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Lat/Lon: 37.01N -93.88W    Elevation: 1345 ft

1910 era HOUSE & BARN

Freistatt, Missouri, 65654

I sold this property in August 2009 and moved
to Big Bear, California.


south side Dec '03 southeast view Dec '03 view from southwest property corner Dec '03 northwest view Dec '03.
west view from across H highway, Dec. '03 burning trash on 33' x 24' slab
northview from southeast corner from southeast lot corner

barn from northwest corner

view of 40 by 40 barn

mid property view from west
my frozen farm pond Jan '03

    33' x 24' slab outback, handy for burning brush, trash, etc.
    40 by 40 barn   with workbench, slab, doors at both ends, stalls converted for storage, shelves for fasteners, metal and wood shelves. wall hooks and tool holders.

Storage shed, 8x8ft wooden framed, cement floor, sloped roof redone with vents in 2001, barn metal clad,  two doors.75 ft north of house, for storage of power equipment and  flammables.
    House: Approximately 2200 sq ft living space,  1 1/2 stories
FIRST Floor = 1450 sq ft.
4 rooms;  15' x 15' = 229 sq ft central room.
Northwest 14' x 15' = 210 sq ft minus 12 sq ft closet . 
Southwest room 15' north to south x 12.5' = 187.5 sq ft. plus a 13 sq ft closet under the stairway.
Southeast room 13' east to west by 15'2" = 196 sq ft.
Large kitchen, one bath with tub and shower and laundry room at far eastern end of kitchen.  Total area is 35' by 15 ft = 525 sq ft.

There is a 100 sq ft utility room off the kitchen, sort of a shed addition long ago  which contains the natural gas heater and from which there is a door to the cellar and one to the backyard. It has three windows with full sun exposure.

A covered  front porch is 14' X 7' = 98 sq ft

SECOND Floor, living space 630 sq. ft. Three regular size upstairs bedrooms and a small one for storage.  Heat to the upstairs was via an inwall chimney for free standing heaters.  There are two electrical outlets upstairs.
Three rooms have north and south windows just above floor level due to the partially gabled ceilings. All have doors, the corridor has two cubby hole closets and the three large rooms have have closets or a built in clothes rack
Southeast room, 15 ' north to south by  12' = 180 sq ft with windows on the south and full size on the east.  One dual plug outlet in the center of the floor.
Southwest room:  15' north to south, 10'4" east to west= 154.5 sq ft with full size window to the west and smaller to north and south.
Northwest room: 13' by 12'= 156 sq ft with small windows north and south and full size to the west.
Center east room, 15.5' x 9' = 139.5 sq ft, with gabled ceiling with full window on north side beside brick chimney covered with plaster:  One overhead light fixture.  Crawl through door leads to empty attic storage space and access to house wiring over the kitchen extension.

Stairway is enclosed with a door to center room, open at the second floor with a 31.75" wide corridor 17 ft going to the north rooms.  total = 43.6 sq ft.

House retains five exterior doors plus one covered off the front open porch and one via a shed addition to the rear off the kitchen.
Central forced air, Friedrich natural gas fed furnace in that addition with ducting under the floor to the all the firsts floor rooms. There is an eight foot deep cemented cellar under the central room with a new in 2008 sump pump. The south side and northwest rooms have 4 ft crawl space under them with cement floors, the cellar under the kitchen extension has a 6 foot  deep dirt floor with a new in 2005 sump pump.

Electrical was upgraded in about 1976, 220 being supplied to the water heater and stove.  I have done and had an electrician do significant improvements to the electrical system.  Also in 2005 nearly all the plumbing lines were replaced along with a new Gerber 17" High Elongated Acqua Saver toilet, Bradford White 40 gallon electric water heater and new stainless steel kitchen sink faucet and supply lines.  A water fillter , second sump pump central part of cellar, a gas line and ceiling fan in the southwest room first floor room added in 2008 .  Both cellars have been cleaned out.

 All except kitchen was carpeted when I bought in '91. It appears all floors except kitchen extension are groove hard wood tongue in groove.

    2008 real property tax = $331. Mt. Vernon School District.
    Freistatt Farmer's Fire protection district is an additional $60 annually.
    Village of Freistatt water system, minimum monthly charge is $25 for 1000 gallons.
    I have a septic system, giving no problems.
    Located north of the village limit in Lawrence County, therefore no planning/zoning restrictions other than for a new septic system.

    There is no mortgage on the property. I paid it off in 1998.

    466 ft highway frontage on Main Street which is state letter Highway H. Annual average daily traffic volume on H for the year 2000 was 2578. By 2007 that had increased to 5400 but has declined since.  To see the Traffic Volume Maps go to the Missouri Dept of Transportation website to Safety/Traffic Volume Maps.

    4 acres fenced in excellent fescue pasture rented to neighbor since 1992 for angus/hereford grazing..

    For $6400 I had a totally new shingle roof put on in '95. They removed 3 to 4 layers of asphalt shingles.

    November 2002 I added a new 30" electric range to the kitchen. Galaxy Model 790.60201 from Sears, Aurora MO. The 220 outlet was already in.

    New Whirlpool washer June 2008.  Functional electric Frigidaire Deluxe clothes dryer. A very large set of clothes lines on the south side between heavy welded iron pipe so I use the dryer sparingly.

    17.2 cu ft GE TBF17DB refrigerator with freezer compartment and an ice maker (which I don't use). I got it from a Monett  appliance dealer in 1992 and I think he said it was 3 years old then. It has only needed minor service once.

    The house was all steel sided in the late 70's. It is Alcoa  AS8NT, White  8" wide, pieces are 12'6" long. I bought some additional pieces in '93. The nomenclature was Legacy Series Steel Siding, PVC Striated Finish

I have a separate illustrated page relating the history and planting of my trees .

Joplin MO Globe, August 17, 2003 report on the Ernte Fest, held on the Lions club 40 acres directly across H highway from my property
Ernte Fest held in Freistatt 

By Chris Roberts
Globe Staff Writer

FREISTATT, Mo. - Bob Stuevens was handing out "I love to Polka!" cards instead of business cards at this weekend's Ernte Fest in Freistatt, Mo.

He and his wife, Margene, weren't the only ones enjoying the once-a-year chance to strut their stuff on the dance floor. Thousands of polka dancers and general enthusiasts of German culture donned lederhosen, traditional German dresses and alpine hats in celebration of all things German for the 30th annual festival. The festival is held every year in Freistatt.

Ernte Fest means "harvest festival" and was started in 1973 by the many residents of German ancestry in the Freistatt area. Each year, the Freistatt Lions Club hosts the event to help remind people of their German heritage and to raise funds for various organizations the club supports.

German beer, bratwurst and sauerkraut were readily available at the festival as the main way of raising funds. Deborah Schoen, public relations director for the event, said the Lions Club sold 765 meals Friday night, 165 more than last year. Normally, the organization sells more than 1,000 meals and gets quite a bit of its money from the beer garden.

"We had a lot of people," Schoen said. "The parking lot was packed, and we had quite a few go through the bier garten. We have a German beer this year."

Dave and Jane Friggle, who drove from Branson for the event, were anxious to get a plateful of the German food Saturday night.

"This is quite an event," said Dave Friggle, who was at the festival for the first time. "We like German food and music, and we figured this would be a good way to spend a Saturday evening."

Bob Senninger, a member of the Lions Club, said meeting people and enjoying German culture is what draws so many every year.

"We enjoy the music and watching all the people," Senninger said. "So many come through and it's fun to watch and see what they are going to wear and do to have fun."

Heidy Cox and Christa Rice are two friends who go all out for Ernte Fest. Both moved to the area from Germany in the early 1960s and have attended the festival since it began 30 years ago.

"In Germany they don't have music like this anymore," Rice said. "It's more like American rock and roll now. By coming out here, we get to be German for a night before we have to go back to work on Monday."

The two were wearing the traditional German dresses they've had for years, and twirled each another for a quick polka dance when they heard a song they liked.

"We have to keep the tradition up," Cox said. "We like the music and we like the people, but I make my own bratwurst and sauerkraut. I have good brats.", copyright, 1996-2013 Joe Nix where applicable.
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