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  OUR BELMONT, late 20's to approximatelyl 1960

A open collective oral history of our memories

Edition of November  2013

The fiftieth reunion of my class of 1950 stirred many memories and a great deal of correspondence before and after the Oct 2000 reunion. That inspired me to write memoirs of my days in Belmont. And not to let other's contributions disappear into cyber vapors, I incorporated many in my narratives.

My first memoirs of growing up in Belmont 1932-1960 grew to the point I submitted it to the Belmont Historical Society Archives. Others who contributed were Roy Scammell, Barbara Dow Elwell,  Larry Maletta, Dick Bolles, Mary Hart Duffy,

My second treatise, pond hockey,  Belmont, Mass. 1940-1953 has drawn attention beyond  Belmont circles as the topic of pond hockey in the US and Canada has reached the point where a movie on it came out in 2008.

Bit by bit fond recall of Christmas in Belmont, 1937-1960 has come together.

Harvard & MIT Faculty who lived in Belmont. A start on attempting to list them all. An inspiration for this was a chintzy wikipedia entry on famous people who have lived in Belmont.

Having been a lifelong "car nut" I have documented my Memories of Vehicles in Belmont 1937-1960. Inspired by my participation in car clubs, forums and selling old car magazines off my site.

Having noticed most listings on deceased military are limited to killed or missing in action, I started my Veterans Memorial page for Belmont veterans of my era.

My notes on the fine book, "Images of Belmont" published in 2000 by the Belmont Historical Society

St. Joseph's 1944 Altar Boys Photo

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I made my first trip since 1989 to Massachusetts in July '99 and visited my brother on Beacon Hill and my only cousin in Gloucester. Ed Benz called me in May in response to my inquiries about our Harvard Class of '54 reunion.

I have had my yearbook handy all these years and my four kids are familiar with it. About a dozen years ago, one daughter in law exclaimed, "What happened to people, everyone looks so bright and intelligent?"

I answered, "pre television". (which I haven't had in my home since 1987.)

I emigrated to the Ozarks from Anaheim, California in 1991. North American Aviation had moved us to California in 1963.

I landed a foreclosure in Missouri before everyone else discovered the area so for about $22,000 I got a 2400 sq ft, albeit 90 year old home, a 40 by 60 barn of the same vintage and five acres, three in beef/fescue production. My Ozarks Place 1991-2009

I joined all the local civic clubs and ran for state representative in 1996 so I wouldn't be an obscure guy from California. My 1996 campaign for state rep in MO . In fact I shattered all local precedent by doing so. It helped get to know people and be known.

I had a stopover in northwest Arkansas, renting a house in retirement Bella Vista for five months in 1991. Living amongst golf carts and many people who had NO interest in the area did not appeal to me. It was back to the real world moving to a cattle and feed raising village of 180 (never been larger, nor smaller since founded in 1884). It was a German Lutheran community, of which I am neither.

I hadn't seen a hockey game since my bad knee forced my early retirement in 1987 until I visited four ice rinks in southern California and watched kids from 4 to 14 play. It brought back fond memories. Since then I discovered ice hockey 70 miles south of my village which inspired me to put up my HOCKEY INDEX web pages for my experiences and some current good links for amateur hockey. I tried to play but my legs, balance was shaky. 

It seems redundant to say I am retired, since essentially I have not had a day job since 1981 when I took a disability retirement. My health is good but I've had some setbacks which some doctors said I got through because I was too mean to die, and never smoked.

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