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I asked the county about paving 2nd Lane.

Here are the answers to my questions:

  • 1.The cost would be placed on the property tax of the parcel owner.
  • 2. Cost is the same regardless of parcel size.
  • 3. A very rough cost estimate to pave 3 inches of asphalt for 2nd Lane would be around $142,420 for the project. If the district has the available funds it could pay for half of the project. The residents cost would be $71,210 divided by 68 (estimated parcels) = $1047 per parcel or $524 per year over two years.
  • 4.maintenance is performed on the roads. (in 2012-13) 7th Ln, Juniper and Willow required the utility company, DPW to overlay half the width of the road after they installed their new water line, the road district paid for the other half to be paved due to the opportunity and low cost of the paving.
  • 5. There is currently no budget for signs in the district. A survey was sent out years ago that gave the cost for a traffic study to install stop signs and a cost for signs and hardware and the  community responded that they did not want to pay for this service.  

    If you have any further questions please let me know.

      John Bradford, Assistant Regional Manager
    Special Districts Department

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