Second Installment of ACRU-CFR regarding the Big Bear Valley Airport District.

LENOLIE is the Airport manager, Dustin Leno's response dated 4/8/16 to ACRU's Public Records Act Information Request.

Item #2 in Dustin Leno's response states, "There was is no public purchase and sale agreement because the sale was terminated; there are only confidential instructions regarding real estate negotiations. I have included the public document: Work Order #8, as well as accompanying Scope of Services to fullfill your request."

ACRU comment: While that statement is in fact correct, Leno did not add that a new purchase offer was being developed and would in fact be presented to the court appointed trustee. THREE DAYS LATER ON MONDAY APRIL 11, 2016 A NEGOTIATION TO PURCHASE THE LAND MEETING WAS HELD BETWEEN LENO, PERALEZ, AND THE BANKRUPTCY COURT APPOINTED TRUSTEE.

5-16-2016 Offer to Bankruptcy Court page 10 of an 18 page court docket entered/filed on May 16, 2016 clearly shows the proposed buyer of the property to be the Big Bear airport district c/o Henry (Hank) Peralez............ So Leno apparently played the game of deception by omission.

In Scott Nelson's June 8, 2016 board presentation note particular attention to the fact that all along Leno had been placed in charge of the land purchase process because his primary job at San Luis Obispo airport was to negotiate airport perimeter land deals with Caltrans and the city of San Luis Obisbo, so for Leno to claim the Acosta land deal was 'terminated' was in our opinion a clear diversionary tactic to get us thinking they'd ended the process thereby ending our investigation of the issue.

Grizzly TOP STORY, "No big conspiracy if you were paying attention." Published Jun 16, 2016

Excellent reaction to said story by a friend:
"The Grizzly's total lack of journalistic integrity is showing. That opinion piece they published on the airport is so unprofessional it's disgusting. There are rules about Op Ed pieces that most journalists follow. You present your facts, but you don't attack, you don't belittle and above all you try to avoid condescension and defamation. What they're not able to realize is that they have made themselves sound exactly like what they say they're not, which is the airport's bitch. There's just way too much vitriol in that piece for there NOT to be some truth about the accusations."

LINK TO First Installment of ACRU-CFR regarding the Big Bear Valley Airport District.

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