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ROSS MOORE, RIP, Oct. 2, 1926-November 2014, age 88

Edition of December 26, 2014

After my move to Big Bear, August 2009, Todd Churchill at the annual picnic told me Ross lived up here. I found his address and wrote to him. He took me to lunch at The Teddy Bear restaurant on Pine Knot in The Village of Big Bear Lake. He introduced me to the proprietor, Fred Goldsmith of the board and ski shop of the same name and some others I can't recall. Another luncheon was at the airport after he took me for a drive around the lake in the kit car roadster he had built. We knew in common a couple of dozen hockey players in Southern California from the 60's to 80's. We recognized each other from playing in practice games. He was several notches above me in hockey but we shared a love of the game which we considered great fun. He showed me his garage and workshop where he made custom golf clubs. Since he was not on the internet we communicated via mail and phone. In October 2014 it was a copy of my web page in memoriam for Ernie Rucks with whom we had played many times.

In 2009-1010 an ice rink for Big Bear was built by Gary Stevens and family. It was first proposed as an indoor rink in the Interlaken shopping center. Stevens had moved his ice making equipment from La Quinta when the building ceased to house a rink. Ross was on top of the activity and we discussed the details on the phone. A small surface with boards was installed by Stevens in an empty store across from Vons in the Interlaken Center. However, the center's management raised the rent beyond what Stevens had planned on. He removed his equipment and got a one year approval from the City of Big Bear Lake to build an outdoor rink in an empty lot at the corner of Pine Knot and Village Drive. I was living at the time in a nearby apartment complex and walked daily past the site. Ross visited it several times. The rink failed after a few months due to mechanical problems, not at all from lack of public skating.

Genuine ice opened indoors for skating April 13, 2013 in the Big Bear Funplex, 40679 Big Bear Blvd, the same building that had been Big Bear's last functioning indoor rink, closed in the 1978. The surface was only 1300 sq ft, but there was room for expansion to the approximate 85 by 180 of the original rink. Ross Moore skated on it and said the ice was excellent. He went to work to get a beginner hockey program going for under 10 year olds with announcements in local media and acquiring equipment. The LA Kings donated two dozen sticks and some uniforms. He bought some small sticks. I contacted the NHLPlayers association and USA hockey for assistance for a startup program.

After not getting any signups at the rink Ross went to the Superintendent of Schools to promote a healthy activity, but couldn't get past the Superintendent's Secretary. A major stumbling block was the Brogans requiring $100 at signup for each hockey beginner. Other rinks in Southern California offer free trial sessions and have used equipment available. Ross argued that $100 was prohibitive.

By January 2014 the owners of the portable ice rink, Ray and Lisa Brogans moved their equipment out and more of the Fun Zone activity in the building expanded into the rink area. A small plastic sheet skating area was set up in the Fun Zone with good quality skates for rent. Ross Moore skated on it and said he couldn't really get going on the small surface, but it had high boards all around so he tried again to get signups for hockey oriented skating lessons.

Ross told me on June 3, 2010 that in about 1955 a group of hockey players formed a four team roller skates hockey league, playing in roller rinks. Teams were Torrance, Burbank, Paramount and Hollywood. Dick Lane had them on Channel 11 and interviewed them a lot, mainly Ross but he almost never let Ross finish a sentence. Ross had a tool shop put aerospace quality bearings in his skate wheels so he was the fastest till the whole team got them. They won a lot. They played doubleheaders on Sunday nights for two years.

The following hockey bio was printed on a card he gave me.


From: Parksville Panthers, British Columbia Ross Moore, 5'9", 165 lbs, Left Wing

  • CAA Bantam to Junior, Quebec
  • Lachine Rapids JrA and Verdun JrA, 1945-47, Quebec
  • Los Angeles Arrows, 1950-54, California
  • West Covina Flyers, 1975-79, California
  • Ottawa Old Stars, 1976-80, Ontario
  • Los Angeles Sr. Kings, 1979-1989, California
  • Ottawa Olde Timers, 1989-2002, Ontario
  • Hollywood Stars European Hockey Classic, 1990 in
  • France, Belgium, Germany & Netherlands
  • Parksville Panthers, 1991-2008, B.C.
  • Vancouver Canucks Seniors, 1998--1999, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Victoria Playmakers, 2000-2002, B.C.
  • San Francisco Old Flyers, 2002-2004, California
  • Central Ontario, 2005, Ontario
  • I know he went to the Snoopy tournament in 2010 since he wanted me to share the driving with him. I sure was tempted, not having been to the Snoopy since about 1985. However I was in the midst of buying my house so had to decline.

    I will post more if it comes my way via research or others contributing.

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