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Edition of  May 27, 2013
 On 27-29 October 2006 a reunion was held at the Radison Inn, Hyannis MA for '49, '50 and '51.

Names from 1949's Yearbook

Italics = deceased,  obit indicates I have a copy of same.
* (asterick) indicates a bio was submitted for 50th Reunion in 1999
underlined indicates I have a copy of the bio.
I have a class address list prepared for the '99 reunion.
@'06 indicates attended 10-29-'06 reunion

Ruth Acheson Fagan
Patricia Alexander *Josephine Andriola *Joseph Baia Jean Bailey
Joan Bailey Walter Barnes Barbara Barrett Donald Barron *Ralph E. Bates
*Earl A. Beardsley Jr *James W. Beattie *Frederick A. Bellissimo Janice Bertram Barry Birch
*Allen Blankenship Robert Bloomfield *Anthony Bonanno Dominic F. Bonfilio March 7,2005
*Joanne Boyer Jones
7 August 2002
Edward F. Boyle
Nov. 13, '07, obit
*Gerald W. Brace Jr 2003, Paris France Mary C. Brennan *William J. Brennan Jr Virginia Brenton
John J. Brine Ronald Brosnahan Jane Brown Paul F. Brown *Robert G. Brownell
Arlene Bucci Florence J. Buckley June K. Burgess James Burke Paul E. Burns
Harriette Burrell Ann Butler *Frances Butt Virginia Calley Andrews
*Philip A. Carey
*Roy F. Carlson *Allan P. Casson, 2006 approximately
Ralph Castagno Lorraine Castanino Paul A. Caterina
Anthony Centore *George J. Chambers Jr, 2015 June A. Charla Dunham
Donna Chickering Summerville
Mary Ciccarello
Betty Cleversey McCarthy
Patricia M. Coates Patricia Colvin *Catherine Conlon Frederick Connelly
Anne Connor Edith Conway Richard Corcoran *Owen Cote Joseph Coughlin
*Janet Cox Arthur Coyle Barbara Craig Richard Cronan Robert Crosby
*Ward Crowell *Barbara Crowley John Crowley *William Crowley Paul Curley
*Jacqueline Currier Patricia Currier Marilee Curtis Mary Daly William Dayton Jr
Louise Deely Elizabeth A. DeFlorio  *Lorraine Delorey Robert C. Denaro Anna DiGiovanni
Anthony DiGiovanni Jr Norma DiLuna *Richard Donnelly *Clista M.E. Dow, 11-2009
James Doyle
Patricia Driscoll Thomas Driscoll Lillian Drolette *Claire L. Ducey *John F. Dunbar
*Joan DuPont Rita M. Duquette Richard Dwyer Rose E. Dwyer *Robert Edmands,
April 5, 2006, obit (see below)
*Barbara Egan William Egan Barbara Jean Elliot *Robert J. Fahey 4/20/13 obit, Rye NH
Josephine Femino
*Richard Finnick, @'06
Jane Fitzgerald June Fitzpatrick *Kathleen Flannery *Jane Frisbee
Brian Gaffey,  06 Mar 2001, Hanson,
 Plymouth County, MA
Janet Galvin *Jacqueline Garabedian Diana Garoyan Marion Garrity
Dianne Garry Barbara Gibb Paul Gilpin William Goneau *Carol Good
Beverly Grant *Louise Grant *Lillian Gravina *Francis J. Greehan Judith Green
*Barbara Gruhn (Finnick)
*John Gurun *Ann Gushee *Robert Hanson Phyllis Harris
James Hartnett Frank Harvey *Lawrence Hayes *Martha Locke Hazen, 12-23-'06
*Janet Higgins
*Ralph H. Hinckley *Barbara Hodder William P. Holmes Barbara Hopkins Charlotte Horton
Katherine Howe *Catherine Imler Pauline Ingeneri *Mary Jane Irvine Dorothy Jalbert
John Jannoni
Sept 1978
Doris M. Johnson Barbara Jones *Sally Jordan William J. Kasper
James W. Keddy Jr Regina Kelleher O'Leary
Joseph Kelley Jr Paul L. Kelley *Joan Kennedy
Catherine Kerr Alan Kewer Robert E. King
May 24, 1953 U.S. Navy
flight training
Louisa Kirlin Woodman
Natalie Knowlton Fletcher
*Barbara Koch *Nicholas A. La Fauci Thorton Lallier Jr *John "Joe" Lally Jr. 2/29/08 obit
Yvonne Larkin
Paul Lavoie Thelma Lawson James Leamon Arthur Leary Marie LeBlanc
*Joann Leland Theodore J. LeVan Elizabeth Libbey Donald Lindof Thomas Lindstrom
Marjorie Linn *Doris Livingston *Barbara Livingstone Nancy Lobick William P. Looney
*Carol Lovegren Isabel Ludlam Lois MacArthur *Barbara MacAuley Russell A. MacLeod, 6-10-'10, obit
George Madden *Lavinia J. Magazzu *John Mahoney Marlene Maloof Saidnawey
Mary Mannix
*Richard Marciano, 2011
Joan Marean Martha Maron Virginia Marrocco William Marsh
*Barbara Martin Robert McArthur *George McBride James S. McBride, 1953 U.S. Army
*Joan McCarthy
Marilyn McConnell *Ellen McCormick David McElroy Paul T. McElroy *Sarah 'Sally' McGonagle
Eleanor McGrail Paul F. McGrail Alice McGrath Robert T. McKay *Henry C. McKenna, Jr.
*Robert McLellan Caroline McLeod *Barbara McNaughton Patricia McNiff Hennrikus
*Martin McNulty
Shirley Melvin Leavell
Robert C. Miers *Beverly Miller William Mix Jr. *Jean Morris
Donald C. Morrison John Morrison Jr.  *Margaret A. Morrison *Helen Morton Coberly, 14 Dec 2011,
Medina, Ohio.
Clare Mullaney
Edith Muller Richard S. Mulloy, 4-1-'13, obit
Robert W. Mungovan Francis Murphy Jane Murphy
Jane Murtha Caroline Nappa Anne Nicholson Mary Nicoli Francis E. Nugent
John O'Donovan Jr. 3-16-12, obit
*Margaret O'Hara *Joan Palmer Kathe Parsons *Theresa Pennino
Anna Perino Loretta Perry Donald C. Phillips
Irene Pisperikos Mary Pizzi Parker
*Valerie Poulos Robert Powers Kevin D. Reagan William 'Dusty' Rhodes *Edward G. Rice
Pierre Richard *Nancy Richards *Phyllis F. Rigano *David Ripley *Dorothy Ripley
Jean Rippe Farineny
Janet Ritcey Shirley Robart Doris Robbins Dechand
Theodore D. Robbins Jr. 
Thomas Roche Dorothy Rose *Earle R. Rowe Sadie Salvo *Peter Santamaria
Constance Santoro Francis Santoro Donald E. Savage Robert H. Schmitt Patricia Scott
*Howard Scribner Jr. John Shaughnessy Lorraine Shaw Carol Shea *Kathleen Shea
Joan Shinners Charlotte Shriber Gettes
Joan Shurrocks Robert Sibley
16 Apr 1997
*Claire Silvery
Joan Simpson McLean
*John Sloanaker Mary L. Sola Buttiglieri
*Leo Solakian, 8/2011
Edward Spuria
Raffaela Stavolta Robert Stennes *Ralph Stevens Jr. *James Stoddard *Gwendolyn Struik
Edith A. Sullivan Richard J. Sullivan Ann M. Swenson Richard Sylvia Claire Szabo
Allen S. Tait Sondra Lou Thomas Giebel
Stewart Thompson Jr *Carolyn Tobia *Ralph D. Toscano
*Virginia H. Union *James Viglirolo Frederick J. Vona William M. Wagner Jr. *David Walcott, 2-3-13, obit
Peter J. Walsh *Madelon Warnock Virginia Weedon Marlene Welch Clinton M. West
Peter T. Westergaard Sarah Lee Whelan *Elizabeth Whittemore Robert Willander Donald D. Williams
Edward Withycombe Arthur A. Young Jr. Nancy Young Susan Zacharias William Mulcahy

 Robert Emerson Edmands, '53 cl died April 5, 2006 in Indianapolis. He began his medical career in the U.S. Public Health Service in Atlanta, rising to senior surgeon in the Heart Disease Control Program. Later he was a founding physician in Indiana Heart Associates and an associate professor of medicine at the Indiana University School of Medicine. He played a major role in the creation of the cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation and testing programs at Community Hospital of Indianapolis. He was a longtime board member of Planned Parenthood of Indiana. He leaves his wife, Elaine (Schwartz), two daughters, Suzanne and Heather, a son Robert and a brother, Wallace.

Letter to Harvard Magazine,  July-August 2002 (for which I'm proud of Bobby)

Rosen's manifesto seems a curious compilation of campaign rhetoric— rationalizing the Bush administration's bellicose foreign policy—and a grandiloquent fantasy of world domination.

Fashioning a superficially plausible demographic explanation of America's current focus on Asia—an explanation including an overly facile endorsement of the administration's efforts to develop a ballistic-missile defense—Rosen goes on to describe and elaborate upon the United States's alleged insuperable command of technology. America, in Rosen's view, is an empire (an "indirect" empire, as we ostensibly seek not to govern nor otherwise control foreign territories). He then asserts, with a soaring leap of illogic, that it is mandatory that the American empire utilize maximal military force, at the least provocation, to maintain imperial order and demonstrate that the empire cannot be challenged with impunity.

In light of President Bush's arrogant display of his military goals, buttressed by a predictable spate of "rumors" of Iraqi collusion with Al Qaeda and with disdain for international disapprobation, one wonders whether Rosen might be an architect of or an inspiration for the administration's foreign policy. Stephen Peter does differ from George W. in that he does not assume an evangelical posture and his universe is not predicated upon diametrically opposing forces of good and evil. But Rosen does remark that "we use our military dominance to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries because the local inhabitants are killing each other, harboring enemies of the United States, or developing nuclear and biological weapons"—a familiar note.

It might be one thing if implementation of Rosen's hypotheses were left to Rosen himself. But in the hands of George W. Bush and his cherished Bellum Americanum, such a program, sustained by moral clarity, bodes ill for the survival of civilization.

Robert E. Edmands, M.D. '53

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