V, 1965-68 larger engine of 1725cc, (105.3 cu in) which had a five-bearing main engine with twin Zenith-Stromberg semi-downdraught carburettors producing 93 bhp Mine had wire wheels, a new black viny top and of course not whitewalls. Owned '76 to '81. I did extensive work on the carburetors, the wiring, flywheel, clutch, cooling, etc.

'61 Minx Convertible with Smiths Easidrive, owned from '75 to '80.

not mine, right hand drive model 1961 Hillman Minx Convertible

1961 Hillman sedan with Easidrive Transmission. Mine had no green paint. Was my son Joe's first care for $75 when he was 14. Owned '71-'80. Driven over 100k miles commuting into Los Angeles.

67 Dodge extended van, 318, auto in our driveway in Anaheim in about '75, spiffed up for sale. Click to enlarge. owned '67-'75

VW 1964 owned'64-'70

back view VW '64, not mine

Ford Custom, 2 door, 1956 owned '63-'66

1954 Minx Convertible, black Owned 1963-64

1958 Morris Minor 2 door sedan owned '60-'63

'56 Hillman Husky (3 dr wagon), owned  '58-'63

'56 Hillman Husky (3 dr wagon), owned  '58-'63

minxmotherMy mother in my '51 Hillman Minx, Alexander Ave Belmont, MA Spring '56

'51 Hillman Minx Convertible , '56-'59    

1938 Ford Deluxe 4 door sedan, owned 1953, sold to my uncle in Key West Fl.  

1935 Oldsmobile 4dr sedanowned '51-'53

1937 Chevrolet 4 door Master Deluxe sedan owned'49-'52. Pic is not of mine, which never had white walls nor was as pristine at this example in a car show.


Ford Custom, 2 door, 1956New in California in late fall 1963 I bought in Downey California a blue and white '56 Ford Custom 2.  The seller advised me to have the front end looked at and some tires replaced so I took it to a highly rated  alignment shop near Telegraph Rd I think in Whittier California. I had the guy put 'pinchers' on the front coils then got some new Goodyears in Anaheim with a slightly smaller size on the front.  It took an exchange of the rear tires to get the right 'body pitch' since back then 'ride height' was 'too adanced thinking' for tire salesmen.

At home I fitted dual exhausts exiting before the rear wheels. It had a column stick shift with a super 'high'  ratio geared rear end. I shocked many vettes from lights. The oil feed to the top end failed, a common occurrence on that engine, a 'Y" block V8. I had a 'dirt floor' mechanic rebuild it. One of those guys who would delay another week if you nagged him 'is it done yet?'. Two of my boys and some neighbor kids liked to go for an ice cream' since we could drag run rather freely back then in orange grove lined east Anaheim. They also liked the sound from the 'pipes', particularly before I fixed the hole in the muffler.  A famous run with the car was keeping ahead of a guy on a motorcyle on the twisty hills out to Irvine Park, with my two sons securely belted in the back seat. It was excellent for 'diving into' the apex of a curve and 'putting down the pedal coming out'.  We drove it with full family on board plus my mother and aunt to Ensenada, Baja California. The master cylinder got squishy there so I took it to the local Ford place. The mechanics all wanted to buy it. Later I sold it to a guy who was almost drooling to get it.

A long detailed association with this make because they were bargains for me. They were fairly numerous in eastern Massachusetts and S. California due to adventuresome importers. My first was a convertible, of classic dimensions for a four seater.

Rootes Groups market for them was exporting heavily, Africa, India and such as taxis. They had the usual few weaknesses of low priced English cars where an annual 'decoking' and monthly use of a 'spanner' and close owner attention was expected (and required). Once this 'ownership threshold was passed they 'ran forever'. The earlier bodies rusted, particularly convertibles. The funniest engine conversion I ever witnessed was in the late '60's, a Stude V8 'shoe horned' in by some kids in their home garage on Sunkist Street, Anaheim. I believe they ran it a few blocks and gave up. I'm sure it had faint familiarity with stopping or turning.

An Anaheim garage owner, Frank Moennig was 'Mr. Hillman'. He made a pickup of an early '60's sedan, added a balanced Chevy four banger and Sunbeam Tiger front end pieces. One of the greatest sleepers ever. That Chevy four became almost impossible to find in boneyards after it became a racer's favorite.

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