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My 1991 Subaru Legacy Wagon L 2.2 litre 4WD (AWD) Automatic

FOR SALE, best offer

air conditioned, heater, defroster, adjustable, automatic front seat belts, lights adjusted, all door locks work, automatic window controls at driver's side, adjustable rear view mirrors, radio/tape deck original not working, all lights work inter and exterior. Fold forward back seat creates large open area. Original owner's manual.

Purchased 1-11-2014 at 166,723 miles, driven about 2000 miles since

Since 1998 this Subaru Wagon has been in Big Bear It was purchased new in 1991 from a Subaru dealer in Arlington Maaa. The mileage is accurate. No major accidents. Needs shock absorbers and some sorting out of dash gauges. I no longer want to drive it. I'm wheelchair bound since Nov. 2016. Receipts show only 8,000 miles driven since May 2010. I used to renew, restore my own cars and considered this another project. Subaru made a huge splash in international markets with the introduction of the 1990 model, Colin McRae in his Subaru Legacy RS Group A won the 1991 British Rally Championship: Manx International Rally and went on to win the championship in 1991 and 1992. rallying.

They become a favorite for upgrading by owners and there is a great deal of information on line on making this model turbo charged. The stock bottom end is rock solid tough and can take a lot of abuse. My arthritis shut down my working under the dash or hood but not before I learned a lot about this car. Normally I have retained my cars for years. A'63 Porsche for 20. Since High school I have had at least 2 cars at a time, in the 70's, including family cars, we had 9, all of which I worked on. See my cars owned page When I sell a car I provide the buyer full info including tips such as the older keys keys to the back lid of this car and the random locking of same related to the automatic locking system. Original Owner's Manual PLUS 8 volume set of Factory Service Manuals in new condition. Cost me $184. THIS PAGE UPDATED 8-1-2017