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St. Joseph's Church Altar Boys,1944

A large picture as published in the Belmont (MA) Herald, December 15, 1983. I've relisted the photo caption names in alphabetical order with some corrections, additions and 'not sures ?  Father McCall was responsible for organizing and training the 'boys'. My mother was a soloist at St. Joseph's in the '40's-50's.

Greg Ashe, Paul Almond
Bill Bellisimo, Angelo Borelli, H. Brown
Don Cass, Tom Coleman, Ed Comeau, John Comerford, BHS '50, Arthur Craig, Mark Cronan, D. Cronin
Bernie Daily, Tom Daily, Vinny Daily, Jack Donahue, Jack Dunbar, Tom Dunbar
Joe Elliot
D. Fallon, K. Fallon, J. Fallon, Dick Finnick BHS '49, David Frizzell
Bill Harney, Vincent Heavey, Frank Hennessy
Bob Kenney, Ray Kenney
Dick Leonard, J. Leonard, G. Leone, Paul Lockwood, Bob Lucey, Paul Lucey
Rick Mahaney, Jack Mahaney, John McGreenery?, Bill McKinnon, Fred McKinnon, Brendan Murphy, F. Murphy
Richie Nestor
Bill O'Brien, Ed O'Brien, Paul O'Brien, Frank O'Hara, V. O'Leary, P. O'Reilly
Eddie Quinn, John Quinn
Amby Redmond, Paul Redmond, Fran Regan, Richard Regan
John Sherry, J. Spellman
George Thomas, Jack Thomas, Joe Tobin, Charley Tracey

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