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WEEKEND YARD SALE CENTRAL, 2017 updated Sept. 2nd, 2017=

    Email or Call Joe Nix, 909-541-6101,

    ITEMS FOR SALE IN MY HOUSE 33 2182 Second Lane, 3 lots west of Willow,

    Upright exercise bike with adjustable seat Measures 45 x 60 x 20 inches (W x H x D) missing electronic measures and read outs, pedal resistance adjustable.I used it when weighing 225 lbs at 6'2" and never felt any instability. Sturdy, will not tip, movable via casters on front. donation


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    SEVEN VINYL LONG PLAY ALBUMS From the 80's in Orange County Calif. to about 2005 in Southwest Missouri I collected about 8000 vinyl records and sold them via mail order. The last 2000 or so I gave to a friend who had a huge collection from her father's radio station. I saved the following LP's which I would now like to sell from my house. I don't have a setup to listen to them. Prices listed are indicative of their value 20 yrs ago.
      More of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits very good condition. book value $30-35
    • The Living Legend of Roy Orbison, 22 of his best,Columbia Special Products, 2 LP's $20
    • Righteous Brothers Soul & Inspiration, Verve. VG+,$8
    • The Righteous Brothers, Back to Back,near mint, Phillies records $60
    • The Best of the Righteous Brothers. Moonglow 1004, stereo, 14 cuts, $5
    • The Best of Lou Rawls, 11 cuts. Capitol Starline, nm, $6
    • Leaders of the Pack, 3 lp set, Brookville Records, hits by Skyliners,Mystics,Capris,Lee Andrews,Chiffons, Don & Juan,Shangri Las, 40 original hits, original stars

    Numark TT-1520 Direct Drive Turntable $150, complte, ready to set up. in original shipping box, I used it new a few years testing and recording LPs from my 5000 LP collection. I boxed it back up in 2008 prior to moving from MO to California. I just opened that box this week. It had always worked flawlessly. I have the original User's Manual. $150 20

    Vintage '50's to 90's auto magazines, books, artwork, over 500 item,s listed, priced and sold individually at: Some on display in my living room

    WANTED by me. Chairs, yard, or folding,indoor or on casters for when I have large gatherings at my house.

    Swag light, BASIc. one bulb to hang over my desk.

    20 number 10 cans, with lids, strong metal, clean,FREE

    WANTED by PEGGY 909-633-6585 floor lamp Peggy can do most simple jewelry repairs, fixing clasps, chains, setting some stones etc.

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