Music over my lifetime And related Memories

Edition of MARCH 15, 2015

From the early 80's through 2009 I collected approximately 6,000 Long Play 12" vinyl records and approximatly 1500 7 inch vinyl records. By 2009 I had sold over half of each collection. In July 2009 the remainder went to a friend at my yard auction in Freistatt, MO. I had cleaned and play graded every record and sold mainly via mail order having listed all of them on my website. I didn't specialize and simply bought at yard sales entire boxes of records.

2014, my karaoke songs practiced in 2014

Kenny Vance

in 2013, Elvis style

August 2009. After 18 yrs on my five acre farm in Southwest Missouri, Village of Freistatt, population always 160-180 for 100 years. Founded as a German Lutheran village. I am neither. I moved to senior apartments near the Village in Big Bear Lake, California. I enjoyed outdoor music in the Village on Friday evenings and at special events. I "hung out" with The Bear Valley Katz, several sunday afternoons at the airport upstairs place (Diamond Lil's was one name). The open mike was run by Steven Brickman, drummer and organizer of Bear Valley Katz. Hank Kalvin on guitar. Steve would drive me home from their gigs. Very interesting guy from San Diego. We conversed a lot about music. Also got to know Bob Greenan and Miss Kitty of the Holcomb Valley Boys and Miss Kitty. More recently I joined them at the Log Cabin restaurant out west on the boulevard.

I had a great social life in Missouri via six singles groups between Joplin, Springfield and Branson and four smaller cities in between. Plus I got deep into state politics, running for state representative in 1996. Having been a regular dancing in S. California through the 80's and a fan of Rock and Roll, reggae and jazz, I adjusted to the two step and country, blues and gospel music. I sang karaoke in Monett and Pierce City in three clubs, one of which had Crazy Clarence in huge letters on it's metal roof.

early 2000's, Virginia Snyder's Folk, Blues, etc Festivals near Halltown, MO. Open air, very little use of amplifiers, area musicians.

1998 Jeannie C Riley of Harper Valley PTA fame, Mt. Vernon MO, in the high school, very small crowd.

1997 Brumleys Hill and Hollow Folk Festival 1997, Powell MO. Blackwood Brothers, annual music festival, Albert E. Brumley (I'll Fly Away) Music company in Powell Missouri, music from noon to midnight two days. I had a few beers while talking about music with the Brumley grandsons and cousin. Going there I took a more direct back road route and twice had to wait while untended cattle wandered across the road.

1996 Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, "Young Girl". I met a cousin of his in Branson and along with a singles group we spent a few evenings together.

1986 memorable live performance, Etta James in Santa Cruz

80's Southern California

Orange County venues I visited: Olemand's, D'amore's, Bluewolf, Ozzie's, Sandpiper,

Jan. 4. '88, "Haute Potato" poetry reading 8pm. One venue was in Laguna Beach, the other was in a Fullerton bookstore. We had fun with our poetry, which I still have.

1988 Doowop, charter member in LA of the Doowop Society of Southern California

1987 choir walk on Aida, OC Performing Arts Center, see my page on same; Aida

10-23-'87 with Art Guiney, Woody Herman benefit West LA

Late '87, went to Pancho Sanchez show, don't recall where, probably Anaheim.

1984 Tony Bennett Sarah Vaughn, South Orange County outdoors

mid '80's, Luis Peralta, drummer, many times along the OC coast Willi Bobo, his "Dindi" my favorite, at Art Rumsey's Concerts by the Sea, Redondo Beach Pier. I was there a few more times, Howard Rumsey being a long time friend of Art Guiney, my memories of Art

About 1980 Eliane Elias, latin singer, small club, possibly Cerritos CA with Art Guiney who knew her.

1-31-83 saw Takashaki Akiyoshi at Newporter Inn, Newport Beach, CA

early 80's, Marvin Gaye, after hours at music club in a Santa Ana shopping mall. May have been the Clubhouse.

Friends in music, Luis Peralta renowed versatile drummer from Buenos Aries, Argentina. Luis was a Bossa Nova expert and known for soft drumming. So soft, he was years with Blossom Dearie who sang in almost a whisper. Luis could have been a comedian. We had many good laughs. He moved to Seattle in the later 80's.

Via Art Guiney I met many of "big" names. did on air work in the army and for Saddleback college station, KSBR. Art Guiney introduced me to Bob Brookmeyer, Shorty Rogers, Bill Holman and Bob Florence. and backstage with the Terry Gibbs band, Victor Feldman, Shorty Rogers and Bob Brookmeyer at a jazz concert in southern Orange County.

Nat Pierce and Frankie Capp, Juggernaut Band, leaders were Art's close friends. Saw them at Donte's. also Bill Holman and Bob Florence. Art was a big band fan who didn't like female singers, "warblers" he called them.

Mid 80's dove into reggae. Via radio, KLON Long Beach, Saddleback Jr College KBSR, who played often Gregory Isaacs' "Night Nurse". The Sunday afternoon show on KLON would play 5 or more cuts before they'd announce the artist. It took me years to find the sources of some of the riffs that impressed me. I picked up on the dance movements via some Jamaican dancers giving free instructions at Marcel's place, end of the Newport Frwy in Costa Mesa. One group invited me to their nearly private jams, downstairs at "What's Happening Fantasy Reggae" Santa Ana. I even ran the mixer at times. I followed that group to the WhiteHouse, Laguna Beach and Long Beach. Their names I recall were: Eddy, Smoothie and Firehouse.

I became a regular at the Sunset Pub, Sunset Beach on Pacific Coast Highway, California, befriended Cinzia (Chinciah? from Eritrea and her friend Gingia, a high school teacher from Puerto Rico. Both attractive and conservatively dressed. It featured reggae at least one night a week. I acted as their protection from "the wolves".

In Long Beach the hotel was next to a waterway. I watched Eeekah Mouse in a converted bank, Long Beach. I led a group of women there from the Crystal Cathedral singles to experience some reggae.

About 1984 with Phyllis Dow and a group from Christian Cathedral Singles, dancing to Gary Lewis and the Playboys who were warming up for a Vegas appearance, There were only a few couples on the floor, so Gary pretended he was naming "number one couple". "Dreaming of my love and I don't know where to start", "Everybody Loves a Clown."

Howard Rumsey's "Concerts by the Sea" with Willie Bobo, Willie and I got kidding back and forth. Howard asked "you guys know each other?". No just a vibes match.

I used Art's ticket to get into a Musicians Wives fund raiser and got to chat with Jack Lemmon.

Somehow I got into a Los Angeles Awards for Female Journalists I think it was. Jay Leno, was the emcee. I was beside him as we were walking out, but before I could say I was also from Eastern Mass, some chintzy paparazzi had their photo taken with their arm around Jay.

Annual Songwriters Awards, fancy restaurant, Sunset Blvd, drove Addie Hansen in her car to the event. I was told she was one of the first female disc jockeys in LA. I yakked with Tommy Edwards. Louis Nye, Nellie Lutcher and Benny Carter. Louis got me laughing of course. His wife said "he has caught a fish". I reminisced with Nellie Lutcher re her early hits played on radio in Boston, Ma. Many thanked me for bringing Addie who lived in Costa Mesa. I met her at a singles gathering at a lady's home in Santa Ana. The lady may have been Rene Tucker, who had organized her own singles group.

Another club I went to several times was Donte's Jazz Supper Club, Lankershim near Universal City, North Hollywood or  Studio City? Tom Smothers at the bar one time. The Juggernaut Band of Nat Pierce, piano and Frankie Capp, drums.

Grand Avenue Bar, Biltmore Hotel across from Pershing Square 506 S. Grand Ave, L.A. Met LaRue Watson Brown there to enjoy with Art and Vince Desmond, an evening gig with pianist Gerry "Wig" Wiggins.

Larue was the widow of Clifford Brown and an organizer of Musicians Wives of Los Angeles. Clifford from wikipedia "June 26, 1956, died at age 25 in a car accident. Was an American jazz trumpeter. Leaving behind only four years' worth of recordings. Nonetheless, he had a considerable influence on later jazz trumpet players, including Donald Byrd, Lee Morgan, Booker Little, and Freddie Hubbard, among others...He won the Down Beat critics' poll for the "New Star of the Year" in 1954..."

1983-4 I attended a couple of evenings at a dinner club on PCH in Laguna Beach. when Clare Fischer was there. Wikipedia; "Douglas Clare Fischer (October 22, 1928 – January 26, 2012) was an American keyboardist, composer, arranger, and bandleader. After graduating from Michigan State University (from whom, five decades later, he would receive an honorary doctorate), he became the pianist and arranger for the vocal group The Hi-Lo’s in the late 1950s. Fischer went on to work with Donald Byrd and Dizzy Gillespie, and became known for his Latin and bossa nova recordings in the 1960s."

1983 approximately via a friend did on air disc jockeying during a fund raiser for Saddleback College radio station, KSBR, Mission Viejo, CA. Along with Marilyn Moore and Stephanie Ates. The friend, Jacqui Ballard, Newport Beach, a Wellesley College grad was doing PR for KSBR.

At KSBR I met Rae Arroyo who had a very popular six hour show also on KSBR 88.5 FM, starting in about 1979.  In 1984 she started a similar Latin Connection music show from KLON, Long Beach, CA later known as KKJZ plus for a short time one out of San Clemente. Doing all three shows on different days of the week.
In 1982 Rae opened a record store, selling only Latin Jazz and Salsa. In 1991 Rae and her husband relocated to Las Vegas and she continued her show on KUNV, Las Vegas plus link broadcast on stations in North Carolina and area. Since then I have bookmarked many latin jazz videos, notably of the life of Tito Puente and one of my favorites, the late Willi Bobo. Rae's obit March 29, 2006

'80's Jay and the Americans, "Come a Little Bit closer", reminds me of several instances where in dance halls of Pomona, El Monte and Orange County, I danced with senoritas, holding at bay their "bad man joses"

'80's Leroy Vinegar, small place, Long Beach after the Grand Prix. Chatted with Shav Glick, LA Times auto racing reporter. Two dates with one of Red Callander's ex's. Nice chat with widow of pianist, Hampton Hawes.

Via Art Guiney I attended a jazz soiree at Larue Watson Brown's house. Eddie Jefferson on drums, others. A notable incident, the jazz people were trying to recall an artist who appeared in some club. Leonard Feather, the syndicated Jazz critic said, "Well Art will know" and he did. I had a nice chat with Hampton Hawes widow.

EARLY 70'S, Eddie Harris, Century City L.A. early evening.

East LA sound, Los Lobos, East Anaheim, small supper club, sometime in the 70's. My hockey friend, Eddie Day was on after them.

Thee Midniters, the personification of the East L.A. sound. Love their special styling, 'Sad Girl", "The Town I Live in", etc. Danced to that same style in a ballroom in La Puente after hockey in West Covina.

1972 Billy Paul's "Me and Mrs Brown", a portion of which I experienced in the mid 70's.

"Black Magic Woman", Carlos Santana on my tape player in my '63 Porsche, running Mulholland Drive or to Malibu on my lunch hour from Dart Industries, Beverly Blvd-La Cienaga.

October 1971, MAGGIE MAY by Rod Stewart, was in the air along with scent of weed, incense and hashish, head shops, exuberant young women, tamborines, west Hollywood area between La Cienaga, Melrose, Beverly Bld, common sights were Lamborghinis, Ferraris, exotics at the body shop on San Vicente, Red Foxx's club, upscale restaurants. The song seemed written for that time and place.

1972 Flying back to LA from NYC I was impressed by Blly Joel's "Just The Way You are" and never anything else by him. Barry White took over that song as my favorite.

early 70's Buddy Rich at Disneyland and outside Alfonse's 10057 Riverside Dr Toluca Lake, south of the 134 freeway, between Griffith Park and Burbank. He made a play for my companion. She asked, "Who is that creep?" Can't recall yet which jazz group performed that evening.

1969 My ex and I livened up a Pop Warner parents party by dancing and singing along to Johnny Rivers, "Poor Side of Town". I recall the remarks, "two yankees adopting Johnny Rivers, Wow!. "

1969 "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)" a 1969 hit single by Jr. Walker & The All Stars. The single was one of Jr. Walker's most successful releases becoming a hit on the both the R&B and pop singles chart.

Late 60's, Bolo Sete, Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach

1967, Herman's Hermits, "There's a Kind of Hush all over the world"

1967 Songs related to events, Boston with two of my sons, BeeGees "Massachusetts" was on the Morris Minor car radio on Boston's new Southeast Expressway.

1966 two of my sons started hockey with away game at Pasadena rink and "You're my Puppet" by Johny Purify was on the radio and at the Norwalk rink. Peggy Fleming had the ice after us and her mother was so impressed with our team, she offered to pay for some training for him.

1965 "Ask the Lonely" , a soul/pop ballad recorded by Motown singing group the Four Tops. Released as the group's third single, it became the group's second successful single since signing with Motown in 1963.

1964 Mary Wells, "My Guy", "You beat me to the punch", "The One who really loves you". 1964 Peter and Gordon, "Go to Pieces". early days of Apollo program, Downey California 1964 Gerry & the Pacemakers, "Don't let the Sun Catch You Crying" 1963 Dusty Springfield, "I only Want to be with You"

Rock n Roll of the sixties was a special inspiration for me. I'm still a fan of that era. It really pumped me up. (never liked the Beatles), Del Shannon, Beach Boys, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson etc.

And Blues, Barbara Lynn, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Lightnin' Hopkins, etc.

Girl groups of 50's-60's, Ronettes, Supremes, Marvellettes, Chifons, Toys, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Three Degrees "When Will I see You again".

Male groups of same era, Delfonics "La la means I love you", Stylistics "Hey there lonely girl", Most memorable re the Intruders, "Cowboys to Girls" done by a local group in Santa Ana in a club near the RR tracks, doing the song with live staging. The Crests w Johnny Maestro, Elegants, "Little Star", etc.

Individual singers: Lou Rawls, Billy Stewart, Barry White, Del Shannon, Dusty Springfield, Skeeter Davis, Timi Yuro

1961 "Those Oldies but Goodies", Nino & The Ebb Tides 1960 "Stay"-Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs- 1957-59 went to a few Newport Jazz Festivals sleeping on the ground, driving a MG-TD and a Hillman convertible with a straight pipe.

1958 Eddie Cochran, "Summertime Blues". I finished Harvard that summer and was looking for a job.

1955 I filled in for a DJ on Armed Forces Radio in Asmara, Eritrea. I recall playing Perez Prado and wondered if I had 10 listeners. A favorite at that time "You belong to me", The Duprees.

1953 Memorable occasion in Georgia while I was in the Army, driving up a country road lined with overhanging trees, over the little radio in my '38 Ford sedan I heard "Rainy Night in Georgia" for the first time. Might have been Ray Charles. Brook Benton's 1982 hit brings back that scene vividly. My favorite version now is Lord Tanamo with a ska beat.

1950-'53 We danced a lot to the Boston Society orchestras, Lester Lanin and another I can't recall the name of. Went to the Waltz Evenings at the Ritz a few times.

1949-50 high school dances, "Dream Dream" before the Everly Brothers, possibly a version by Percy Faith and His Orchestra. Herbie Ducey, a close friend ahead of me a few years was a drummer at our high school dances. We even had "the battle of the bands" staring Herbie and the other band's drummer.

1940's my brother and I listened to a variety of music, latin, negro spirituals, russian, etc via radio stations from Boston and NYC.

Summer of 1940 on Cape Cod, at the Mayflower Tourist Camp in Chatham MA, I caught live dance music in the evening from the camp's clubroom. Perfidia and Blueberry Hill caught my attention.

During WW2 my brother and I went into Boston for matinees by Gene Krupa, our long time favorite Stan Kenton, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Charlie Spivak, Lionel Hampton, Coleman Hawkins and others. Major impressions were made by Stan Getz with the Jack Teagarden Orchestra, Anita O'Day and June Christie.

1930's First big band that captured my imagination, Claude Thornill with "Snowfall". I actually saw his tour bus in Massachusetts. My brother and I tuned in to radio broadcasts from such as Pompton Turnpike, Glen Island Casino, some others in New Jersey, New York and I think one in New Hampshire.

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