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To pave a dirt road in R-3 the property owners need to pay half the paving cost. It can be done with asphalt or if available recycled asphalt product which is not as long lasting as asphalt but is about a third of the cost.

The process is to submit a letter signed by a majority of residents. The County will prepare a cost estimate and do a survey. If 50% of the property owners are in favor of paying the cost, we will proceed with a mailed ballot election and if that is successful the charge will appear on the tax bill and the road will be paved.
Get what signatures you can and we will survey the rest to determine the support .
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Special Districts Department (909) 387-5940

By my signature below on this petition letter I state I am in favor of the paving of 2nd Lane per the attached terms.
Full name and 2nd Lane address plus the address you get your mail if different from street address.
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Email to Joe Nix your signed petition or deliver to my address, 2182 2nd Ln which is also my mailing address.

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