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  • Getting a road paved in Erwin Lake
  • Cost per lot to pave 2nd Ln.
  • Petition to pave 2nd Lane in Erwin Lake


    SECTION THREE:-BELMONT, MASS, 1930's'-1960's My Hometown

    SECTION FOUR:- Links to other sites.
    • FARS News Agency Iran's leading independent news agency
    • nsnbc international daily world news.
    • 9/11 Truth Outreach dedicated to helping you communicate the facts about 9/11 which the media has avoided and continues to avoid.
    • Press TV Viewpoints Excellent commentary and analysis of contemporary world events.
    • Veterans Today in depth articles on contemporary issues, some with lengthy historical backup. News for all from many retired worldwide intelligence officers who often are given "insider" information. Valuable information also for veterans usually NOT provided by well known veterans organizations.
    • New Eastern Outlook political events as they relate to the Orient. political and religious issues, economic and ideological trends, regional security topics and social problems. priority is to promote understanding rather than ideology, strategic outlook rather than simple reporting on events and to reveal causes rather than its consequences.
    • Save The Postoffices Corporate greed ruining our postal service. Put Freistatt in search to read the dictatorial elimination of their post office.
    • Agriculture Defense Coalition dedicated to protecting agriculture, water supplies, trees, and pollinators from a wide variety of experimental weather modification and atmospheric testing programs, toxic chemicals, geoengineering, and other experiments.
    • Public Banking Insitute  movement to create state banks.Vote for Ellen Brown California Treasurer
    • Neturei Karta opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel"!
    • If Americans Only Knew In analyzing the American media, we are increasingly discovering a cover-up of appalling proportions. Israel is being protected, the news about Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general is being distorted, and the American public is being manipulated.
    • World Beyond War Global movement to end all wars.
    • The Reset Button non-violent plan for ordinary U.S. citizens to quickly and completely gain control of U.S. governance - for the first time in the history of the United States.
    • Corporate destruction of free markets rules U.S. by Ralph Nader on, copyright, 1996-2013 Joe Nix where applicable

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